The Presence of Evil in Hollywood Part II


As if poised from the very start evil has been inherent in Hollywood. If one cares to study the plethora of silent movies made to assault the sensibilities and passions of early theater audiences they would find a wealth of satanic references and images. Orgies with demons, the Devil precisely depicted, and the shocking imagery of hell is masterfully presented in the earliest of this era of film making.

Price of indulgence

What also accompanied the hellish images so deftly etched onto the black and white screens were the bodies of sexy actresses who succumbed to numerous deadly scandals involving drugs, alcohol, and actual orgies off-screen surrounded by an air of Luciferian symbolism. Actors, directors, studio executives, and starlets all contributed to a shadow land of debauchery that often ended in death under questionable circumstances. It seemed that murders or suicides were inevitable while arrests and prosecutions usually were strangely averted. Many actresses fell prey to not only the director’s couch but an isolationist life style that had them suddenly immersed is a bizarre new and insane existence.

Not the way it seemed

To a society that has not yet embraced divorce as an acceptable outcome in most cases, in Hollywood it became the quick fix for promiscuity and unrestricted sexual frolic. Inevitably, it would seem that a jealous husband or boyfriend would be the suspect when circumstances appeared manufactured at the crime scene. Such as Thelma Todd, the “Ice Cream Blond” as she was known for her ravishing beauty and hair. Having fallen to the ravages of sex, drugs, and alcohol under the suspicious death she suffered when found in a car, the victim of carbon monoxide poisoning made to look like a suicide. Why then were she shoes spotlessly clean when the car was parked in mud and high levels of alcohol detected in her blood? Such was the case with the deaths of the silent screen era actresses, a trend that would continue in Hollywood to the present.

The oldest profession

In the realm of satanic worship, the more sexual conquest the more prowess the individual acquires. Under the realm of the Devil’s power those who seek fame and fortune at any cost will inevitably succumb to the very sword they wield as they enter the secret underworld of evil Hollywood where actresses are passed around by actors, studio execs, and screen directors like candy working their way up the demonic ladder of acceptance and ubiquity! Not only the women fall prey, but so do the male actors caught up in a crime syndicate kind of life and death code of honor that originates from a super natural source. The loss of one’s soul is the ultimate price for those who live in the present, crave attention, and want the good life at any cost.

Living out a terminal fantasy

Swashbuckling actor, Errol Flynn, allegedly bedded 14,000 women in his amoral life climbing into the Hollywood secretive backdrop of lifestyle where devil worship gave those greedy for passion and material living all they could handle along with untimely death! Errol Flynn died at age 50 in his bed with a teenage girl below the age of consent resplendent with his mirrored ceiling. Errol was caught by surprise when the death of his close friend and famous actor John Barrymore whose alcoholism finally caught up with him. Shortly after Barrymore’s funeral Errol Flynn and friends went out to the graveyard, dug up the body of his good friend Barrymore and brought the body to Flynn’s mansion. John Barrymore was placed in the center of the living room where guests and friends of Errol Flynn drank and partied all weekend long as if good old John had still been alive. Though the actor thought this to be amusing the police didn’t quite agree. Yet, Errol did not seem to suffer any legal indignities over his bizarre twist for entertainment. It would seem that Errol Flynn possessed an appetite for the macabre.

Paying their dues

Famous Author Mario Puzo, creator of the Godfather novel series that spawned a successful string of movie sequels wrote of a Hollywood aging starlets network of sexual contacts provided by the studios to keep the older girls satisfied with younger aspiring male entertainers seeking their way up the ladder of success on the silver screen. Sex is one of the driving impulses that fuels the desires that entrap the greedy into their rendezvous with Satan and the bloody Sodom and Gomorrah of Hollywood. Many have described Tinsel Town as the modern day Babylon.

When fiction and reality merge

Actor, William Holden starred in a classic Hollywood movie during the “Film Noir” era based upon this premise. His character owing his success to an elderly actress using her influence to make him popular and famous as he uses her ignoring the emotional attachment she develops for him. As he parties and womanizes his way through Tinsel Town society little does he foresee his fate. Holden’s character finds himself shot to death by his angry elder lover in the very pool he once lounged in with her as a poor man. The very aging actress who opened the gates to stardom for him closed them with her 38 caliber revolver. Though the movie is fictional the fate of many actors and starlets ends exactly the same way only conveniently left out of the columnists fact sheets. The intentionally filtered out satanic contracts that brought the greedy into the evil fold of Hollywood’s underground lifestyle to begin with are omitted by the Praetorian Guard media. Silenced too is the long legacy of the LAPD who have botched many of their investigations with intentional negligence.

The ominous caveat

It is said that once starlets and actors have completed their pact with the Devil and are now forever owned by the powers of evil they avoid mirrors whenever possible. Why? Reportedly, they begin to see demonic faces whenever they glance into the reflective glass, a reminder of who they have now become! As the orgies attract new flesh like flies to carrion, as drinking the adrenaline activated blood sacrilege of sacrificed infants becomes more frequent, those who have sold their soul to the Devil live a life of nihilism over their inevitable fate as the noose of their gruesome destiny gradually tightens. Their hand gestures, strange symbolism's, their bizarre tattoos, and ritualistic secrecy only affirming their pledge to serve their true master-Lucifer, the arrogant angel who dared to defy God.


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Comment by Doc Vega on March 6, 2019 at 5:48am

Diana, it seems like they always mention making a deal with the Devil like it's a joke or like you said if they continue mentioning it that it makes such perversion seem normal!

Comment by Doc Vega on March 6, 2019 at 5:47am

Chris, here are what few movies made within recent years I thought had content to them and maybe only because I watched them alongside my ex, maybe you might find them a refreshing distance from most of the sickening content. The Horse Whisperer, An Unfinished Life, Michael Clayton, Ides of March, Fury, Sideways, and The Edge. Those are my list of meaningful films. A very small percentage compared to the volume of trash that is spat out each year.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on March 6, 2019 at 3:35am
I have refused watching any Pedowood movies since my awakening in 2006.
Comment by Diana on March 5, 2019 at 6:45pm

There are many well known people in the entertainment industry who have publicly stated they sold their souls - I wonder if it's part of the contract or they're trying to make it sound acceptable.

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