The problem with ‘Good Causes’ and why they seem to often fail...


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"What's he trying to say?"

     It’s quite simple really, as it just seems to be lack of coordination and misunderstanding, with many a problem being peoples egotism.

     Whenever something may hit the headlines, -say the recent Japanese Tsunami.  All of a sudden you might see one or two main pages set-up on Facebook in regards to addressing that concern, - 1000’s may flock to such a page, and overwhelm the original ‘administrator’, thus they can’t really cope with answering or addressing certain questions and issues that will arrive. Though instead of appointing more ‘administrators’, they don’t, so you quite often get a substandard array of posts coming from the “founder/s”, with no clear direction as to where they should be going next.

     The other main problem is that many just flock there, for they have their own interests at heart and it could be numeral reasons as to why, though there’s no point in me speculating as to what these reasons are, but they soon become apparent.

     What tends to happen in any group is that you will get those, perhaps with more experience and confidence than others, who may feel they are able to help contribute to the group and for it to develop into something better than perhaps it presently is, so it is these kinds of folk who normally step forward.

     Typically the ‘main’ person to lead the way is the ‘founder’ of the group or Facebook page, - and are normally the main contributor. - It is usually these people whom become very possessive, as they tend to see the page or project as ‘their ‘baby’, idea’, and many start setting up rigid rules and have such strong opinions and ideas as to how ‘their group’ should be run, - despite it may well be detrimental to the cause, they blindly carry-on.  

    Others can clearly see this breakdown in communication, i.e. someone may pose a question or idea, that is either completely ignored, because the questioner knows they have directly contacted the person’s concerned, - or they come back with an alternative suggestion, that’s not as good as the one being put to them. 

     These members soon realise they are not really in the right place and go their own way, - though many breakaway and then set-up the very same cause, now confusing and hindering the original one, as all that happens is you get watered down versions of these groups, with no real teeth or substance, and it becomes more like a social chitchat meeting place instead, and the original “cause” goes nowhere other than around in circles.

     Each page is now in a sense competing against each other, as members tend to join the other related pages, so it’s the ‘same’ kind of folk, though the differing of opinions and strategic planning gets confused.  Meeting points or Rally dates and times tend to get mixed up, posters, flyers and leaflets can start appearing in all different guise and designs, - which can be good, but destroys the required conformity that all ‘new’ projects need, as they need to be instantly recognised as to what it is they are representing.  Even if and when they might meet up, they don’t come together as a collective, - as you’ll get one little group over there, and some over there in another area or place, - yet instead of introducing yourselves as to who you all are, - you lose the inertia needed to make the right impact.

     That’s what successful marketing and branding is all about and why companies spend million’s just on their logos.  But if you start getting several designs and logos all representing the same company, it appears as if they don’t know who ‘they are’, and keep chopping and changing their minds as to who they might be.

     The main members who have join a group, probably did so because they passionately feel for the cause, - and can see that things aren’t going necessarily right, so come forward with suggestions and ideas.  Whereas those on the same kind of level of thinking, pick up on these suggestions ideas and come back with some of their own. 

     Each of us have individual skills, no matter how small they are, in the right place they can be essential, -  an army can’t fight on an empty stomach, and why the cook is as important as any other soldier in the platoon, though sadly not seen this way by the others. 

     Some members might be able to see that the original organisers or founders of a group haven’t really the capabilities to run such a cause, - though despite this they cannot see it themselves, and bypass many a good suggestion or idea.  Others deliberately prevent someone’s suggestions from getting off the ground by either completely ignoring the issue, or even moving on and claiming the idea as their own. 

     There is no such thing as anyone’s ‘own ideas’, and what is meant by that, - is that any idea given in a group, is exactly that, it’s ‘given’ and done so freely, for its solely for the good of the group, whom can then chip-in and help improve that original idea.

     There are certain groups and causes, where you have the main founders whom have done a lot of previous work, they probably know their own cause in and out, - and have spent hours of works and time, either writing posts, comments etc., coordinating meetings and protests etc., and writing untold amounts of correspondence to whom it is necessary, whether it be the Prime Minister, Queen, the police, judge or whoever it is you need to address and complain to.

     So it goes without saying, some do tend to begin and feel their noses out of joint, and seem to take umbrage towards “newbie’s” whom may come along and suggest a new idea or approach.  As it is normally those new to a cause, though they must of course have previous experience to be able to qualify to make such an assessment, and should at least know, or even know more about the cause and group than those they are perhaps trying to communicate with and advise at to where they should be going, or what action could be taken next.

     Many people become blind to their own faults, - some find change too much for them to handle, so stick to the same rigid regime of how it should be.  Yet they need to learn how to embrace all ideas and suggestions, though communication is key, and this is another failing of many “leaders”, as they fail to not only communicate with their members, as all they do is “address them”. 

    Though worst still, is that they don’t communicate with other outside parties or groups, - as each “leader” seems to have their own personalities, which is essential in life. Though this obviously then creates a group of people who wouldn’t necessarily be seen dead with each other, let alone be seen fight the “same” cause, - and the crux of many a problem

     One of the keys to being a good “leader”, hence group, - is that you have to totally forget your own objectives, in the sense you have to make the “cause” the objective, as all else is secondary.

     You have to take on board what it is others are suggesting, you have to recognise that communicating with others outside your group or organisation is also essential.  You cannot afford to let personalities come into play, - only the issue and cause is what should concern you and how to improve its current situation, as “live” causes, ones that are still in process and where an end result as not yet been reached, still need an ongoing and continuous strategy and plan.

  1. Bombard media, websites and forums etc. with info on cause and regularly.
  2. Make lists of key targets, MP’s who need to specifically addressed, and the same with bodies like the CPS, IPCC, the police and the judiciary in general etc.
  3. Investigate and find out as much as you can about your targets, - get the actually people involved in the “case/s” contact details, and bombard them with requests as to what action they are taking in helping you fight the cause. 
  4. Petitions and causes can be a good thing to help raise awareness as recognition of your cause is vital.  Though again like duplicated groups “fighting” the same cause, - if each group starts their own petitions or causes, - it could quite easily hinder and not help the original cause by causing such a confusion, and this is why it’s essential you communicate and agree that this is the way forward for the “cause” as a whole.
  5. Many causes, especially miscarriages of justice ones, are normally ones that have come to the attention of a number of people as being unjust, and identify with the “victim/s”.  The majority do it out of genuine care and concern, as many can see themselves in the same shoes as these people they wish to stand up for. 

     So this means you have many kind hearted folk wanting to do whatever it is they can do to help, though sadly many lack the knowledge or skills required to understand the “legalities” of cases they are supporting.  As do many of the victims themselves, not understand the legalities of their own cases.

     You really cannot trust your own legal representation unless you personally know them as a member of your family. - It’s very likely, in fact it’s virtually impossible for them not to be a member of the Freemasons, - the legal fraternity was set-up by the Knights Templar, and why we have the Temple Bar. 

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The Temple Bar

[Do you think you could get any more Masonic in design?]

     Your own legal representation will at all times be dealing from two decks of cards, one is to you, and the other is to his “superiors” i.e. “the judges”. 

     In many a sensitive case, the solicitor will be lent on and told to hold back.  They might not pick up on the crucial points of evidence, but in fact help muddy the waters with other issues and measures by putting continuous hurdles and barriers in the way, whilst all of them are milking the tax payer dry with their millions of pounds in extortionate legal costs and fees.  A butcher needs meat eaters, solicitors, barristers, judges and the police need people in the dock, - simples!

  1. In all the three cases I have studied of Norman Scarth’s, Hollie Grieg’s and Robert Green’s, there are fundamental legal issues that follow a repeated pattern, which is in all three incidents the homes of all the defendants were illegally searched and raided. - In all three cases they gained entry and confiscated personal property, such as mobile phones, computers and more importantly; “defence” paperwork. - All actions were undertaken without a ‘legal’ or illegal search warrant that is required and signed by either a magistrate or a judge. 

     This didn’t happened in any of these cases, no ‘search or arrest warrants were legally issued via the appropriate or inappropriate way, i.e. not even a police inspector issued such as ‘warrant’, simply because they legally cannot, and it is this “legality” what should win all three of these cases, - as what else was to come afterwards and was presented by the prosecution, should be regarded as inadmissible evidence. 

     It is these technicalities their defence teams should be working on, and why I have no faith in their present representatives, - as for one thing, I cannot yet still understand as to why Robert Green’s team haven’t yet sought a “Judge in Chambers” application for bail? This can only be done and paid privately, - though nevertheless, this is the legal route you go down, it’s there in place for the ‘rich’, and why can only be sought with funds permitted [and why fundraising may be required, as Robert may not have the funds himself. - To pay privately and at today’s coasts will probably be around £1,500 to £2,000. 

     However the likelihood Robert would be granted bail, pending leave for appeal should be quite high, as like I say, it’s not a “serious” crime he is accused of.  And he has grossly been convicted to a too severe a sentence that doesn’t fit the crime, and that’s the ‘appeal challenge’.

     2. The evidence gained on Mr Green, was obtained “illegally without a search warrant.

     3. The ‘Severity of the Sentence”, is totally unjustified and disproportionate, - as no way does a year imprisonment fit the correct kind of tariff imposed by the judge on Robert Green in this case. There’s a whole array of other alternative sentences that could have been given, i.e. ‘Community Service, or he simply could have been tagged.  There are in excess of 87,000 prisoners in jails around the UK and there is no need for Robert to be one on them.  So what this course of action seems to suggest, is that this sentence was a deliberately act, as they knew the Hollie Greig case was coming up two weeks after Roberts, and this seems to have worked, as it was their ploy to keep him out of the way.  And we can’t accept living in a world where our courts of justice are being abused in this way.       

     I have years of experience of the law, though sadly on the wrong side of it.  I have be served over four years in several prisons, been framed by the police twice, held incommunicado and under the anti-terrorist act.  Accused of murder and armed robbery, been beaten to pulp by the police several times, and went through a 10 year period where no year went by without an arrest, court appearance or trial. 

     So I know about the legalities, I have personally prevented myself from being convicted on many a trumped-up charge, I even know more about forensics than many a police officer or legal person, - me, not my solicitor got me free, who joked about one of my cases alone paid for her house on legal aid. - Nor did my barrister’s whom one was QC Ellison, who just convicted two men in the Stephen Lawrence murder at the Old Bailey, where too my cases have been heard, he was the prosecuting barrister in that case.  So all I’m saying is, I often know what I’m talking about in regards to these kinds of cases.

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QC Mark Ellison

     So with all that in mind, may I send my best wishes to you all and that I wish I could do more to help, - but that’s not my objective, as I spread my wings over many other miscarriages of justice.

     As to me, the biggest of them all and which in fact affects the majority of all other causes, which is this; whilst we live in a world where members of secret societies are also members of our governments and their related bodies, i.e. our councils, town halls, the SS, health service, police and of course the judiciary, we will never have real justice.   For as it presently stands, even if such a public inquiry ever comes about, - and one was held into the atrocities of what truly happened on 9/11 in New York 2001, or the death of Dr Kelly following the false claims of WMD, or the illegal War on Iraq, - they will always be white washes, as the heads of these inquiries are deliberately chosen as a safe pair of white gloved Masonic hands.

     And until the day comes where we can ban these types of people from being able to occupy these positions of power, and that the introduction of new laws and regulations, alongside stiff jail sentences for if and when someone has been caught out lying, then we will never see transparency in our courtrooms or governments 

     The very bare minimum we should be willing to accept is a ‘Public Register’ of members of secret societies. Portugal’s PM just recently announced such a proposition in January 2012, so there is no reason we cannot adopt this same kind of recommendation. 

     This has only been forced to come about, as it was revealed that high level corruption involving members of Freemasons and the missing of billions of Euro’s that have simply disappeared from the public purse, - and this is what’s happening all over the world. 

     I have read and extensively written about this problem, i.e. Jack Straws comments and last ditched attempt in trying to introduce such a public register, - and the Europeans Courts at the Hague, - which too is riddled with Freemasons, - and who upheld Berlusconi’s objections, which was that they should not be forced to have to sign a public register or declare their membership of a secret society.  The Duke of Kent, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England [UGLE], sadly too agrees with these statements.

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Grand Lodge of England

     So this is my real mission and objective, which is to show to the world how deeply and embedded many of these individuals are, in which a minority will belong to here in any of these groups, - as some join just to gain intelligence and to see the overall running of the group, and soon suss-out if they are any threat to them or not.  Some will even come across as wanting to be as helpful as possible, - though I have to question their real motives.

     The fight that I struggle to sustain is not one that I chose, it chose me. - This might not be the precise solution and why we need groups of concerned educated, open minded, spiritual and above all; truth seeking individuals whose education has been based on pure lies and fabrication, that can come together on this issue and from the most widest of spectrums of concerned individuals from all around the world.  

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Inside the Grand Lodge of England

[The loyal foot soldiers who job is to keep 'us' supressed and in 'order']


JOIN THE CAUSE – Based on compassion, love and unity for real transparency in our governments and courts of justice, - we want and need  to live in a world fit the 21st century - not trapped in circa 1776, - give light and awareness to all – not the few! -

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