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How do you create division and social unrest to you can distract the public from all your policy failures? Why, just ask the Democrats, specialists at it. When your policies are failing and you are destroying the country piece meal you must have a way of turning one citizen against another. According to the Marxist doctrine you must create a victimization narrative so that some social group of people can become the scapegoat that all systemic problems can be attributed to. In Hitler’s Germany it was the Jews and Communists that fell under the blame of Brown Shirts and their clubs. Hitler was correct in villainizing ANTIFA though as Stalin had helped organize the subversive group to confuse the politics of the fascists. Today they are active in America.

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Attacking the civil society

The Democrats have effectively created the victim mentality alongside the entitlement mindset which work hand in hand with each other. Today with BLM using Critical Race Theory as a major narrative aiming to enrage black Americans and keep civil unrest alive in America. What an excellent way to distract the sleep walking masses of Americans who allow the corrupt mainstream media to do their thinking for them. Of course, the Democrats practically own and operate the mass media here in the states as only 6 major broadcast corporations own 90% of the news outlets. So, it takes relatively little effort to monopolize editorial spin and further perpetuate the “Woke” movement that, in reality, couldn’t be anymore blind. They are blind to the truth, blind to compassion, and blind to critical thinking as lines are drawn and groups that violently oppose each other are funded and created.

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Despicable tactics

Have you wondered why Biden and the Democrats orchestrated an open borders campaign? For years leftist donors have funded professional rioters and agitators in Europe and elsewhere to promote Jihadists, Communism, and programs of environmental extremism that are subtly seducing followers into supporting the globalist agenda of human control and depopulation. Once again, if one listens to Greta Thunberg, the teenage global warming activist, you will hear her talk about how her generation has been victimized by prior generations who have neglected their climate change responsibilities with anger and bitterness. So, her generation is a victim and they must now oppose the status quo as the end is only 10 years away! The alarmism is another emotional tool in mobilizing the sheep into supporting another banner of self-righteous indignation directed against some political group, 9 times out of 10, conservatives who advocate due process of law! Millions of unvetted, illegal aliens, unidentified except for the known terrorists in their midst among thousands of paid agitators awaiting instructions are now here in America no need to fake ID’s and make transportation when your borders are an open invitation. Now, the resources for massive unrest have been delivered!  

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The ultimate goal of evil

Violence and terrorism have always been the preferred tools of these political subversive groups funded by donors behind the scenes such as George Soros, whose home town has a warrant out for his arrest. So what happened to reality? Where has the truth gone? The last thing they want you to know is the truth! If the truth is presented on a level playing field in an objective debate, the left loses every time. So, how does this problem get solved? Why, you don’t allow dedicated conservatives on national TV talk shows. You censor them on social platforms. You blame them for all the inequities in society that have been most likely created by Democrats, Communists, Marxists, Statists, Collectivists, Progressives, and globalists. Why? To these groups the only thing that matters is power, not righteous governance, because if there is righteous governance, their polices would never stand the light of day. So, they will resort to whatever means it takes to deflect, to blame, to deceive, and to propagandize the kind of warped mindset that it takes to adopt their insane narratives, and one of the most effective tactics is to create victims.

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Creating the perfect monster

Victims feel discontent. Victims envy others. Victims can easily be steered into violent resentment as they are influenced into believing they have been cheated out of opportunity. Let’s just forget that the Democrats, for instance, voted against civil rights in the past, were responsible for the Jim Crow Laws, and even formed the KKK to terrify blacks from voting or demanding their right to freedoms in society. By the 1960’s it was time for the Communists of the Democrat party to utilize a new element. LBJ’s “Great Society” aimed at buying votes so in answer to the victimization created by the invisible army of White Supremacists, he orchestrated a huge welfare state that today, threatens to collapse the US dollar along the insane deficit spending used to further create the power structure it takes to perpetuate itself.

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Their proposed end game?

If one is to look at the very cornerstone of all these lies, obfuscations, and social division, you need look no further into the effective psychological manipulation of victimization. There you will find all the hatred, envy, and justification for violence that can be used as the distraction needed from the destructive legislation that is being enacted by the Democrats on Capitol Hill along with the RINO’s who go along just to get along as the flaming outhouse burns down! Bloodless coups are created with disinformation and voter fraud while a media owned by the Democrats dispels those allegations and blames the Trump Maga Republicans who need F-15’s according to clown president Joe Biden in order to stage a civil war even though it’s the Democrats behind the rioting in Blue cities with paid agitators who are actively encouraging a civil war so that the federal government can impose Martial Law and have the legalese to do so. My friends, the truth has become an elusive commodity.

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Just think. A government compromised by foreign money that initiates a civil war and then imposes Martial Law. You have just conquered the most powerful nation of the face of the earth without using an expeditionary army so you have also eluded the weight of world opinion, something the Communist Chinese have been very mindful of.

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