The Rape of Europa - the myth that became reality

The Rape of Europa - the myth that became reality
2016-02-26 21:48

By Herr Larsson | Red Ice

Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” PLATO

In Brussels, outside the Council of the European Union headquarters, as well as outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg are statues with identical motif; a woman riding a bull. In this time of ignorance only few know what the iconic symbol really represents, and could care less. Thereby they are turning their back on the key that opens up to the insight of what the EU Elite has in store for Europe…

From traffickers on Africa’s north coast, to European teen girls and elderly ladies who no longer dare to leave their homes—all of them nowadays know the truth in one aspect or another; that the political establishment of western Europe deliberately opened up the gates for the Muslim invasion— evidently an army of testosterone-crazed Barbarians, who presently are free to violate the indigenous women and children.

Let us now, dear reader, therefore put this in perspective. The statues which have come to represent the European Union are not some modern abstract work of art, but in actuality a recurring motif throughout European art history, and known as “The Rape of Europa.”

According to Greek mythology, Zeus became so obsessed with the princess Europa that he shape-shifted into a tame white bull to lure her closer. To prove to her servants that the animal wasn’t dangerous she mounted the bull, which then instantly, with her still on his back, ran into the ocean and swam to Crete. Once there, Zeus regained his true form and proceeded to rape Europa

“And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.” PLATO

That symbolism matters greatly to the occult Elite is hardly debatable. The world witnessed this during the Olympic Games in 2012. On the public who has been spoon fed lowest common denominator entertainment, “mainstream”, ever since childhood, the deeper meaning was lost however. More or less.

Symbolism in the occult is more concerned with affecting the subconscious, since it primarily communicates through that type of medium, which every psychologist knows, and is also the part considered by science to overwhelmingly control human behavior.  Symbolism is furthermore used to communicate secret messages, which only those with special knowledge can decode. In short, symbolism is a power tool.

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that the interests of the (real) Elite always has centered around a psychotic lust for power—so absolute that nothing else has been deemed more sacred. Least of all human life. And centralization is Key for total power to work.

”Never discourage anyone… who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” PLATO

The European Union, created by the secret Bilderberg Society, which in turn answers to the financial Elite, plays only a part in the grand chess game. Because, despite how the countries nowadays are bound from Brussels, by common currency and laws, national identities still exist—i.e. traditions and blood bonds to the land.

The Count and Freemason Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi is not only considered the father of the modern pan-European ideology, but was also one of his era’s top advocates for the extermination of the white people, through racial mixture and out-breeding. Furthermore, he was the first to be awarded  ”The Charlemagne Prize,” intended to acknowledge substantial service regarding the “integration” of Europe. Examples of other documented criminals who have received this are Pope Francis, the unelected former EU president Herman Van Rompuy, war criminals such as Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair, as well as traitor Angela Merkel. The prize has especially in later years come to be considered by the establishment, as one of Europe’s most prestigious.

”He who refuses to rule is liable to be ruled by one who is worse than himself.” PLATO

One’s thoughts are naturally drawn to old Soviet propaganda films. The hammer and sickle and the generals with their vanity on full display on their chests — because Communism was another tool for the financial Elite, via a medaled proxy to rape nations.  Since Communism never has posed an actual threat to the real Elite, but in fact even has served their interests, the ideology has therefore never been truly exposed by propaganda media, i.e. the mainstream. Instead it has been popularized.   

Communism, as an effective tool, may have fallen with the Wall. However, its wicked spirit lives on in another form and under another name; Cultural Marxism.  The difference is that the term “Proletarian” has been transformed to “Minority” and “Elite” to “White”—Especially, “white privileged men” who according to this doctrine has created these structures in order to oppress.  The slogans about “Equality and Diversity” is in practice the method used to steal the rights from the indigenous Europeans; their right to self-determination, their land, and to divide the people on even the most basic level. It is an attack on their identity.

In particular the ”Third Wave” of Feminism, with its focus on ”queer theory” is the fair haired child of the Cultural Marxists, and ties it together with the LGBT movement. The enemy is the heterosexual (supposed) privileged male, who no longer shall have the right to criticize. And whose voice should preferably be heard as little as possible. Political correctness was a Communist invention which the Cultural Marxists appropriated, and have turned into their weapon of choice.

Due to the massive propaganda and marketing of the value in identifying oneself as “oppressed,” those who have been brainwashed now see friends in enemies and enemies in friends… In actuality, they are only preparing the way for their own demise, since Islam neither respects women rights, much less gay culture.

The psychological abuse to demonize innocent men by falsely accusing them of sexual assault is nothing new. Even Julian Assange appears to have been attacked with this Cultural Marxist master suppression technique.  Stefan Löfven, traitor and Swedish Prime Minister (who claims to run the “world’s first Feminist administration”), gave expression of this in his now infamous interview with CNBC.

Actual rape however, has been used as an important assault weapon by Barbarian forces throughout all ages, with the purpose of spreading their own offspring and to humiliate the conquered men; as nothing eats at the soul more than sexual abuse. This is why the Red Army was ordered to rape the German women and children, by Soviet propagandist Illya Ehrenberg.  And it is now what Europe and the Germans in particular, once again are forced to live through…

This, while the victims, through taxation must pay the livelihood and housing of their conquerors. To call this ”Jizya” is no exaggeration, that is, the extortion money which Muslims demand from conquered people, in accordance with the teachings of the Qu’ran. Dhimmis.

Muhammad is considered in Islam as the perfect example of a man. He was not only a prophet however, but also a warlord. He not only engaged in pedophile activities, but also sexually abused his captives. In four places in the Qur’an it is therefore made clear that a man owns the sexual consent of his slaves… This explains, to a large extent the Muslim rape wave spreading through Europe like wildfire.

The cultural cancer which Islam represents for Europe is ultimately only one (of many) tools for the elite to break the indigenous European body and spirit, like they did with the Native Americans and all other natives in history…

The retarded outlook on life which Allah’s most pious represent, with its totalitarian collectivist mentality, is in perfect goose step with Communist ideology, which in turn equates to total oppression. That is what’s actually being imported…

”Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil.” PLATO

The Muslim invasion of Europe is planned. To believe else is naïve, considering how the Elite openly discuss their vision. Goldman Sachs’ chairman Richard Sutherland, who also has represented the United Nations on the migration issue, has stated that the EU must do everything to undermine national homogeneity. Monopoly man and billionaire George Soros has expressed similar wishes, that Europe should accept at least a million migrants annually. Both are members of the Bilderberg group. Add to this that the EU has opened job centers in Africa, with intent to import 50 million Africans to Europe. President and Islamist, Recep Erdogan’s pressure on Europe to allow free Turkish migration is yet another problem.  

As with “911”, the “Rape of Europe” is also a so-called False Flag operation. This time however, the occult Elite has switched tactics; instead of selling the war weary West on further bloodshed they have managed to deceive them into believing that the present atrocities on Europe has something to do with “human value” and  is about “saving lives”—in other words, Europe’s most ruthless politicians are pretending to be the Tame White Bull.    

And from the ritual rape, “Eurabaia” shall be borne, with “Chrislam” as its religion. In the Cultural Marxist Sweden, the Church is already collecting money for the establishment of mosques, and staying busy by taking down the crosses.  The Bishop of Stockholm’s parish, who ordered the crosses to be removed, is none other than the Lesbian Feminist Eva Brunne.  That Cultural Marxism has infiltrated and taken over is apparent, from secular Lutheran parishes to the Vatican itself—which for hundreds of years has engaged in occult non-Christian activity. Pedophilia in other words, goes hand in hand with Muhammad, and is guaranteed to play an important, if not central role in the new Satanic religion.

The road to hell is already being paved with political decisions, such as for example how Muslim pedophiles shall be allowed to still rape their child brides, since this is their “culture”. The spread of pedophilia within the political establishment is in fact very severe, and has been exposed in Great Britain. In Germany, the “Pedo-Sexual” movement is also very strong within the political aristocracy. This is being expressed meta-politically as well. The Cultural Marxist net magazine “SALON” recently published the piece: ”I’m a pedophile, but not a monster,” in effort to normalize.

The Children is the future. And that is exactly why the Elite are out to destroy them, also with the help of vaccines and technology. We have witnessed what the Elite, through the normalization process, have done through Cultural Marxism; a brainwash so severe that it rivals even the worst case of Wahhabism. #PissForEquality was a Twitter campaign intended to dupe Feminists to piss themselves in the name of Equality, and to post photos. Sure enough, the non-thinking collectivists fell for it…

It is precisely also this group of blinded zombies—who call themselves norm critics, and with their gender neutral toy campaigns, meta-politically are deciding the future of our children. Europe is riding on a wave of BULLshit, to use modern terms…

According to the old Greeks, Zeus was the God above all others; the one who controlled thunder and lightning, which he used as his weapon. Together with Poseidon, and the King of the Dead & God of the Underworld; Hades, he ruled this world. According to Hesiod he was considered the “Lord of Justice” and “brought peace in place of violence.” Or in terms of Freemasonry; ”Ordo Ab Chao”, which happens to also be the motto for the New World Order…

Zeus was the Patron of Hospitality as well however, and was said to revenge all wrongdoings to strangers—undoubtedly why the true protectors of Princess Europa’s virtue now seem to have both the Law and the Offended Choir against them.

Zeus watched over business life and was the one who punished—which he does to this very day, by taxes (to Private banks) and seemingly never-ending laws.

Zeus was not only the weather god who controlled the climate, but also agriculture—which his servants still do, through HAARP and cancer causing GMO techniques.

Zeus, furthermore, was the bearer of the Aegis; a mysterious object which struck fear in his opponents. According to some early sources this was the head of Gorgon, a reptilian creature…  Which might explain why his most faithful servants seem to worship anything cold-blooded

”Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.” PLATO

Even today, there are many occult secret societies in existence, with historical roots that go deep into the gloomy corners of history. The sex-worshipping “Brotherhood of Zeus and Kronos” is only of them. Kronos by the way, happens to be Saturn, which Satanists also worship. For them the planet symbolizes Materialism, Power, and Worldliness.

Regardless of what these psychopaths choose to call themselves, it is precisely this force which controls the world, like Zeus and his brothers — through abuse after abuse.

Princess Europa was Phoenician according to legend, which means that Zeus therefore must have kidnapped her to Crete from the area that is present-day Lebanon and Syria.

It was the war in Syria, created by decree of the Elite, which gave the entire Third World their excuse to invade Europe—assisted with detailed maps, which appeared as mysteriously as the Twitter campaign ”Refugees Welcome”, and which guided them en masse along the best routes into Europe… One of these was to the Greek islands, therein Crete.

The Rape of Europe is a fact, and what awaits the indigenous European peoples is nothing short of an archetypal struggle of epic proportions.

”’Love’ is the name for our pursuit of wholeness, for our desire to be complete.” PLATO

The Elite may outlaw the Truth and depict it as Hate, so let us therefore instead express our utmost Love — the love for our family, our way of life, and our future — it’s time we go native. That we stand up and be counted.

“Where you recognize evil, speak out against it, and give no truces to your enemies. “ VIKING PROVERB


Swedish readers are also encouraged to read “En essä om hur Sverige erövrades

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Comment by cheeki kea on January 28, 2024 at 8:50am

That is a incredible story indeed. It shares a bit of insight into the problems that Europe faces now with the rampant unhinged immigration influx that first flooded into Sweden where the problems began and were ignored and the difficulties they have now. It explains some of the recent strange behaviour we've seen from them, I hope it's not too late to walk some of it back. It must be worrisome for countries near by. 

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