The Time Tractor

Chapter 3

The Final Deployment Phase 2

Zero Five hundred, as the chilliness of the early morning remained as taxicabs were dropping off tourists who had partied all night on the town at the front door of the lavish condominium high rise. One third of the capacity was for hotel style rentals while two thirds of the residents were permanent. From one of the top floors the sudden flash of intense light flared from the window of one of the residential units. Almost immediately broken glass and a severed arm rained down upon the front sidewalk below. A blood curdling screech came from the upper floor where the window had busted out. Seeing the severed arm laying on the sidewalk people scattered thinking a bomb had gone off! Police switchboards began receiving hysteric calls from residents of the high rise. Democrat Senator Hayes was later identified as the victim.

At Langley, Virginia the Director of the CIA had just arrived at his office. A cup of coffee in one hand and a suitcase in the other, he was ready to begin another routine day when a sudden flash of light he thought that had come from a flash bang grenade momentarily blinded him. Dropping his coffee and suitcase, he was rubbing his eyes when he heard something he’d never heard in his life. A low guttural and vicious sound from an unknown animal, something he would have expected to hear in the Serengeti, but not here in Langley! He didn’t have long to esquire as the jaws of a Carnotaur clamped down around his arms and chest grinding his torso into hamburger meat. His screams brought security forces to his office who couldn’t believe their eyes as blood spattered over the entire office. The guards ran to the arsenal to retrieve more potent weaponry as the impact of heavily clawed footsteps shook the highly polished linoleum floors of the hallways.


Professor Darvon sat in front of his instrument cluster monitored the ongoing Time Tractor functions. The massive power needed to conduct multiple retrievals from the past was being nicely supplied. It seemed the General and Admiral had coordinated electrical output well. It appeared that all retrievals through the tractor beam were working properly. Myron Yoric had to splash cold water on his face to handle his nerves. Agent, Rod Branson was issuing news stories to the towns where the coordinates on the receiving end of their ancient meat eating machines would shortly be trying to comprehend just what in the hell was going on. The cover stories would only temporarily delay the true events, but precious time was needed to eviscerate the head of the serpent, to assassinate the heads of government, intelligentsia, and military who were responsible for the draconian government now oppressing America!

Milly Hargrove, a Congresswoman who had spent her long unproductive career as a race mongering purveyor of hate, had been napping on a couch in her office. There had been a party at the White House the night before, and she had chosen not to drive. Her husband at home knew what she was up to and after 30 years of marriage to this hate mongering Harpy, he didn’t much care anymore. Besides, he had a mistress anyway. A bright flash assaulted his senses coming from the den in his palatial home that had been funded by money his wife and he had embezzled from programs funded by the taxpayer. When he crept down the hallway to see what the hell was going on, what he saw came from the worse nightmare a human could imagine! The Velociraptor eyed him and snarled revealing rows for razor sharp teeth. Walter knew he was already a dead man but ran for it anyway. The beast sprang upon him with a swiftness possessed by few modern era predators. His cries soon ended once he was decapitated by the powerful jaws of an animal that had died millions of years ago, but had been retrieved by an electronic device that had slowed time and then reversed it.

When Milly Hargrove, hung over, and barely coherent, fumbled with her keys to open the front door of her mansion after the taxi had dropped her off. She had no idea what awaited her. In a typical bad mood and grumbling already by the time the door swung open she was only faintly aware that something was amiss. Was that blood on the floor? What had that useless moron of a husband of hers done now? She slowly walked in dropping her coat and leather bag to the floor expecting some kind of mess from the kitchen when a huge lurking figure that just about gave her a heart attack stuck its head out of the kitchen entrance, blood dripping from its jaws. The sound of claws tapping the ceramic tiled floor echoed from the kitchen. Neighbors wondered at the screams that escaped the wide open front door. An unusual disturbance in this plush enclave that few could afford.

The Pentagon office of the Chiefs of Staff was in the midst of its usual early morning buzz as reports on military conditions were being collected for evaluation. Situational awareness wasn’t going to help the brass who had been instrumental in compromising the US military while participating in the Communist style government takeover that had robbed the people of America of their Constitutional Republic. All that mattered to 5 Star General Pratt, 4 Star Admiral Slocomb, and Intelligence Chief T. R. Smithdale were their careers along with the benefits that they had procured for themselves as the oppressive regime rose to power and all the patriots were purged and jailed without rights or arraignment. When suddenly without warning an intense white light much like that which escaped a nuclear explosion flooded the spacious Situation Room.

An Allosaurus appeared looking stunned at first as it sniffed its suddenly very alien surroundings full of different smells, unknown imagery, and sounds that immediately provoked the predator into a state of arousal! The top military officers were just as surprised as the behemoth. They stood only within a few feet of the snarling beast. General Pratt grabbed a pistol he had from his belt while the others attempted to scramble away. The Allosaurus spun, lashing out at all the men with its long muscular tail. One man was smashed against a heavy desk as the tail whipped around while the other was knocked off his feet and slammed against a wall sending plaques and portraits of past military heroes crashing to the floor. Firing his 45 caliber hand gun at the beast did little more than infuriate it as it lunged with its huge jaws picking up General Pratt by his head. MP’s who rushed into the room with rifles and hand guns were frozen momentarily in awe trying to discern whether or not their weapons were even potent enough to bother with. Pieces of the General’s chewed body were flung into the air as the men stood aghast for seconds that seemed like hours to them.

General McGregor was at his post where he would normally be so as not to raise suspicions, but the news began coming in as he acted as though everything were normal and he was as surprised as anyone else. Admiral Lance Ewing was inspecting the plans for a new class of destroyer that a defense contractor had submitted for evaluation. From one ear he caught some of the bizarre radio announcements that had begun to hit the airways. He grinned to himself knowing plans seemed to be working out.

It seemed Capitol Hill had gone mad as a series of bloody murders raged as key Senators and Congressmen found themselves at the mercy of scaly, reptilian assassins, spinning like whirling Dervishes with razor sharp claws and deadly teeth delivering a bloody justice that no succession of Congressional panel inquiries or Senatorial subcommittees could ever match. Perhaps the only true justice that had occurred in decades on Capitol Hill was underway now as dinosaur predators placed at the exact coordinates where the corrupt political power brokers would normally be were being dealt a horrid vengeance. Instant Karma seemed to have converged upon those who did have blood on their hands from all the innocent citizens they had victimized with their unlawful policies. The Capital Police were outmatched and not up to the task as the blood bath continued to rage. The nation’s capital had been thrown into utter chaos and confusion.

Phase 3

Colonel Richards had been kept well informed over the events that were now causing pandemonium all over Langley, Virginia, Washington DC, and a number of US Air Force bases as the power structure of the US military and federal government was rapidly being disrupted. Colonel Richards was now commanding patriot units of the US Army and along with US Marines. Strike units were rounding up all the propagandists, traitors, and radicals who had been responsible for the overthrow of the once Constitutional Republic. CEO’s of all the news agencies who had been complicit with the disinformation that had convinced many an ill-informed citizen of the legitimacy of the draconian government found teams of US Marshalls at their offices taking them under heavily armed custody.

Image result for US Naval maneuvers

Admiral Lance Ewing put out a live message to all US Naval ships on the high seas that the existing fascist regime was now being overthrown and the Constitutional government was now being reinstalled. It blared over ship speaker systems. All who remained loyalist to the fascist regime would be shot or imprisoned if they attempted to resist. There was little in the way of scuffles between the sailors and officers, most had known that the wrong leadership had somehow taken illegal control and now it was being righteously upended as it should have been. The few who were foolish enough to try and put up a fight were quickly subdued and thrown in the brig.

 Image result for US soldiers taking prisoners

President William Radner, a Democrat who had been part of the leftist establishment in Washington for 40 years before getting his shot at the Oval Office amidst a number of dirty deals, voter fraud, and extortion of his opponents found himself on the wrong side of the predator victim equation. All the years he had been at the top of the food chain in Washington DC had bought him no favors. This thrashing beast that had materialized in the Presidential Family’s living quarters had been tearing the place up for some time now. He was crawling on his belly, whimpering in fear as the mighty beast stalked him. There had been lots of fine furnishings to slow the reptilian assassin down. It seemed the dinosaur had been confused by the odd environment and its sense of smell thwarted until it finally got a bead on President Radner. The pheromones of fear released by his sweat glands had now popped up on the radar of the Allosaurus’s keen sensory organs.

Image result for vcious dinosaurs chasing people

The beast now saw the desperate man crawling on the carpet and reached forward with its tremendous jaws snatching him up by his legs and tossing him into the air and catching the hapless human in its massive mouth. The end came swiftly as blood squirted from the teeth as it clamped down for a bite. Secret Service Agents took one look at the towering menace, glanced at their hand guns and quickly retreated. The roar of the Allosaurus sent a fine mist of blood drifting in the air as the agents regrouped and produced some heavier firepower, but the one they were supposed to step in front of a bullet for was nothing more than meat trimmings on a butcher’s floor. Now their mission had shifted from protecting to surviving an unbelievable threat from where they could only have guessed as the walking nightmare continued wreaking havoc.

Some of the last of the draconian government officials in the FCC offices issued a nationwide National Emergency Alert that would soon override all normal programming. The message instructed people which radio bandwidth to tune into and to wait for further instructions, but it failed to give the public a truthful portrayal of the sudden downfall of the regime. Just as local news in several cities were beginning to broadcast reports of mysterious and bloody murders possibly due to owners the of exotic but dangerous animals escaping. The National Emergency Alert with its irritating Klaxon chimed in. Now people all over the country knew that something was amiss but what? There were no further details, and it seemed that the normal news outlets had been neutralized as nothing was coming out of them either.

As expected, there would be pockets of resistance at some military bases but these holdouts were surrounded without much support. It wasn’t long before they were forced to surrender and were taken into custody. General McGregor and his cadre of officer staff were now coordinating operations from an underground bunker. Some ship’s captains in the Navy were screaming “Mutiny!” but were quickly arrested and confined. It seems that when push came to shove there were many patriots only waiting for the go ahead to reclaim their country, but thanks to Professor Darvon and his assistants the spark that ignited the rebellion that might never have happened.

Image result for US Marshalls arresting

US Marshalls were now shutting down air traffic over the skies of the United States and as planes landed they were greeted by the authorities searching for more key officials of the illegal regime for arrest. A tribunal of judges set for a military style court that would be sentencing civilian bad actors, court martialing officers, and issuing death sentences for the traitors was hastily being formed. An unbelievably swift justice had fallen over the nation like a spring storm.

Professor Darvon received a call from General McGregor 18 hours after the operation had commenced. “Well, General, a pleasure hearing from you,” the Professor tiredly replied.

“Professor, you cannot believe just how smoothly this operation panned out. I would never have imagined how everything fell into place just like clockwork and we owe it all to you!”

Messaging his temples Darvon seemed somewhat drained and at a loss for jubilation, “I guess I feel rather guilty for the grisly method we had to use in order to liberate the country. Have you gotten any reports about how these beasts have been subdued?”

The General sighed, knowing how Darvon felt, but still there were going to be collateral casualties, “well, out of a hundred of these animals I’d say half have been destroyed, some have been captured and held. I don’t know how they managed that, and others have reportedly escaped into nearby woods or wilderness. We don’t have an exact accounting of this yet.”

“Oh God, what have I done,” Darvon agonized. “I really failed to take into consideration that this might happen,” he sighed.

“What you did, Professor, was to develop a surgical way of taking down an illegal regime that was destroying the rights of Americans. You actually saved lives! Sooner or later there would have been a bloody civil war that would have torn apart the nation and left us vulnerable to our foreign enemies! You did good!” McGregor reassured Professor Darvon.

“Thank you, General, but for now I think I shall retire to my room and take a very long rest,” the Professor sighed.

“Well you deserve it,” General McGregor replied before hanging up. Now, he thought, would come the aftershocks, the lawyers, the investigators, and the discovery of evidence to make sure the perpetrators would be buried so deep in sentences they’d never got out of jail in their lifetimes.

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