The True State Of The Union That Obama Didn't Tell You About

The True State Of The Union an illusion painted by our political puppets.


It is distressingly apparent that our supposed economic recovery is not going the way that the Obama administration is claiming that it is. The actual unemployment rate hovers at 20.8% according to experts who look past the federal propaganda and research actual figures not just the numbers generated by those dropping off as their benefits expire.

Obama cuts a deal with GE and makes Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, a major board member of yet another panel, who will see to it that Americans get employed by green industry. Where is the competitive market when GE is redesignated as a banking institution that qualifies for federal subsidies. Let us not forget that General Electric donated 2.4 million in election funding to Democrat leaders. So the President announces that India will need new generators that GE will be providing? Gosh, that’ll make GE money won’t it, however the impact on employment will most likely be minimal and short term at that while GE collects more government money.

GE, who started out as an appliance maker, electrical supplier, and lighting giant began a lending division, GE Capital. How this constituted a redefinition for the largest corporation in the world as being a bank that will now receive federal financial assistance is not only perverse, but a classic Obama ploy in fabricating flawed solutions to US economic woes.

As the Democrats advocate the big government fix to jobs, financial recovery, and monetary stabilization, they spend with absolute reckless abandon. Expanding government, continuing to allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lose billions, while enforcing environmental regulations that make it too expansive for American business to operate domestically, are not the solution, but a big part of the problem This is the toxic legislation that will topple the nation as it forces the dollar to collapse.

Harry Reid reaffirms his stance on upholding Obamacare. The President continues to refuse any major proposal for the deep cuts in spending needed to pull the US economy out of a downward spiral caused by a monstrous federal deficit. Proposing greater tax increases and a larger IRS to enforce those idiotic changes will be the last straw on the camel’s back as what’s left of the job sector, intact US industry, and productivity cave in under the weight of the gigantic welfare state envisioned by our socialist Democrats.

The vast majority of Americans are employed unequivocally by small business, yet the bailouts have been aimed at the auto industry, the banks that caused our near economic collapse, and the unions. In assisting a limited segment of the US economy the Obama administration has endangered the stability of the US dollar and burdened the American public with a bleak financial future. So, as a result, the very industries that should have been allowed to rightfully languish in bankruptcy forcing them to trim their balance sheets and cut the outrageous benefits they extended to unions.

Being the hypocrites the Congress are, Democrats will now filibuster Republican efforts to dismantle Obamacare in favor of an amended healthcare plan that would not require forced participation and payment by all Americans. As more than 60% of the US citizenry demonstrated their nonsupport of this massively destructive bill designed to recruit Democrat voters, the federal government passed the measure anyway. That act alone told US citizens that their will meant nothing to the government and that our Constitutional principles were to be ignored.

This is the true State Of The Union that our president failed to mention as he demonstrated once more that he either does not understand basic economics or that he is ideologically committed to the demise of his country. As the hypnotized audience of blind Obama supporters applauded along with even some Republicans seated next to their Democrat buddies, I was faced with the true realization. That is that we as a nation are doomed if we continue to accept the platitudes of our political leaders as they give their rhetorical speeches that continue to provide no answers laced with hollow promises of a better future.

They must view the public as absolutely brain dead because for so long, the American citizens have passively accepted bad policies and destructive legislation with blank stares, slack jaws, and partisan loyalties based upon false assumptions. This is exactly the way that the Democrats and Republicans want it too.

If you don’t get off your butt, stop worshiping your ball games and shopping channels, and get involved by contacting your elected officials and even more, this is what you can look forward to!

1) Higher taxes with more aggressive enforcement by the IRS

2) A dwindling US dollar which means less buying power as each week goes by.

3) Higher fuel costs orchestrated by federal regulation agencies

4) Worse public education as class rooms over populate with less teachers

5) More sexually and radically oriented political education to further disorient your kids

6) Fewer jobs as the feds continue to discourage US business with higher corporate taxes and ridiculous EPA regulations

7) More aggressive banking policies that will increase interest rates, credit card fees, and mortgage fees

8) A worsening over all economy that will lean further and further toward the abyss

9) As social unrest begins to burn across the nation, you then will see the
implementation of Martial Law across the country imposed by various state, city, and federal officials. Posse Comitatus, the very law that was supposed to protect US citizens from US military sanctioned suppression has been neatly bypassed. You have no legal freedoms left. There are thousands of UN troops presently on US soil to help enforce tyranny.

10) Emboldened by the lack of civil disobedience, self righteous indignation, and political activism by the American public, the US government urged on by the world bankers and the interests of the United nations will render America into a fascist regime with iron fisted rule. You will become a prisoner in your own land.

Think it can’t happen? Check out the large volume of legislation reflecting globalism, resource management, UN involvement in US domestic affairs, oppressive legislation to free speech, government hostility to our churches, and unfair tax laws. READ AND LEARN PEOPLE. The Jews of Germany in the 1930's thought it couldn't happen in their country either.

You earned it. You must want it. You choose to remain uninformed. You blindly trust elected officials who have been robbing the nation. These are the seeds you have sewn America with your apathy. May God forgive us.

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