PART TWO: Blue Print To US Recovery


PART TWO -Blue Print For US Recovery

In Part One we discussed the lies and political maneuvering that enabled the most costly financial crisis in American history. While the Republicans could not disclaim their part in the legislation that caused a modern era depression, it was clearly Democrat backed law making that set the stage for a financial crisis of unprecedented proportions. Democrat leaders such as Barney Franks angrily maintained that the failing mortgage backing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were solid when in actuality they were on the brink of bankruptcy. The metamorphosis of banking laws that spanned decades all added up to one destructive denominator, the most systemic fiscal failure of US banking ever seen.

So, what do we do to insure an economic future for America? What path should we follow that could possibly lead us out of this incredible predicament that was prompted by banking criminals who even now are receiving bonuses as home owners find themselves on the streets, the unemployed hang on by the skin of their teeth on the crumbs given to them by the government, and US businesses fight state and federal oppression wrought by severe regulations and taxes?

I think that if you bother to become informed and look at key legislation that has been introduced by numerous entities bent of the control of the American people and our resources by influences both international and domestic, you might see the bigger picture.

Before I get into my recommendations I’d like to say that we as Americans were guaranteed rights by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration Of Independence. These rights were designed by our infinitely wise forefathers who had just endured the tyranny of the King George government and European bankers who wanted to enslave the 13 colonies under their banking system. With the banking system of the 13 Colonies, they had enjoyed the stability and prosperity of an independent monetary system that allowed financial freedom. That would later be stripped from our grasps.

I think our Congressmen, Senators, and judiciary have clearly forgotten that this nation belongs to WE THE PEOPLE and not the federal government.

Our freedoms are rapidly eroding as laws continue to be passed by Congress at an alarming rate and taxes are increased even though so many Americans are jobless. If we do not stand up and together against this tyranny, we will become unwitting prisoners, who have no one to blame but ourselves for refusing to act.

Proposed Changes To Transform US Economy And Future

1) End the Federal Reserve-they are the cause of every financial problem we have.

2) Prosecute the banking criminals responsible for the crisis that may be the end of the US economy as we know it.

3) End the IRS- they are the brutal collection arm for the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul has advocated this solution for decades. The IRS is out of control intimidating judges and political leaders with audits and harrassment in order to block the passage of reform measures.

4) Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac- Either these financial dinosaurs need to act with sound business principals or they need to be dissolved in the private sector who is much better qualified to run them than the government ever could be.

5) Force Congress to pursue balanced budget sessions. There are way too many federal employees locked into a perpetual fraternity of nonessential employment with paralyzing pension commitments that unfairly tax the system and the people.

6) Stop corporate subsidies and business subsidies of any kind. Free enterprise in a capitalistic system thrives on competition, innovation, and earned growth.

7) Stop foreign aid especially to the United Nations. Our enemies attack and criticize us no matter what we do and who we support. We supply a palatial complex for nations that despise the American way of life and the standard of living we have earned. Why would we continue to enable this perverse form of diplomacy?

8) Do not allow any flag on US soil but state flags and the American flag. Honor only Constitutional law, never allow foreign law to be practiced on US soil. It was never intended. Our justice system is inherently corrupt.

9) Limit terms of our Senators and Congressmen. These parasites have lived off the public coffers, and made themselves millionaires while holding their offices for decades as they pass laws that destroy our freedoms and restrict our private sector business.

10) Immigration into the US must be controlled and illegal immigration enforced for the sake of national security. It must not be allowed to be politicized by the left.

11) Our educational system must be restored based upon quality, not multicultural correctness that allows lowering of standards to accommodate underachievement.

12) Leave sex and radical politics out of our public schools. There is no place for unpatriotic rhetoric and inappropriate morality to be considered the realm of public education.

13) The Ten Commandments are like the Constitution, inspired by true ethics and unchanging morals that serve as the best standard of conduct for our political leaders to follow.

14) Every child, very adult, every immigrant naturalized as a US Citizen should be taught and tested on the Bill Of Rights and The US Constitution as part of our national requirement. We will not recognize foreign laws, abuse of human rights, nor the corruption of other nations who condone rights violations as policy or religious affinity. This, America, is a privilege for immigrants to be here, not a right that allows them unearned benefits that cost the people.

Without these measures, we the people will never be free or have any chance of recovering the prosperity that was our guaranteed birth right and paid for by the lives of our forefathers and young men and women who have died all over the world so that we could remain free, free from tyranny, free from world bankers, free from foreign influences. Wake up people! This is your country. Take it back!

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