Name One Positve Act By Obama Since His Election

Recently at a rally plugging his bid for re-election in 2012, Obama was addressed by a downtrodden individual who bitterly complained about the high price of gas at the pump. The President’s flippant remark was, “ get used to it. Go guy a more efficient car!”

His reaction to the hardship of Americans in this time of crisis typifies the President’s attitude toward the public. As Obama amasses a billion plus in funding to support his re-election campaign, he is little concerned that this money could be used to help the beleaguered and impoverished citizens, victims of federal fiscal policy. How are Americans already hard hit by unemployment, the higher cost of living, and a sagging economy going to be able to afford pathetically over priced alternatives like the Chevy Volt or other $40,000.00 hybrid cars?

For all of those who still uphold their fearless leader and the office of the presidency, I have one question for you. Name one positive bill or beneficial act that Obama has supported since his inauguration. Tell me one.

Since the inception of his administration, Obama has passed the Health Care Reform Bill, that has been proven to be so financially burdensome throwing the federal deficit into more than a 14 trillion dollar budget over a decade while increasing taxes on a majority of Americans who don’t want it.

Obama has refused to enforce illegal immigration at our borders, has allowed economic sanctions against US cities suffering the crime associated with the illegal invasion that have been perpetrated by cities such as LA against the state of Arizona. He has made snide remarks publicly alluding to the national security crisis while using Janet Napolitano to assure governors and besieged lawn enforcers that illegal immigration is at an all time low and the federal government is effectively acting on behalf of the citizens as drug and gang violence continue.

The President has allowed the federal government to force their leftist agenda against the people of voted down Proposition 8 in California with the intervention of a gay judge. Obama has allowed another referendum to vote on the passage of  Sharia Law unwanted by a majority vote in Okalahoma. Once again using a leftist federal judge to intervene.

Obama has presided over failed federal fiscal policies that expended 1.8 trillion as economic stimulus to such entities as AIG who staged a quarter of a million dollar celebration for its employees upon receiving their bail out. He personally fired a General Motors CEO, and bailed out to US car industry giants, who simply could have declared Chapter 11 and renegotiated with their creditors. At the same time financially sound Wells Fargo was forced to take bailout money against their will as was Bank of America, who was also forced to buy up the toxic derivatives and bad debt of bankrupted Merrill Lynch. Their CEO reported that he was intimidated into accepting a forced agreement by Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson.
Obama’s ideological assault on the nation is typified by the Cap and Trade proposals he has supported despite the fact that no environmental benefits would be realized, on the profits made as big industry buys and sells carbon credits. This would result in higher costs to Americans for utilities, appliances, fuel, and other energy related issues. However, our fearless leader has no concern for the hard pressed working class who already struggle.

Obama’s questionable relationship with Jeffrey Emelt of General Electric Corporation, who paid no taxes under being their reassessment as a banking entity. Obama’s favoritism toward GE as a preferred supplier of green industry lighting which had proven both expensive and unreliable is the typical slap in the face that American consumers have suffered. Appointing Emelt to the Economic Advisory Board is just another conflict of interest condoned by the Obama administration as the industry giant, GE, is allowed even more influence that crushes its competitors in the troubled US market.

Obama’s directives have allowed racial strife and division to grow and fester as Attorney General Eric Holder allows voting irregularities, names Christians and veterans as domestic terrorist suspects, allows the New Black Panthers to harass and threaten people at voting sites, while flaunting his responsibility to enforce illegal immigration as a racial profiling issue. Obama’s administration has catered to such racist organizations as La Raza, Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s controversial church in Chicago, Louis Farrakhan, and suspected Muslim terrorist supporters, CARE.

Obama’s assault against traditional middle class America in his overreach to attain political correctness has spawned many casualties. He has loaded the Supreme Court with two controversial appointments. Latino,  Sonia Sotomayer who upheld reverse discrimination law suits while Lesbian Elena Kagan was not only inexperienced on the bench, but had also demonstrated discrimination against conservatives and heterosexually oriented entities such as armed services recruiting centers. This demonstrates Obama’s push against appointing the best qualified, but instead for political constituents who would support his leftist ideology.

Once again showing his bias in the Asset Relief Program, the Obama administration forced the closure of at least 50% of GM and Chrysler dealerships who were politically opposed to Obama’s election or sold to a primarily white regional population such as in rural locations. This as reported by Inspector, Neal Barofsky. The closure of 1300 dealership locations in these agricultural areas will probably affect the recovery of bother US car builders. This is what racial and political motivation does to free enterprise and our economic hopes.

I personally cannot find one program or action Obama supported that actually profited our nation aside from extending the Bush tax cuts. Even his extension of unemployment benefits only increased the deficit and was spawned from political pandering in the face of the November second elections in order to attract votes for Democrat leadership.

It is clearly apparent that President Obama’s priorities are the self serving motives of an ideologue dedicated to satisfying his own ego by forcing his agenda down the throat of the American public, who have voiced their majority disapproval. Despite the will of the people, Obama has created an elite ruling class mentality that arrogantly disregards the voice of Americans while insulting our intelligence with rhetoric. It is time for all US citizens to wake up and realize the truth!

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