Environmentalism Becomes The New Religion

Amongst the disputes of climatic change between climate scientists and experienced meteorologists over whether or not global warming actually exists or is merely a cyclical manifestation that man has little to do with, there are lines being drawn.

The fact that using environmental extortion to utilize fear mongering in order to attain funding from the public and business sector to support more biased research to influence political policy, consumer products, and energy issues, is inescapable. Especially when the EPA declares carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas that is essential to photosynthesis to be a toxic substance, exhibit’s a pure example of a government agency using pseudoscience instead of common sense. Using false statements to support a political agenda, the EPA uses mandatory regulation to force changes without proof or consent from the public. The enactment of sweeping change without a vote, only a notion, only an allegation, isn’t this the way the dictatorships operate?

A green industry stands to make billion upon billions on alternative lighting, smart appliances, smart grids, hybrid vehicles, and new globalist policies that would drastically affect the lifestyles of a citizenry already reeling from the affects of a poor economy and high unemployment. Does a government who sympathizes with the plight of the people impose even more restrictions, higher energy costs, and higher taxes to force people into submitting to environmental theory without proven fact? If proven, does the government have the right to impose draconian rules and higher financial penalties over its people? If you answered yes to either question, I submit that not only have you already been indoctrinated, but you are the perfect slave, the model worker of the ruling class. You submit to innuendo and propaganda that suit’s the socialist doctrine well.

Professor Emeritus, William Gray, of Colorado University, a tropical meteorological specialist and an expert on atmospheric science proclaims that global warming is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated upon the American public. Pointing out that the vested interests of so many businesses and research facilities thrive on scaring the public into supporting revenue influx in order to enrich this bogus cause.

Tad Murty, oceanographer, University of Ottawa, points out the earth’s atmosphere has not changed in 280 million years adding that during the Cretaceous period you could have grown tomatoes in the arctic region. Obviously man was not around to transform global climate at that time, yet natural processes had caused a drastic change.

Tim Patterson, paleoclimatologist and Professor of geology for Carlton University in Canada stated that carbon dioxide levels were ten times higher than the present day levels 450 million years ago, yet the global temperatures were at the coldest level they had ever been in a half billion years. The problem with the faulty paradigm of global warming proponents is that they fail to acknowledge that Carbon Dioxide is a minor green house gas that simply does not drive warming trends. Professor Patterson asks how can anyone still believe that the relatively small amounts of Carbon Dioxide present in today’s atmosphere could ever influence global temperature?

David Douglass, Professor of Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, points out that surface and atmospheric temperatures are not consistent with the finger print of green house gas cause and effect. When taking this into consideration, one must acknowledge the fact that human activity has a negligible effect upon climate temperature. His point is well taken as other researchers have established that while surface temperatures have seen a modest rise, the troposphere registers no indicators of increase. This contradicts the dynamics of  the alleged theory of global warming.

The problem with global warming is politics. The United Nations have embraced the theory but not the science for reasons other than fact. As is always the case in socialistic governance, consensus is more important than objective reality. It’s not a question of whether global warming created by man’s impact really exists, it’s a matter of using that theory as a tool to justify political change that would never be tolerated by the masses under any other premise. Especially when there is control and money to be gained by such faulty declarations that can have such wide ranging impact. Especially when the population have been sufficiently indoctrinated so as to accept global warming as a religion and, as such, are willing to submit to the micro managing of a ruling class dedicated to perpetuating a myth for the convenient power they can achieve with it. 

Global warming will lead to the other distortions of truth such as the Agenda 21 protocols by the United Nations in order to trump the US Constitution and allow our rights to own land to be destroyed under the aegis of imminent domain. The fear mongering of the globalist agenda will allow the imposition of sustainable development to achieve draconian depopulation measures such as sterilization, targeted rezoning in order to force highly condensed population centers and reduced mobility of the population relegating them to strictly enforced thoroughfares so that large stretches of land remain unused and prohibited to human use or presence.

Global warming promotes a new form of religion for Gaia worshipers who value the earth above the needs and well being of humans. Its restrictions destroy essential industries that feed and accommodate the people such as dairy products, irrigation, and cattle raising, even paved roads as unsustainable. Even with the proven lies and conspiracies discovered at the East Anglia Research Unit, it was announced that the perpetrators were exonerated, though none of the evidence against them was ever refuted.
We are in an age where facts are not important, only consensus is. Truth is not based upon reality anymore. It is dictated to us by the special interests of certain groups who want to have power over our lives. The actual best interests of the American people, and even the people of the world is no longer paramount in the priorities of the ruling class for the human race is to be herded like cattle toward their fate of subservience to the masters of the race. Big government and the agenda of the megalomaniacs behind the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, and the more than willing militarists who would willingly prosecute these directives is clearly apparent to the thinking and informed who can evaluate the evidence.

It is time for us to recognize the evil, establish our plan to fight it, and take actions necessary to prevent mankind from being victimized by the most sinister plot ever unleashed upon the masses. Soon, sides will be chosen, and a line will be drawn in the sand.    

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