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Felony Forgery Charges Filed On The President

Amidst the continuing controversy of Barack Obama’s eligibility for the office of the presidency based upon his questionable birth certificate assertions, a ray of light is shining through. Doug Vogt is a document scanning expert who has owned a software business since 1993. According to him the supposed long from birth certificate issued from the state of Hawaii exhibited on April 27, 2010 is in his words, “an outrageous and obvious fraud.”

Issuing a 22 page criminal complaint with the FBI, Doug Vogt, an international scanner expert, asserts that President Barack Obama is guilty of  passing off a criminally  fraudulent document. Illustrator programs and the creation of this forgery of a public document constitutes a class B felony in Hawaii and multiple violations under U.S. Code section Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47 Sec.1028, and therefore an impeachable offense.

When Obama made his national announcement on TV that he had to make a special request from the state of Hawaii for his long form birth certificate, he misled the public. Any citizen can request a copy of their original birth certificate without being denied due to the new and tougher privacy laws especially in the state of Hawaii, who is now supposedly enforcing more stringent rules on birth certificate access.

Vogt goes through a very exhaustive explanation of how telling aspects of fraud are implied in the forgery, which is a PDF document image that was supposedly reprinted on security paper that has the green background. However instead, Vogt points out that the original PDF image that was scanned had type written words super imposed over original text of the scanned document. The tell tale signs are a haloing effect around the edge of the outer lettering on several words that were filled in to answer certain categories on the birth certificate. The original was not even removed from a binder but was scanned with the resulting curvature on the paper. Once again lettering nearest the curved region is not proportionately curved as the imposed type written lettering had been made from a flattened sheet of paper.

There are both binary and gray scale lettering through out the document which is also a glaring indicator of forgery. There are also differing degrees of resolution as evidenced by certain lettering might be in 200 dpi while letters on the same line or next to the type written text may be 240 dpi or better. This is because some existing lettering remained on the document while new and imposed text was added which had better quality font. In 1961 the older style hot metal linotype machine was state of the art and incapable of a total replication of Times Roman Numeral font style. Unlike today where we can phototypeset, font styles are perfectly reproduced. However, it is the very phototypesetting that causes the haloing which gives away the fact that a false image of type was imposed upon portions of an old document.

To prevent fraud, standardize security features, and detect terrorists, the federal government passed The Federal Minimum Standards For Birth Certificates in 2004 Title 7 Sec. 7211. Under this legislation occasional audit of birth certificate records kept by Health and Human Services was enacted to assure compliance. Each individual state would have its own individual design of the COLB and be subject to periodic inspections of their records.

Doug Vogt, who has designed scanning software, installed image scanning systems for government offices, and is aware of their procedures as well as knowing the exact capabilities of a scanning machine, is more than qualified to establish intentional fraud.

The question will now rest with the FBI who answers to the Department of Justice, an enforcement agency that has been corrupted by Attorney General, Eric Holder. The DOJ has been negligent in its duties of prosecuting blacks for blatantly violating voting laws, refusing to enforce illegal immigration, and refusing to uphold proper voter registration procedures to prevent voting fraud. With the President clearly conducting identity fraud and falsifying a government document, we must now depend upon the FBI to prosecute the law.

If, with all the challenges to the eligibility of a presidential candidate to occupy the oval office that have been stonewalled and refused standing thanks to our cowardly court system, we cannot seek justice in this matter, surely our judicial and legal system reflect a much more serious flaw in our government than we could ever have suspected. Our President is not a monarch, not a dictator, nor a totalitarian leader, he is a citizen just like the rest of us therefore subject to our laws. If he can blatantly deceive the American people and be allowed to get away with it then that says we have an inherently corrupt government. Not only that, but it has been perpetrating a scandalous de facto of illusion completely in contradiction of our Constitution and Bill Of Rights for a long time.

This may set in motion serious consequences of which are provided for within our US Constitution when the federal government no longer represents the will of the people and should be dealt with as such. I say to you that the deception that President Obama and all those behind him who have allowed this fiasco to continue are more repugnant than any uprising or revolt that the people of this nation would be perfectly within their rights to pursue in light of the present crisis in our nation. All our government has to do is the right thing. That is, uphold the law for God’s sake!

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