Obama Uses Abortion Issue To Pressure States

The state of Indiana has banned Planned Parenthood in representing the will of its constituents, who do not condone abortion. Federal law states that no federal funding for abortion will be allocated thereby making abortion illegal if funded by government revenues. Easy to understand no problem. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case under the Obama administration.

Medicaid administrator Donald M. Berwick has informed state of Indiana officials that they will be violating federal law which states that beneficiaries cannot be denied services from any provider. Planned Parenthood which works as a partner with the federal government supposedly provides other services too besides abortions such as cancer screenings. Of the 28 Planned Parenthood clinics in the state 4 of these facilities perform abortions.

The state can ban health care providers in special instances where fraud or criminal acts have been attributed. However, the federal government prohibits the state from refusing services based upon specific procedures such as abortion. So here we have more Obama administration double talk.

In an example of using regulations to penalize the states, Indiana could face federal fines and a reduction of 20% of the state’s Medicaid funding for simply following the wishes of voters who said they did not want their tax dollars used for funding abortions. The state has 60 days to comply with federal government demands.

It was Democrat Senators who ordered Kathleen Sebelius to notify the State of Indiana that it was not in compliance with federal standards. Eight Republican Senators contacted Sebelius in response to her notice and urged her to support the state’s existing health care ruling.

According to Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, Indiana resident women have a wide access to services across the state. She urged all states that intend to defund Planned Parent Hood tax payers funds to vigorously fight federal government intimidation.

The Hidden Ugly Truth

60 million poor recipients are beneficiaries of Planned Parent Hood Services. Over the years American Blacks have had from 600 to 900,000 abortion procedures performed resulting in zero population growth until the last year. This so called health provider (Planned Parenthood) has conducted the very work of Eugenics upon the minority population that so many considered unjust. Although the federal government has been practicing a bio-social form of genocide against the unborn, it has now evolved into the acceptance of Planned Parent Hood as the preferred provider of procedures. What was once deemed unacceptable is now advocated by the left under the Obama administration.

The continuing campaign of moral decay  in America implemented by the left to dismantle our fundamental foundation of family substituting that all important social fabric with the control of the state. This where the force feeding of policy by the federal government negatively social engineers our society to be taken over by government intervention in the decisions we make with our lives.


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