The Truth About the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building

When the Murrah Building blew up in Oklahoma City I was working as a hairdresser in a downtown Wichita Business complex that housed this division of Cargill home offices, a restaurant, and nine stories of offices full of people who were our clients. We always knew everything in real time, in terms of news and anything happening that would be interesting in the country, because the shop was the social gathering place for the building as well as the grooming service. When one of our clients rushed in with news of the bombing I had a sickening feeling we would not know the truth. The Waco incident was fresh in my mind and this was not sounding like something that could be done without the Gov. being aware. It turned out to be a mess... as you will remember, I am sure.
I know a rescue worker who answered the call when the bomb devastated the building. This EMT was working to treat those he could save and find survivors as fast as he could when all rescue personnel were called out of the rubble. For 47 minutes the ATF carried out their file cabinets and what ever else they wanted kept secret. The time wasted on this fiasco frustrated the rescuers. My EMT person never mentioned additional bombs or being told about any. I never read or heard on the news there were other bombs to be afraid of. The part in this article that tells the people were running away from additional bombs is news to me even now. Perhaps some of you remember that better than I do.
I also remember hearing that there would be an interview of another ATF office worker on a news report to be aired before I would arrive home after work. I asked a friend to record it and she did. The interview was with an ATF person who was texted that morning and told not to go to the office that day. It turned out all the agents were told the same thing. The interviewed agent was helping his neighbor look for his wife after the blast because she was an employee of some service whose office was in that building. The story was out... well can you believe the news clip never ran again??
Timmothy McVeigh was was charged, convicted and (supposedly) executed for a fairy tale. Terry Nicholes paid with his life too..... imprisoned for life. They were two very stupid patsies. I guess we are all considered to be as stupid as the others our leaders lie to.
Well... in any case, here is the story I think rings truer than the others we were fed.


We Told You So: FBI Hides Truth About OKC Bombing

By Pat Shannan

Only Americans with short memories were surprised by the new accusations of the FBI’s ongoing cover-up of the Oklahoma City bombing, as charged by Utah attorney Jesse Trentadue. It actually has been going on since about 2 p.m. on April 19, 1995—following five hours of honest reporting by news people on the scene.

The remarkable change in the official story and the twisting of the facts made it plain that the federal government and the controlled news media had collaborated to deceive us. The initial reports that we have maintained on videotape for the past 14 years reveal an altogether different story than what’s in the history books.

Immediately, the tragedy was thought to be (and reported as) a gas explosion from inside the building as evidenced by the immense amount of rubble blown out into the street and beyond. A worker from the newspaper office across the street later told us of the children’s toys from the Murrah nursery being blown through his windows. However, it took only a few minutes to cast aside the accident theory and realize that a bomb had exploded inside.

Next it was announced that this was not only some kind of terrorist attack but that an unexploded bomb was discovered in the rubble and was being removed by the Oklahoma County bomb squad. Soon there was another.

“The first bomb did go off,” says the OKC reporter. “The second and third explosives, if you can imagine this, were larger than the first. It is just incredible to think that there was that much heavy artillery that was somehow moved into the downtown federal building.”

Indeed it was, but such truth would lead to demands for an investigation that might reveal way too much information (just as the independent investigations later did) and had to be quashed.

These reports, of course, came before the federal government and a compliant national media could combine to massage the data, change the number of explosions to one, change its position to out in the street and change the bomb’s components to non-existent ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO).

Gov. Frank Keating, a former FBI agent and high-ranking BATF official before his 1994 election to the state’s highest office, went on TV to say, “Obviously, whatever did the damage to the Murrah Building was a tremendous, a very sophisticated explosive device.”

“It had to have been done by an explosives expert,” said government officials.

During these news reports in the first few hours, we also saw hundreds of people fleeing down the street away from the Murrah Building when the FBI had announced the necessity of clearing the area because of the danger of the second and third devices being accidentally detonated during removal. Actually, it was a ploy to remove file cabinets and surveillance tapes with fewer witnesses.

By 2 o’clock, newsmen were singing a different tune, because Mayor Ron Norick had just told them that it was “a car bomb loaded with 1,200 pounds of ANFO, and we have confirmed that with the BATF.”

The reported 1,200 pounds would then begin to increase to 2,000, 3,000 and finally 4,800 pounds, by the next day—the amount necessary to meet the area’s damage.

However, this also required that the transporting vehicle be expanded to a “truck” because a car could not have handled the required load.

It was a total fabrication, as future tests and examinations showed no evidence whatsoever of any ANFO in the blast area. ANFO has two distinguishing characteristics following its detonation: lingering nitrate gas and flames.

Neither was present at the Murrah Building following the blasts. The only visible flames were the gasoline fires from the cars in the parking lot, and rescue workers were on the scene immediately without gas masks.

Before the case was three days old, the FBI didn’t want to hear any information that did not pertain to their two designated patsies: Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

County K-9 Deputy Don Browning was on the scene in the early minutes and was soon subjected to intentional disinformation, as later admitted to him by an FBI agent. He was told that “the Middle Easterners seen beating a hasty retreat from the scene in two cars and a yellow pickup truck” was a story made up to “confuse the news media.”

“Problem was, it confused the rest of law enforcement, too,” says Browning. He had also witnessed the FBI agents removing the surveillance cameras and tapes from their mounts. These were the tapes that the FBI denied even existed for more than 14 years before finally surrendering them last month, but only with doctored results.

“I got angry all over again last week,” Browning told AFP, “when they quit lying about the existence of those tapes and produced them.”

Oklahoma rancher Hoppy Heidelberg was on the federal grand jury and saw first-hand the railroading of the two patsies. When he complained and tried to investigate, as a grand juror should, he was kicked out and sent home by Judge David Russell. He was later delivered a surreptitious message telling him that “if I didn’t sue, they would let me live.”

An Oklahoma City police sergeant wasn’t so lucky. He was murdered the following year because he would not relent in his pursuit for truth. Stabbed 13 times and shot through the head, Terry Yeakey’s death in a rural cow pasture was ruled a suicide.

When Yeakey’s body was discovered, 40 uniformed officers combed the area for an hour in a search for the gun, without success. However, when FBI Special Agent in Charge Bob Ricks arrived by helicopter, it took him less than five minutes to “discover” a revolver in the grass near the body.

The official OKC bombing story has never been anything but a cover-up, and the FBI has been the chief architect of the cover-up from the beginning.

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Comment by Doc Vega on April 21, 2015 at 2:22pm

Sounds just like the intentions of the federal government in the sixties when they tried to unveil Operation Northwoods, a series of false flag terrorist attacks from coast to coast aimed at creating more Communist paranoia perhaps even the footing for another global war. Thank God they never succeeded. Unfortunately we went into Vietnam shortly after.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on April 20, 2015 at 10:13pm

I think it is fair to say that, like so many psyops, OKC was one too.

Comment by Mimsgirl on October 27, 2009 at 3:49pm
Since I posted this I have found out my EMT person was told that there was fear of another bomb hidden in the building. That is the reason the rescuers were given to take them out of the rubble. I have a hard time putting the two ideas together... the ideas that we were told over and over McVeigh was the sole bomber... and being afraid there was another bomb in the building. It could be argued they didn't know anything about what blew up the building at first, so anything, at that time, would have been possible. It just sounds like someone knew something more than most people were told. Some of the people in the Murrah Building noticed unusual and uniformed workers in the basement a week before the bombing. No one knew why. Also, there was a seismograph in, I think, El Reno, that registered a very small disturbance just minutes before the big boom that registered high on the scale. The people in the know have suggested the blowing of a small bomb like container that released gas to make the big bomb stronger.

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