The United Corporations of America

Funny how our government and its constituents have so easily forgotten about the Enron scandel that began in the early start of a new millenium.


But, did " We the People " recognize the fact that Enron was also trying to increase their portfolio by becoming one of the biggest corporate boosters of the " Kyoto global warming treaty"? Today's modern day Cap and Trade bill. Global warming even then, was seemingly profitable to large companies.


Quoting an exerpt from Paul J. Georgia's article "Enron Sought Global Warming Regulation, Not Free Markets",

"Enron chairman Ken Lay also served on the board of the Heinz Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment, along with Fred Krupp of Environmental Defense, and former Alcoa CEO and current Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill."


People in corporations infiltrating our US government. Deceiving the constituents, and lying to its shareholders.

Our government did nothing to stop or hinder this act of monetary debachery. But was instead intertwined with these power thirsty corporations.


Now lets go to a more present day occurrance of government ignorance and neglect to " We the People".

Lehman Brothers, engaged in global investment banking, raising capital through underwriting and placements, merchant banking, corporate finance services, and securities trading. When under financial distress, they devoted their energy to an obscure accounting trick, known as "Repo 105," that was used to mask the financial firm's poor health.

This was used to sway the stockholders beliefs that the company was in turmoil. How could a company with such obvious flaws donate a mass amount of money to the Tories, otherwise known as the Conservative Party in the U.K.? Once again, companies infiltrate the government. As noted in the link provided..." Lehman director Christopher Gent was appointed by George Osborne to his ’Tax Reform Commission’. Gent was a member of Lehman Brothers’ Compensation and Benefits Committee, presumably responsible for approving a package for Jeremy Isaacs which would see him pocket £43 million in 2006 and 2007, as well as their Audit Committee".


And finally we have AIG. This could quite possibly be an anogram for An Ignorant Government. Our government has single handedly given one corporation, AIG, the largest amount of monetary bailout in history. We have seen AIG give numerous bonuses and take several all expense paid vacations, i mean, business trips. Now, they are planning to give bonuses once again, to the sum of $100 million. " The American taxpayers have so far committed $170 billion to the giant insurer because it is thought to be too big to fail " according to Robert Reich's article " The Real Scandel Of AIG". This company also donated a vast amount of money to politicians prior to its financial downfall, including the recent presidential campaigns. Edward Liddy, at the insistance of Timothy Geithner, Secretary of Treasury Dept., is currently AIG's chairman. He is also a shareholder of Goldman Sachs. As stated by Timothy P. Carney, "Edward Liddy, CEO of government-run AIG, still owns more than $3 million of stock in Goldman Sachs, which has pocketed $13 billion or more of the $170 billion federal officials have spent bailing out the ailing Wall Street insurance giant."

Too many times we have bailed out companies and corporations that are sleeping with our government. They make money from our fears and sell us solutions that rape us. Call your congress people and remind them... they work for us, not the other way around. Hold them responsible for their monetary acts of treason against "We the People". Hold them accountable for their continued ignorance of the dispersion of our money.

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Comment by bryan l on December 24, 2010 at 2:29am
we will.
Comment by Locutus on December 23, 2010 at 1:56pm
Well Done!! 

"Destroying the New World Order"



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