These Are the Facts What Else Do You Need to Do About OMICRON?

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Pfizer CEO admits! It doesn't work!!!!


I’m going to have a short chat with you about something that has been turned into a massive fear campaign by the government, by the media, and by the medical establishment, who all claim to have your best interests in mind. Number 1, before we gate started they do not have your best interests, your health, or your faith in their integrity in mind!  So, let’s proceed.

This is what they said about Omicron, their manufactured next threat, before it ever magically spread overnight to just about every major state and city. I quote, “less deadly than the Delta variant but more transmissible.” Unquote.

Next, what did they do? They began broadcasting one public service announcement after another telling you to get your shot, if you’ve gotten your shot, get the booster, and wear your mask so you don’t spread the virus! Really? What was the point of getting a supposed vaccination anyway if you don’t get immunity?

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  • Fact! You have a 99% chance of survival unless you are elderly and have a pre-existing condition like being terminally ill, heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis, hypertension, or any other major disease.
  • This is all true. They have already said Omicron is a mild form of the so-called viral threat is more like a cold or allergy. Yet, they continued to fear monger, urge you to get a shot, urge you to wear a mask, and order you to comply with the vax mandates. Why? They just contradicted themselves! Why get the shot or wear the mask? How many celebrities and athletes who have been vaccinated have gotten Covid 19 again and have even died after taking the vaccination? Are you deaf, dumb, and blind? Why would you allow an untested emergency ordered serum that officials admit now, conveys almost no useful immunity, yet the messages from the media and the authorities continue to TAKE THE SHOT and if you have GET THE BOOSTER!
  • Now, the Pfizer CEO is saying the very vaccine they have literally shoved down everyone’s throat is minimally effective if effective at all! Wake up people! Are you cattle? Are you sheep? God gave you a brain! Start using it!
  • If a vaccination has been declared by physicians all over the world to be dangerous why would you be such a daft and complying livestock animal that you would go along with this massive draconian power grab the Deep State? There are many many, more people dying from the shot than are dying from the fake plague known as COVID!
  • Short survey now: Do you feel a need to submit? Do you feel so witless that you need to be subjected to a potentially deadly serum? When 41 health experts got together and warned during a livestreaming event in 2020 that this massive lockdown and vaccine overreach was dangerous, but were cut off in midstream by the social platforms, didn’t that raise an eyebrow? You haven’t been lobotomized yet have you? What is your excuse?


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