If anyOne is curious about how I would choose to teach Our children, let Me lay out what I see.  With today’s technology We have access to a vast quantity of data.  To confine Our children to the learning of the state-decreed curriculum is…well, psychopathic, and here’s why.

I will begin with Jo.  Say I am Jo’s mother and I want the best for Jo.  Jo has been born into this planet with no obligations to do or be anything.  We cannot make Jo do anything, but We do have a large degree of influence.  So rather than making obligations for Jo and expecting Jo to be happy to fulfill them when Jo arrives at that moment when an understanding of what is “expected” of Jo is reached, I would do it differently.  Rather than say, “All children MUST learn” anything, I would approach it like this:

Reading, communicating and math are important to give access to learning.  These three would be the only areas of specific focus, and I would encourage Jo look into them at every reasonable point.  Offer to help.  To teach.  Today, that is a difficult choice for most parents because the “state” – the psychopaths with all the money and the power – have sucked virtually all parental time away, occupying Us with, heh, occupations, which We need to go do (without Our children, who might learn things about what filling an occupation is like) to keep Us in food/water/clothing/shelter, and, hopefully, with enough left to do something We enjoy in what time is left.  They have also mandated a narrow band of education.

Back to Jo.  Rather than saying Jo must go to school and learn, I would start a daily Explore Session.  “We only have three hours to go exploring,” and then I would offer the interweb of data and explain to Jo, early and often at first and periodically thereafter, that:


  • Data is not information – just because it is there does not mean it is true, but that Jo should look to Jo’s experience and ask what the probabilities are that any piece of data is true.


  • Jo should choose who Jo trusts – hopefully it’s Me and the rest of the family – and verify things Jo is unsure of.


  • AnyOne on the interweb who says They want to meet with Jo in person is not likely to be interested in Jo’s well-being, especially if They want to meet alone.  There are dangers to watch out for.


I would encourage Jo to look into anything that sounds interesting, and offer suggestions.  I would initially run the mouse and keyboard, all the while saying, “When You’re old enough, You can learn how, and do this Yourself.”  And always, the question would be, “What do You want to explore?”

When Jo first says that Jo wants to quit exploring and actually do – maybe jewelry-making has caught Jo’s attention, or archaeology, playing a guitar, designing a building, or…whatever – I would do what I could to make it possible for Jo to do.

I would contact someOne (or many, if need be) and ask if They will allow Jo to watch, and then maybe try a hand, if Jo’s interest is in a direction where an expert can teach.  Or start to focus on the sites with data about a subject of interest.  Or get the instrument, the wood and the tools, the paintbrushes…  Whatever Jo needs to do as interests Jo.

I would explain to Jo that if ever the doing is no longer of interest, We can always go back to exploring.

I would this way guide Jo to what Jo most truly is suited for in contributing the highest quality to Human society.  I mean, Let’s face it.  We all do best that which We love to do.

There are things I would teach.  Like the fact that We choose to live under three Ethical Laws.  The three Laws of Ethics are:

Do not willfully hurt or kill anOther without fully informed consent – and I think a rule of thumb is that 18 is the age at which Any may give informed consent on this.  A bias, perhaps, but I know children can be ill-informed, and that alone negates the ability to give consent in informed fashion.

Do not willfully take or damage anOther’s property.  If You don’t know it is Yours, leave it alone even if You don’t see an owner to ask.

Do not willfully defraud anOther.  Lying, cheating, conning, We do not do if We are honorable, ethical.

I would introduce the Betterment Ethic.  We contribute best by making things better for  Those around Us.  The highest honor goes to Those of Us who have made it better.  Maybe Jo might want to consider finding a way, by creating beauty, contributing to knowledge, bringing joy, helping out, to offer to the betterment.

I would explain that Jo controls only one thing:  Jo’s behavior.  All else Jo can only influence with the behavior chosen.  Bad behavior choices elicit negative responses and decrease the social currency One has – People will like Jo better if Jo chooses good or neutral behavior than if poor behavior is chosen.

I would make suggestions and encourage Jo in finding what Jo loves best, with an eye to how that love can be applied towards betterment.

I would find groups interested in what Jo is interested in and encourage Jo to socialize, share information, and co-create with Others.

Of course, with the way things are set up now, there are many blocks to teaching Jo in this fashion.  I have already mentioned that the useless eliters ensure most of Us cannot spend much time with Our children.  In the way They have things set up, They have sucked Us into adding Our time/energy into a system that, overall, enriches Them and keeps most of Us poor.  Rather than having the opportunity to explore, learn, and do as We love, We are told We have an obligation to find some way of adding Our energy that will provide accounting units/tokens for that energy which are required for Our survival.

We must learn a strict set of data – often with theory taught as fact – and further education beyond the initial set should be not in anything that We love but in what will make Us money (and if We can do what We love and make money, We are with the lucky few).  Though the system started out facilitating the exchange of goods, with the system of money promoting the most psychopathic, the emergence of corporate facades to put legal protections in place, more and more avenues to input Our energy are in support of this corporate structure that feeds a very few the vast majority of the wealth of the planet.

From cashiers, sales, accounting, collections, marketing, advertising, insurance, and other such jobs on up to banking itself, We add Our energy to support the system that enriches the few psychopaths at the top.  None of this Human energy is truly productive otherwise.  It does not create food, clothing or shelter.  It does not create enjoyment.  It does not move product so much as impede the movement of resources to Those who need them.  Given that this planet has way more to offer than We all can consume, the useless eliter propaganda to the contrary, the choice to continue this accounting of Our energy, this system of money, is not only irrational but Self-destructive.

In truth, it is designed to suck Our energy from Us such that We must rely on the “statanic” few.  We offer up Our children to state institutions to be trained with the work “ethic” – slaves have a work “ethic;” free Humans would be best served with the Betterment Ethic – so that We have the time/energy to give to the satanic corporations that do the psychopathic things They do with the aid of the state.  (And lest You question whether the state is aiding the corporations to the detriment of Us People, ask why “laws” were passed that barred suing pharmaceutical companies because of vaccines and other output, and Monsanto in general…  These deadly corporations can do as They like with impunity.  Think about that.)

This sucking of parental time/energy has ripped the family apart, with each member connecting little or not connecting at all, in a general undercurrent of desperation as the parents worry about keeping food, clothing, shelter and water flowing with the tokens They received for the energy They added.

So in continuing to choose the present way of doing things, which is rather illogical if a different and better choice is available, We allow the continuation of such things a fluoridated water, GMO’s, Roundup, pharmaceuticals that kill hundreds of thousands and damage many more each year, vaccines causing systemic damage in Our children, “fracking” on the pretext of getting energy when the real purpose is to poison Our water supply, “geoengineering” with nanoparticulate toxins, Washington and royalty pedophilia rampant, the TSA, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, FEMA camps imprisoning the homeless, the wars fought on manufactured pretext – war profiteering, ALL of it, the bogus news created for Us such as Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, suppression of, and now the attempt to control via the Codex Alimentarius, natural dietary healing methods, the elimination of 90% of Us with the rest of Us stuffed in what amounts to cages as They pursue Agenda 21.

It all looks pretty dire when taken as a whole.  And this is the short list!

Thus I persist in My efforts to point out that We DO have a choice.  Right now.  We can choose better on this planet.  Because money is accounting for Our energy and also promotes the most psychopathic to the top, because We swim in energy and there are ways to get useful energy out, because there is vastly more than We need here on Earth/Eridu, because We can get robots to do anything We need done but have no One to do it, because We can transmute matter with enough energy, because We have the interweb to communicate needs and desires as well as emergencies and crimes, We can eliminate the need to account for Our energy (money) and free all Jo(e)s from adding Their energy to the psychopathic system We see now, to pursue an education that truly resonates with Them and makes things a bit better for Their touch in this, Our co-creation.  We can eliminate all “laws” of commerce – most of the statutes, codes, acts, bills, edicts, mandates, and other names for the rules We consent to have money as motive for passage – We can teach the Betterment Ethic, adventure or withdraw, build and co-create, under the three Laws of Ethics only.

We can choose to get rid of money, giving each One of Us the opportunity to choose a life of happiness.  Is that not the definition of freedom?  That principle of the American ideal that They also teach Our children that has been so grossly undermined?  Nothing better than a slave who believes (S)He is free.  They know this and use it.

Right now what any of Us can do is to spread awareness.   Share this article and the ones at the forum linked below.  If enough of Us see the path, this psychopathic trajectory might be avoided.  Personally, I think it’s worth the effort to try.

I have written many articles, none extremely long, that pull together a way to use these tools We just now have on this planet in more detail and have a forum I have collected them in.  The first is a bit academic, and others are short and to the point.


T.A.P. - You're It!



I hope You choose to visit and discuss.  No telling how much time is left, eh?


“Revolution in ideas, not blood.”




“Did You give an oath and find it’s bait and switch?  Well, there is no oath then, is there?”

"ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap - THEY will do ANYTHING to get there."

"The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows..."

"If the universe is made of mostly "dark" energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"

"If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war."

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