This morning I receive an email from Pastor William, and I'd like to Thank him for his passionate response. While I am Spiritual, that in no way lessens my belief in the Divine Creator, and the obligation of US, you and me, who are gifted Life through His/Her Creation, to be all WE can in pursuit of the highest goals:
Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Health, Abundance, and Peace for All.

In that Light, let us also plant these seeds as well:

That the hearts and minds of the Military who understand just how much they've been deceived, and that the federal government is NOT who they believe, step out of their uniforms and into their lives, by seeking out lawful Sheriff's and asking for asylum from governmental prosecution.

What would happen if they took all of their knowledge and stood with their local Sheriffs, to turn back the irs, cia, fbi, and all other alphabet gangs who threaten, steal from, and oppress the Freedom of the People?

What if, right in our own homes, neighborhoods, and communities, "WE the People", stepped out of our comfort zones to support Our Military, with Truth for the sacrifices they've made and the protection they offer? What if, we began to clean up our local areas, with their help?

What kind of a world would we have if we refuse to allow the military industrial complex to spend one more dime of OUR money, on death and destruction, and instead utilized the hidden technology for healing and repair?

What would Jesus do if He found Himself in uniform? March 15th is coming. What will you do? What will WE do?

Think of what WE ARE CAPABLE!

Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!


Pray for "our" Marines?? This morning I received an email from a brother encouraging me to pray for "our" Marines who were "fighting for you and me and protecting all of us". First of all, I didn't know I had any Marines!! I wish someone had told me about that back in 2005 when the church at Salem was seized for refusing to incorporate under the Beast state. I could have used "a few good men" back then, don't you think? My short yet substantive reply to my misguided brother is below and contains some basic truths everyone who supports war should understand clearly.

May the Lord Christ Jesus enlighten us all to the ways of His Righteous Kingdom and to the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) deceptions of Satan and his human Beast government(s).

Peace and blessings,

William Raymond: pastor & ambassador for Christ

Below, I've highlighted in yellow two very dangerous misconceptions stated in the email you sent me.

The Marines are not in Afganistan "fighting for you and me" nor are they "protecting all of us" as you have stated.

They are there protecting the "foreign policy" corporate interests who fund your corrupt Congress and President who, in turn, propose and enact legislation to keep their gravy train running and the population in check as per United Nations protocol. If you doubt that, just remember what Henry Kissinger said... "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." ~ Henry Kissinger ~ January-February 2003 edition of Eagle Newsletter And so, based on the logic of Henry Kissinger - one of the Beast's most obvious and outspoken representatives - the REAL reason the Marines are there is because they're simply too "dumb" and "stupid" not to be. To wit, there is a reason why I have chosen to never stand in the middle of a busy highway with a blindfold on. That's because everything I know about doing something like that tells me I shouldn't.

What I'm saying here is we all make our own choices in life, do we not? Please understand, I do pray for those who are serving their Beast in Afganistan. But my prayer is that the Spirit of God would awaken them to the fact that they have been deceived by Satan into believing a lie. The truth is, it is not acceptable, to God nor man, for them to commit barbaric acts of inhumanity against others just because their Beast - their chosen master - gives them power to do so.

Is it any wonder why, according to FOX news, the U.S. government numbers on suicide among military veterans shows more vets are killing themselves at the rate of 22 a day - or one every 65 minutes, on average? How can a man put a gun to the head of another man and blow his brains out while his wife and children watch in shock and utter horror, and then be expected to come home to his own family acting normal? The expression "war is hell" could not be truer, and it is certainly one of Satan's master deceptions to convince men that there is some sort of glory or honor in it's process.

War is the epitome of evil and mental torment and the very antithesis of the Righteous Nature of the Creator. And so let me encourage you to redirect the focus of your prayers for every soul in the military - that the Spirit of God would awaken them to the fact that they are trying to do something Christ said no man can do, which is serve two masters. William Raymond: pastor & ambassador for the Christ

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Comment by Lloyd Sewell on March 1, 2013 at 6:21pm

Pray for the marines - I totally agree with this statement - I almost joined the British Army and the British Airforce - I was desperate to find a job - But I thought (You have not exhausted all other possibilities - so wait awhile) - Had I been stupid enough to join either of these evil institutions - one of two things would have resulted - (a) I would have been castigated for my attitude towards (Not wanting to do evil to others -  or (b) I may have fallen victim to the brainwashing that permeates these type of institutions) - So I totally agree that these folks need (much) prayers - both for their own crimes against their fellow men and for the crimes of their friends against their fellow man - America was attacked after setting up the Japanese to perform this attack - America has not been attacked by any other nation in it's history - The number of men - women and children killed by American's since it's foundation is runs into many millions - So is this the only historical fact the will grace the pages of human history?? think about it - it does not matter how much other good deeds America does - this level of killing is beyond current human history - the men and women in the American Armed Services - should be made aware of American history - so that they have a chance of redeeming themselves of their evil - Until that times comes around - they need the prayers of all good men and true.

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on March 1, 2013 at 5:20pm

good point Lloyd, kudo's

Is this Pastor Lindsey William???? I have serious doubts about that guy.

Comment by Lloyd Sewell on March 1, 2013 at 9:41am

Wishing for a peaceful transition to utopia is the second american dream - and just like the first - it is NOT going to happen - please look at you government response to (ANY & EVERY) incident relating to mass unrest - so if you want to believe that (GOD) is going to help you - that would be the (3rd) american dream - And guess what - All your dreams - are nightmares - they are not going to happen - so WAKE UP FROM YOUR NIGHTMARES - it is best to have a plan (B) 

"Destroying the New World Order"



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