Uncovering the Benghazi conspiracy-Hillary Lied!

By Doc Vega

For those of us waiting for justice over the killing of Americans in Benghazi, Libya which was sanctioned by a White House ordered stand down, perhaps a break has occurred in the case. It seems one Hillary Rodham Clinton may have perjured herself under oath. Although many politicians lie or distort the truth as a matter of standard operation procedure such as our President, lying under oath in front of a Senate investigation committee is a whole different affair. That comes with legal ramifications that can translate into serious jail time.

Incriminating revelations

What have we gleaned from the information at hand over the controversial actions of the State Department in Libya? We know now that our Ambassador was being used as a regional arms dealer selling to rebels and jihadists alike in Syria and through Turkey. We know that there were threats against him and his personnel at the Benghazi consulate, not actually an embassy at all, but an operations center for the same kind of gun walking program as “Fast and Furious”. We know that despite repeated requests for reinforcements at the Benghazi property and an attack that had left defense of the building compromised, Ambassador Stevens received absolutely no assistance or manpower to maintain security.

Our government condoned the actions of terrorists who attacked us

We know that the culmination of this scheme placed Ambassador Stevens at a safe house having dinner that evening with a Turkish official before the final deadly attacks only hours away from Stevens death. We know that the deal went wrong and a jihadist attack resulted in reprisal for a bad arms deal. The most despicable of all was that we have now learned that the US State Department was dealing with Al Qaeda, allowing them to infiltrate the Libyan government, awarding them security contracts for other US embassies throughout the country, and even allowing these minions of Osama Bin Laden to handle border security for Libya as well that has resulted in that recently overthrown country now being a safe haven for a number of terrorist organizations!

Count down to atrocity

That brings us to the final attack. Ambassador Stevens knew that his days were probably numbered based upon the lack of response by the Obama White House, the CIA Director, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Death was already lingering outside the walls of the US Embassy in Benghazi. The stage was set for betrayal and a cover-up. We know now that Ambassador Stevens body guard detail at the safe house betrayed him and allowed insurgents to capture him. As a 7 hour siege raged at the US Embassy, we know that President Obama and CIA Director Panetta were watching a live feed via a Predator Drone relaying this information real time to the Situation Room.

The lies began immediately

In the aftermath of the attacks, the White House and press corps released a number of ridiculous public statements. A photo of the dying Ambassador Stevens being carried by Libyans through the streets of Benghazi was described as help offered to get him to a hospital! It was a proved a lie as foreign journalists exposed the fact that Stevens had been raped and paraded around the chaotic city for 5 hours prior to being pronounced dead at a local hospital! The White House blamed a little known film produced by a small time Egyptian film producer in Los Angeles as being the cause by insulting Muslims. Although this was an outright lie, the Egyptian film maker was pulled from his bed in the middle of the night Gestapo style, and has been in jail ever since. He has been no more than a falsely accused scape goat. President Obama and Hillary Clinton wasted $70,000.00 in tax payer’s money buying time on Arab TV denying in a series of advertisements that they supported the supposedly offensive movie on You Tube that hardly anyone had even seen!

Bloodshed guaranteed by the White House

In the wake of these devastating attacks we know that 20 more US diplomatic buildings were attacked and burned across North Africa and the Middle East, probably the biggest diplomatic failure in US history! Despite numerous US military units stationed within striking distance of the embattled Benghazi embassy, we now know at least 3 stand down orders were delivered to CIA, AFRICOM, and other units, this resulting in the resignation of General Carter Ham, who was ready to go in despite the stand down order, and was relieved of command. A rescue of key US State Department personnel was denied! Of course, the fate of those in the US embassy was now guaranteed in blood and carnage!

More lies by the White House

Attempts by President Obama to down play this fiasco by saying that overseas diplomatic personnel are chosen for their willingness to risk their lives in a risky occupation are inexcusable and uncaring responses for the needless deaths of these federal employees, who were abandoned in order to keep from incriminating the cowardly Obama White House! CIA Director, Leon Pannetta’s pathetic excuse for not allowing a rescue by the US military as being a lack of intelligence on the ground and being unclear over the existing conditions when a drone had been providing real time coverage of the 7 hour assault is an amazing distortion of the truth!

News organizations finally doing their jobs

In view of recent revelations thanks to a number of articles published by the New York Times as well as testimony received by WND, apparently Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has perjured herself. During Senate investigations hearings, she was questioned by Senator Rand Paul who repeatedly asked her if she had any knowledge of a local annex in Benghazi being used for shipping and distributing weapons to Syrian rebels. When pressed for a direct answer, Clinton claimed she had no prior knowledge, yet reports streaming from sources within the White House, Libyan operatives, and foreign journalists now draw an incriminating timeline that makes it impossible for the Secretary of State to have been uniformed and uninvolved in the arming of hostile forces in North Africa!

It appears that not only was the Obama White House complicit in actively promoting a foreign war by aiding and abetting foreign rebels, but was engaging in destabilizing Assad Regime in Syria. The following events not only contradict White House claims, but also tend to incriminate Secretary Hillary Clinton:

  • According to security officials in Egypt and Middle East, Ambassador Stevens took on a central role in the recruitment of jihadist fighters to be used against the Syrian government.
  • Ambassador Stevens was involved in vetting recruits for attacking the Syrians, having US intelligence agencies review names of fighters who may or may not have attacked US interests in Afghanistan and Iraq, who would have been prohibited from use as combatants.
  • Numerous publications such as WND, NY Times, and Der Spiegel, have corroborated CIA shipment of arms to rebels fighting against the Syrian government. Several Arab nations were also working with the US in this operation. Air traffic control records were used as supporting evidence.
  • Reports by foreign journalists and security officials links the US to the training of rebel personnel in Jordan anywhere from 200 to 1200 fighters instructing them in such weaponry as anti-tank weapons.  This revelation exposes the US in a much wider role of supporting rebellions in the Middle East than previously suspected.
  • The US CIA and military advisors coordinated training and recruitment through Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan.
  • Arm shipments through airlifts began at least as early as the beginning of 2012 and intensified into the fall of last year just prior to the September eleventh attacks in Benghazi.
  • As has been the case since the beginning of the Benghazi scandal along with the deaths of our Ambassador, 4 of his staff, and a Navy Seal body guard, officials of the Obama White House from defense department officials, to former CIA Director Patreaus, to the President, and State Department have refused to comment when emailed and pressed for answers by Reuters, Britain’s Guardian, Der Spiegel, NY Times, World Net Daily, and other news sources.

The damning truth

We who demand justice know that acts of treason were committed by those connected with these actions going all the way up the chain of command to the Secretary of State as well as President Obama, and Americans were allowed to be murdered abroad in order to prevent incrimination. This is the grim insider’s view of our government as it now exists, co-opted by radicalism that is committed to aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood and militant jihadists thanks to the White House being deeply infiltrated by such organizations as CAIR. The remaining question will be, when will our prosecutors and Congress act faced with the undeniable evidence at hand?








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