US Political Prisoners? Apprehended By the Enemy From Within

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Joe Biden pardoned more than 2,600 violent rioters and demonstrators in his first days in office along with the unchallenged 40 executive orders he signed, one of which leaving the US southern border wide open. In embattled cities like Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and others where police substations were captured, public property burned, innocent people attacked, police blinded with lasers and pelted with Molotov cocktails, while even in Washington DC the same violence was allowed, these hostile ANTIFA and BLM thugs were released with misdemeanor charges. What happened to those who entered the Capitol Building on January 6th? Remember, not one gun was found among those who were arrested and still they never investigated who left a trailer full of Molotov cocktails at the curb. Why weren't the Trump supporters loading up on those?

Ms. Babbitt, in the second row, fourth from left, with other airmen of the 113th Wing, D.C. Air National Guard, after returning from a deployment in 2014.

The trap

The vast majority of people who demanded answers over a very questionable election and marched to the Capitol Building before President Trump had even finished his speech found a largely unguarded building. On one entrance the police opened the doors. On another a forced entry occurred by suspects who did not fit the Trump supporter crowd. One woman was shot by police with a non life threatening anti riot weapon from atop the roof and she hadn't even entered the building. Once inside most of the people were non-violent, yet Ashley Babbit, a USAF veteran was shot to death by a black DC Cop who has still not been identified! When ANTIFA protesters were Identified on camera inside still the FBI denied that they and BLM had nothing to do with the supposed insurrection.

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Thugs set free

New biased propagandist AG, Merrick Garland, defines domestic terrorists as White Supremacists anti-vaxers, Trump supporters, patriot organizations like the "Oath Keepers" and Christians as the true culprits. While ANTIFA and BLM who have caused billions in damages, injuries, and deaths in cities across the country somehow don't qualify as domestic terrorists! Do we have a failure in identifying reality here or is this just blatant political propaganda? And what happened to those arrested for trespassing into the Capitol Building? More than 60 of these people languish in worse conditions than at Guantanamo where Islamic terrorists were given special food they ordered, had soccer fields, and were allowed to pray even after killing several guards in escape attempts. But, what about our own people?

Ashli Babbitt

Punishing the victims

These patriots and Trump supporters are being denied food and medicine, being held in solitary confinement 23 to 24 hours a day, being coerced, and being aggressively re-indoctrinated with Nazi-like cruelty! Their Constitutional right to a speedy trial has been denied. They are being held indefinitely. They are being treated worse than violent demonstrators or the terrorists who killed US soldiers in the Middle East. Why? Because they dared to question a corrupt presidential election. Why? Because they are Trump supporters! Yet, when a black policemen kills a white woman in an unprovoked act his superiors hide his identity!

Tracked for life': China relentless in erasing Tiananmen - Casper, WY Oil City News

Chairman Mao would be proud!

When the National Guard were called out they were forced to sleep on garage parking lot concrete, in cold weather, many reported poorly prepared food that made them sick. When the food was checked it was found to have metal shavings and high amounts of bacteria in it. Even though President Trump had requested National Guardsmen before his speech, the DC police chief denied assistance saying her force could handle the situation yet the grounds were understaffed and the Capitol Building unsecured! I think I smell "SET UP"! We have peaceful American citizens who sought to show up in DC and meet the corrupt Congress that was denying "We the People" a fair election, and now they are political prisoners treated as badly as any in North Korea or China! What has happened to America? We don't need to worry about our foreign enemies because the enemies from within are just as bad! In typical Democrat fashion, even the military get treaated worse than dogs! Even the Communist Chinese have more respect for their troops!

Changsha Women's Prison Guards Brutally Torture Ms. Zhang Yaqin | Falun Dafa -

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Patrick C. Conway Thank you!

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