"Vaccines are not traffic lights" ~From John Rappoport's Bloq and everyone should stand behind this Doctor in San Fran RIGHT NOW!!

Vaccines are not traffic lights: new explosive CA lawsuit
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Let me boil this down.

ONE: California MD writes exemptions from vaccines for children who are his patients.

TWO: The city attorney for San Francisco issues an illegal subpoena to the MD, demanding to see all the medical records (including genetic information) of these patients.  Obviously, the city attorney plans to use this medical information as a way to punish the MD for writing "unnecessary exemptions."

THREE: The MD obtains a lawyer and sues the city attorney of San Francisco.

Attorney Richard Jaffe is representing Kenneth Stoller, MD, who is under the gun from the San Francisco City Attorney, Dennis Herrera.  Here are explosive quotes from Mr. Jaffe's press release:  

"June 4, 2019: Today, Dr. Kenneth Stoller filed a lawsuit against the San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera for abuse of power and abuse of process due to the City Attorney's illegal attempt to obtain the medical records and genetic information of Dr. Stoller's vaccine exemption patients."

"The City Attorney's subpoena is illegal under state and federal law and represents an attempt to circumvent federal and state constitutional privacy and other protective laws that prevent 'government snooping' regarding protected genetic information. There are currently no
protections in place that would prevent the city attorney from sharing patient records with other state agencies or departments or to allow for the triangulation of medical and genetic data."

"'The City Attorney and other state officials are essentially suggesting politicians should practice medicine without a license,' said Dr. Stoller's attorney Richard Jaffe...." 

"The law suit links the City Attorney's subpoena for medical records to a politically-motivated action designed to support proposed legislation SB 276, authored by State Senator Richard Pan. SB 276 would remove medical vaccine exemption decision making from physicians and place it in the hands of state or local public health officials. Under this bill, an important medical decision would be made by state or local government employees who have never met or spoken to the patient or family."

"The Stoller lawsuit alleges that City Attorney's attempt to get the medical records of Dr. Stoller's patients is arbitrary, given that recent measles outbreaks did not originate in bulk from unvaccinated school age children. Of the 38 reported measles cases reported in the San Francisco Bay area so far in 2019, 28 were in adults who contracted the disease while traveling abroad. Of the 10 children, it is likely that a significant percentage may have contracted measles symptoms from the vaccine, or got it despite being vaccinated..."

Note: Every time I write an article like this, people ask what they can do to help.  For starters, send this piece out all over the world and get people to contact San Francisco city government and demand justice in the lawsuit.

Understand that vaccination is not comparable to traffic lights, which are posted at intersections to prevent crashes.  Vaccination is a practice that has many detractors who have presented, over the years, evidence that vaccines can and do cause great harm.  During the past several years, governments and media companies have stepped up their efforts (including overt censorship) to stop rational discussion of vaccination, as if the issue is not only settled, but the persons who question vaccines are "dangers to the community."

This is always the strategy of fascists.

Their attitude is: "We want X.  We demand X.  To get X, the public will have to comply.  So let's put out wave after wave of propaganda and silence people who oppose X.  Let's say no argument against our position is possible.  Let's use our subpoena power and other powers to get our way.  Let's say that X is wonderful and helps people.  Let's say we're kind and good.  Let's say whatever we need to say, and do whatever we need to do, to SHUT OUR OPPONENTS UP."

That last part is the key.  If you think censoring free and rational discussion on a vital issue is kind and good, I have condos for sale on the dark side of the moon.

If you think issuing illegal subpoenas to obtain private information of innocent persons is right and good, I have no idea why you've read this far.

Addendum: In the quotes from defense attorney Jaffe above, you saw mention of a bill pending in the California State legislature, SB 276.  It would establish politicians/bureaucrats as the arbiters in deciding whether to grant children exemptions from vaccines.  The implication?  At the whim and fancy of these pols, the private medical records of every such child could be demanded, pored over, exposed, and then "disappeared" into the state bureaucracy of agencies. 
How do you like THAT?

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Comment by Marklar's Ghost on June 21, 2019 at 6:11pm

Sounds like an insane legal trap to me. Give me thier medical records so I can prosecute you for breaking HIPPA laws even if there is no evidence of anything else in them.

Comment by Sweettina2 on June 21, 2019 at 10:47am

Excellent article! Sharing.

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