Wakeup parallels - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Why Everyone in the Truth Movement should Watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind Again
Darrell Rowlands
September 28, 2010 
Close Encounters of the Third Kind can now be viewed in a whole new perspective today.  It can now be understood to be an allegory of the true Will.  If you have not watched this movie in quite some time, and you are now among the ever-growing Truth movement, watching Roy’s wake-up journey to the truth about the presence of extraterrestrial visitors during the course of the movie should provide some astonishing parallels to your own wake-up journey about false-flag terror, the banking scam, world government, mind control, dark occultism, and the elite bloodlines.  It provides a powerful insight into human communication.  It also sheds light on the science and the philosophy behind the elite’s propaganda and disinformation techniques that are still widely used today.  Finally it demonstrates just how determined you have to be, and what you are up against, if you dare set out on a quest for real answers in life.
The thing I want to touch on first is the propaganda techniques.   Once the elite had deciphered the precise coordinates of the location where contact was to be made – Devil’s Tower – they immediately met in secret to discuss how they were going to keep the general public away from there. This scene was especially revealing, as the arrogant, power-hungry elite always need to be the first ones to discover new information, and will never consciously allow the public to get informed ahead of them.  As warlike pragmatists, they logically viewed the prospect of widespread public awareness of the arrival of intelligent, peaceful alien visitors to be an immediate threat to their established power.  They needed a diversion, and fast; a false rumor had to be spread immediately.  They used all the techniques at their disposal.   They planted a story in the news about a train wreck which had supposedly leaked toxic nerve gas at Devil’s Tower.  To enhance the effect, knocked-out animals (appearing to be dead) were placed strategically along the sides of the roads leading there.  When Roy and Jillian arrived and encountered the government agents in the foothills, the agents even took Jillian’s pet bird away and sprayed it with gas once it was out of her sight, and then returned the unconscious bird to her, explaining that toxic gas had killed it, and that she and Roy had better don gas masks immediately.  I suddenly realized that this one false story, this solitary piece of propaganda, was actually aimed at two separate targets and served two distinct purposes.  It was a double-edged sword.  This realization was so intense that I nearly fell off my chair.  The primary target of the propaganda message was, of course, for the non-UFO witnesses.  It was to discourage them from ever venturing anywhere near such a place, and to subconsciously instruct them to regard anyone they knew who was a witness (and therefore obsessed with making artistic renderings of Devil’s Tower) as disturbed or mentally ill.   But the secondary target was the actual witnesses themselves, like Roy and Jillian, who had made the connection.  They had seen through the first wave of propaganda, and understood the televised news report to be a lie.  They realized they had been given an invitation by benign extraterrestrial beings to make contact at Devil’s Tower, and were on their way there.  So therefore the secondary purpose of the propaganda was intended to cause the witnesses upon arrival at Devil’s Tower to doubt what they had been sure of, to doubt that the air was safe to breathe, to doubt the intent of the alien visitors which they knew to be benign, and even to doubt that which they had seen with their own eyes.  It was a very powerful message and it would have been completely successful if not for Roy’s quick thinking and heroic efforts on the Army helicopter.  Roy, Jillian and one other person (Larry) were able to discern the truth, take off their gas masks, which they now knew to be unnecessary, and escape mere seconds before the helicopter took off, flying the hapless other witnesses off the mountain, off their quest, and out of the elite’s way.
The second thing I want to talk about is Roy’s estrangement from his wife, Ronnie.  Roy had undergone a significant epiphany immediately following his close encounter of the first kind.  A shining light from the visitors had changed his life.  He was very excited when he got home to his wife, but to his surprise, Ronnie was nonplussed and apathetic. Roy had seen something he could not explain, and he was now on a quest for an answer.  He took his wife to the place where he had witnessed the UFOs being chased by police, but nothing happened.  He insisted on returning the next night, but she had heard enough.  As he grew more determined to find answers, and began making sculptures of the mesa-like vision in his mind, his life began to fall apart.  He found himself fired from his job.  He tried and tried to show Ronnie and the kids what he was doing, but Ronnie was convinced that her husband had gone mad.  But Roy was not mad.  He was not under any sort of mind control.  He had not lost his grip on reality.  Quite the opposite; he simply had come to suddenly understand so much more of the picture than he was able to communicate to others around him.  He even asked, “Why do I know so much?” He meant no one any harm, even when he began appropriating nearby chicken wire and shoveling dirt into the house, and his neighbor shouted, “Whatever you’re doing, it’s illegal,” and that’s when Ronnie went into a survival-instinct mode, took the kids, and left him.  All Roy wanted was an answer. 
We are in strange times indeed, where one can join the military, go to war overseas, and be praised by millions for murdering innocent people, but if you’re on a quest for an answer, no one will be your friend!  I think back to the initial days of my own epiphany about 9/11, when I first realized it was an inside job, in the fall of 2002, after spending days without sleep, doing hours of research online, printing articles, making timelines, connecting the dots, and doing the mathematical calculations.  A much larger story than the official one began to take shape, backed by everything I found, even the laws of physics, and contradicted by nothing.  There was no way to explain it other than high treason.  The shining light of truth had changed my life.  Numerous other previous news stories suddenly began to make sense and fit together in a whole new light. 

I remember how I began to feel terribly alone, when I discovered that there was no hope of communicating what I had learned to many, if not all, of my family members and my circle of friends - I had to accept the harsh reality that they were now broken, programmed people.  The idea that I could actually do research independently and come to this conclusion on my own was absolutely inconceivable to them. My relationships with them changed, almost overnight.  I realized with grim horror that they had stopped questioning their reality long before 9/11, whereas I had questioned it constantly.  My repeated attempts to provide them with a deeper, more factual explanation of the story were neither welcomed nor appreciated.  They had heard enough.  Many viewed it as disrespect for the dead.  I knew they had embraced a very powerful lie.  I knew that they were now under a very strong hypnotic spell that they would not be waking up from any time soon.   In fact, I experienced some degree of hostility from all of them, from that point onwards.  Almost overnight, people who were once my friends were now branding me with all sorts of labels I had never been called before.  Labels such as “Anti-Semite,” “kook,” “conspiracy theorist,” “Anti-American,” “radical,” “tinfoil hat-wearing lunatic” and “far-left wacko,” just to name a few.  Some of my relatives stopped talking to me, and deleted me off their email lists.  People I knew that were once outspoken were now warning me to “be careful about what you say.”  I watched, in horror and disgust, as my neighbors flew American flags, stuck yellow-ribbon-shaped stickers on their bumpers, and cheered on the two Middle East wars that were started with 9/11 as the pretext.  I found myself utterly incapable of dissuading them from their new-found hatred and xenophobia Worse, I watched in agony as even the anti-war movement, in 2003, cowardly distanced themselves from anyone who dared bring up the issue of 9/11 truth.  I couldn't believe what was happening.  This was the key issue; this was the number one thing standing in the way of everything the big anti-war groups said they supported, and yet they were totally ignoring it.  I was an un-person, a thoughtcriminal.  For four years, things seemed utterly hopeless. 
But by 2006, with the discovery of thermate residue in the WTC dust, things finally took a turn for the better. Early 2007 saw another massive awakening with the upload of the Jane Standley BBC World video to YouTube.  There she was, on the afternoon of 9/11, reading the script, telling us about the collapse of Building 7, 20 minutes too early, with the building still standing behind her in the shot. 
As those who awakened to the presence of the benevolent ETs in Close Encounters began journeying  to Devil’s Tower, since 2006 many 9/11 truth activists like myself have come to New York every subsequent anniversary of the attacks to stand together for truth.

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