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The great water conspiracy is for real! I’ve always had my suspicions since they once filled in a local river to where I used to live, for as from then onwards and whenever there was a heavy downpour of rain, it would flood the local area as the excess water had nowhere else to flow away to, and it is the privatization of our once publicly owned “life source of water” supply companies who have created the drastic situation we now all face.

The root cause as to why many river banks are bursting and flooding is occurring more often than need be, is basically due to the sell-off of this industry in the first place

It is impractical for a predominately profit-making organisation to want to invest in a loss or break-even venture, so when the water companies were disbanded and sold off for a mere pittance, our greedy Masonic brothers who inherited this liquid gold, [Blue gold] then set about destroying the industry from within - and who is behind the grander scheme [this is going on worldwide] to deny us the right to free drinking water, though more importantly; to purposely cause or at the very least encourage flooding to occur, thus here is how we can get manmade floodings to take place.

     In the UK, having so many different water companies in as many separate regions competing with each other, they began to look at the measures of what had to be done in order to keep their shareholders happy.  Now if you’re a nightclub owner that can accommodate say 500 or so people, and your main trade is on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, then you’ll need to employ quite a few staff, bar staff, security guards, waiters, cleaners and management, which in addition, you need to be kept well stocked up, - which is expensive dead money, after all, it’s just sitting there until it’s sold.  Despite this, you still have rent, rates, insurance, services, and amenities to pay for, even on the remaining days you are closed, four out of the seven days in a week your business is closed, - yet it’s still profitable. 

     However, if you thought there was enough trade to fill your club every night of the week, it would soon become apparent when the sales figures proved otherwise, that your overheads, more wages to pay out, etc., would be far too expensive, and if you carried on much longer trading every night of the week, you’d soon be running at a loss.  Yet if you reverted back to just the main 3 nights of trading, you would once again have a profitable business, this principle in one way or another applies to most businesses, you only have to look at any major blue-chip company's take-over of a competitor, when it’s not before long they’re asset-stripping it down to the raw bone, closing depots, shops, offices, and laying off staff, etc.

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     This is what those handfuls of men, Freemason men have in mind for the water industry as a whole - nationwide and globally; rivers, lakes, and reservoirs have been sold-off and with no intention of them ever to be used again as a source of supply of water to the local areas for the consumption of drinking.  These “new breed” of water companies in the guise of global warming, want to scare us into believing there’s not enough water or rain to satisfy our thirsts, yet of course, there is, [looking at all the flooding], or should I say, was? 

    Those really interested in this subject should check out Jesse Ventura and the Great Water Conspiracy, he amazingly reveals the famous Lake Michigan, which is one of the five Great Lakes in North America and where millions of gallons are continuously being siphoned off by Chinese companies in a specially converted ship - with some dragging mile-long socks filled with fresh water and back over to China. It's illegal to put this “free” water in bottles or containers and then take it out of the country, but it’s not if it’s done the way they’re presently doing it!

Water sock - Sprag-bags

The Great Lakes Basin

He also shows how a few people are now dominating the water industry, including the Bush family; as the bottled water industry's “liquid gold” is more lucrative and profitable than oil!   Between them, they buy up acres of land, then cut off the supply of water to thousands of businesses and residents, then re-selling it straight back on to them for huge profits!

They call it "Blue Gold." Water is the new oil. Once a human right, it's now a valuable commodity, and corporations alongside the super-rich oil dynasties are believed to be buying up water rights, thus helping them control nations and their populations. Jesse Ventura looks into the possibility of these activities finding their way to American shores and uncovers what may be a plot to literally steal the Great Lakes.

     It wasn’t until some of these now private water companies decided to cut off and disconnect the main arteries of our rivers and canals, that many canals are no longer there, they have simply been siphoned off and filled in with earth and other debris, and are now either paths, walkways, or simply wasteland.

Some of these filled-in areas, and to the untrained eye are not even spottable and you would’ve never guessed that what you now could walk on as a trek was once a vibrant flowing canal, stream, or river.

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               Old Erie Canal lock - that has been filled in.

Why do these Masonic-run water companies want to deny us water?  Well, they don’t, quite, in fact, it’s the opposite, they want us to use as much water we are prepared to pay for, Smart-Meters will be installed in all houses of the future, though the main supply of water will become undrinkable, and fracking will help them achieve this goal, as the remaining water will be for domestic purposes only, all drinking water will have to be bought and purchased separately, bottled or cylinders will be your only way of getting fresh water to drink.

Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

Along with the rich who will be able to have their own private supply of fresh drinking water piped directly into their homes; those of the working classes and unemployed will have to opt for the regular mass-consumed drinking water supplied by one of the region's Masonic run water companies.

Money is one of the long-term motives as to why these so-called people are running these companies.   However, making “biblical prophecies” occur is what the Illuminati really loved to do. 

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     I urge the Australian population to see what’s been happening up in your mountains and hills, as to what rivers, reservoirs, streams, and canals have been messed around with, within these areas; check it out because I smell an old fat rat. 

Australian Floods

And the same goes for the people in Brazil because I believe this is happening all over the globe, they’re fucking with our lives, and these cunt’s will be trying to sell us our own fresh air if we don’t stop them. 

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Brazilian Mud-slides

And why you’re at it, check out and see what happened in Russia and how “they stole” the North Aral Sea. 

Formerly one of the four largest lakes in the world with an area of 68,000 square kilometers [26,300 sq mi], the Aral Sea has been steadily shrinking since the 1960s after the rivers that fed it were diverted by Soviet Union irrigation projects. 

     The disappearance of the lake was no surprise to the Soviets; they expected it to happen long before.  As early as 1964, Aleksandr Asarin at the Hydro project Institute pointed out that the lake was doomed, explaining “It was part of the five-year plans, approved by the council of ministers and the Politburo. Nobody on a lower level would dare to say a word contradicting those plans, even if it was the fate of the Aral Sea.” [3]

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Hydro project

“India captures your soul,” exclaimed Alexander Fink, director for international cooperation of the Russian Research Institute,

The Americans should be going ape shit about what’s happening in the Lake Michigan region and other parts of the US, that is of course if there are any Americans left who are not members of the Freemasons, the Rotary Club, Shriners, Odd Fellows, or the Alpha, Delta, Kappa group of Greek fraternities or one kind of club or another, which I very much doubt it, and one of the reasons why the USA is way in decline.

     And this is why I am calling on all those concerned, to help me expose what is really going on, your homes and lives are being devastated by these callous bastards.  We need to be taking nationwide [worldwide] water level accounts.  We need to monitor the true level of rain-fall in this country, - as I really don’t trust our own academics - and more so the present water companies' own figures that are open to abuse and manipulation, so as they’re able to paint whatever picture they so wish.  And to prove this point; Trent Water was fined £35 million in April 2008 for “deliberately giving false information to customers”. [1]

Severn Trent

Record fine: Severn Trent has been fined almost £36million

And even our scared National Grid was fined £8 million for “fiddling with their figures”, [2] so we seriously cannot believe these crooks currently running these industries, and another reason why they should be back in the hands of the people.

Very much like our energy supply companies and all their bullshit about when and why they have to buy their gas at wholesale prices etc., despite them making billions of pounds in profits, - as well as in other countries, we need to scour our countryside’s for evidence of rivers, canals and lakes that have been severed and completely cut-off, whereas it, or they once adjoined a stream, river, reservoir or another manmade canal.    

Image Detail

Manmade canals

Through an article in The Independent in March 2002, I heard of the Cotswold Canal. The canal was abandoned during the first half of the 20th century and is blocked in a lot of places. Restoration is now underway to reopen the canal. I visited a stretch of it near Cerney Wick during Easter 2002. On the left the remains of one of the many locks along the canal. Next to it one of several round-houses along the canal.  Below, which now looks like an ordinary country field is a filled-in canal!!  For fucks-sake I'd wish you people would wake up!! Picture of the overgrown canal near Cerney Wick
In some areas, the canal is just badly overgrown (above right), in other areas it is filled in completely (below left). A lot of work to be done to reopen this stretch of the canal...
Picture of a round house near Cerney Wick
Picture of a filled in canal

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The majority of the canals were filled in 1929 making way for the age of the automobile

In my opinion "they" are deliberately causing floods, by filling in or closing off and not dredging our rivers, so whenever there is excessive rain it has nowhere to go so will obviously flood!  It's all part of "their" plan to seize further land, driving out those who have long lived there in these regions - so as they can Frack the living daylights out of the land and without too many prying eyes and objections.  We need to examine what precious waterways have since been bulldozed and filled in just as they did in the above photograph.  Even the media seem to be convinced that either drought is the problem, [or is it unprecedented levels of rainfall?], and are willing to accept the quite often ludicrous explanations these water companies spokespersons seem to regularly come out with when trying to justify a water shortage or floods. - If the Romans were still in occupation, there would be flowing fountains in every high street! 


     I’ll rephrase that, as the Freemasons are closer to the Romans than the indigenous population, - if we adopted ancient Roman technology and know-how there’d be water gushing everywhere. 

Image Detail

Image Detail

And if it’s not a drought problem, i.e. flooding is occurring instead, and we are experiencing unprecedented downpours of rain, so floods and landslides are taking place;

Image Detail

El Salvador-Landslide

When the truth of the matter is, that these sudden heavy rainfalls, whether they be in the form of hurricanes, tornados, or monsoons, - if the original streams, rivers, canals, and reservoirs have been interfered with, then the water has nowhere else to go, and has to find an alternative way to disperse itself, thus creating flash flooding.

Image Detail


     Okay, say we are experiencing unprecedented levels of rainfall and there is so much water, or at least more than I am proclaiming there is, then why don’t the rivers and reservoirs fill up?  Well they do, yet the water companies deliberately drain them off, and in addition, millions of gallons are wasted every single day in leakages.  Look what it’s like in the middle of the summer, they love showing us on the national news and in the media in general, close-up pictures of the cracked mud beds of the reservoirs that are virtually empty, but this is because they drain them off time and time again.

     As I’ve said, by them then filling in where there was once a stream, river, or canal that once could or would have held any excess rain, - which in turn would have allowed the river levels to naturally rise, this is now obviously becoming too difficult or even impossible for the water to find a home to normally settle in, thus causing major flooding in places there is or was no need to have been flooded in the first place, and it is for these reasons heads should roll and urgent help is needed to combat these parasites who are playing with the nations and worlds future and survival. 

Digging the canals in 1904 was back-breaking work

     And whatever to truth may be, and whatever real research into the situation may reveal, there still needs to be a huge building program and scheme, and one on the same kind of scale as we would have if we were building new motorways, and so there will be enough canals, reservoirs and even dams that can cope with unprecedented levels of rain, and so we can also have an abundance of water throughout the year and drought shouldn’t need to be a problem, with the added bonus of an opportunity for clean and efficient energy with more hydroelectric water plants in place, thus giving the nation use of cheaper electricity.

Scotland's Secret Rivers 

     The BBC screened a documentary called Secret Rivers [4][now removed from the internet].  It was presented by Professor Iain Stewart which revealed how Scotland’s unique and beautiful landscape has been shaped over the centuries.  He goes on to say: As natural icons, Scotland’s rivers and lochs represent how the nation imagines itself.  However, this is far from the truth, as the only thing that happens naturally is the rain. As soon as it hits the ground, it is ours and we do with it what we will. Today there are scarcely any rivers or natural large bodies of water left untouched by human activity.  The programme goes on to show us, how Scotland’s waters became some of the most managed on earth, though this same claim can be replicated by many other countries all over the globe.  

     There are ‘secret rivers’, so secret that they weren’t even revealed in the programme, though what it did expose was a huge open gulley that snaked across the landscape and went on for miles, and then came to a sudden and abrupt end, did the rivers suddenly dry up?  No, the water was ‘stolen’, like the Aral Sea in Russia, then diverted and placed into a series of reservoirs that help feed another series of waters dams that in turn supply the hydroelectric plants that produce Scotland’s electricity. 

This has, and still is taking place all over the world and colossal water dams have and are being presently built, and water, i.e., rivers and streams are disappearing.  You might have noticed, and I’ve touched on this matter elsewhere, but where there’s huge growth in building projects and developments, there coincidentally has been wide-scale flooding and landslides, etc. also happening.

Image Detail

     Like it’s been alleged Julius Cesar let Rome burn, whilst Charles II did the same with London, as in a sense it wipes the slate clean and gives a blank canvas for all the governments' modernisers, architects and planners, etc. to work from.  In these rapidly developing economies infrastructure spending on; – public transport, roads, airports and much more relevant; water dams for their sewerage systems, and water supplies for their power grids and electricity supplies is presently exploding.  The UN forecasts that the population in urban Asia will expand by an incredible 100,000 plus people a day, putting greater strain on basic services in cities. 

Image Detail

    Presently, well over 1.5 billion people worldwide still live without electricity, and in China, two-thirds of their cities regularly experience water shortages because treatment plants and supply lines don’t function properly.  The World Bank estimates that emerging economies need to double spending on infrastructure just to keep up with economic growth.  China is to spend $100 billion on its infrastructure projects in the Western Provinces alone, whilst India has just doubled its target for infrastructure spending to $1 trillion over the next five years starting from 2012 [5]

Image Detail

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is planning to spend $400 billion on infrastructure projects in the next five years, and the list goes on and on.[6]  Even the World Bank is ploughing $55 billion into infrastructure projects worldwide over the next 2 years, and an increasing number of hedge funds and other investment companies are opening offices all over Asia or launching new infrastructure funds focused on these regions. [7]

 The above minus photographs; Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World

Buckingham Palace
The Water War Crimes
The Buck Stops Here 


The astonishing involvement of Queen Elizabeth in the Water War Crimes is revealed here.  
Canada's true Head of State does not reside in  Canada but resides in this quaint old building, Buckingham Palace, located in the heart of London, England.  

If you have a really important problem in or with Canada's Government and the Prime Minister and everyone else who is supposedly part of a "responsible government" that is acting "irresponsibly", you may wish to call upon Canada's Head of State, Her Excellency and that is exactly what Sun Belt Water did in 1998 when Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his political colleagues were "passing the buck".  For the full article see:




[3]"Aral Sea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia." Insert Name of Site in Italics. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2011 a href="">>

[4] "BBC - BBC One Programmes - a href="">>;.




Extracts from Trapped in a Masonic World eBook - 'Warning Over 18yr...

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Comment by Exposure on December 5, 2012 at 2:43pm

Cheers Peter C, good link, same to you CH, - we now have TWO water meters in our home, one registers the in-flow, the other; the waste!  It's a joke, for all nations should own their own water, not privatised companies whomare making billions in profits!!  It has to be a non-profit resource to all!!   

Comment by Christopher on December 5, 2012 at 9:23am

Great post - so much information here - great job!

Here is some other, disturbing news, on 'fracking'

Is fracking responsible for killing off an alarming number of livestock around the nation?


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