Has Phyllis Maka initiated a coup against 12160?  I am seeing some of the most absurd shit appearing here and I begin to understand this hack's concern,  http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/328978. ; I was aware when I came back to 12160 that a lot of kooks were posting here but this site appears to have really been hijacked and lost most of the old time good members.

Think I'll hang around just to see how weird this really gets.

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on April 17, 2021 at 6:29am

Ohhh... did I forget to mention I banished Phyllis Fullashit???

.... I tried to be patient...I really did, I let a lot of shit slide even in real life... I had nothing against her, didn't hate her and generally just stayed away all her doom-n-gloom, end-is-here babbling's ....but she had the same rights as all here to say what you mean & mean what you say... and hey, if I don't like a show, I'll just change the channel & not watch it. i won't try to get it removed or banned, or sabotage it ...There's more shit out there..just go elsewhere. HellzBellz, I even "Liked" a couple of her posts

This site was founded on such unalienable & natural-born rights such as free speech without fear of reprisal! Nothing here is ever edited, censored, redacted or deleted...unless of course it's spam

one of the top priority's here was to have all member's posts uncensored, unedited, not fuct with by any admin, moderator here...EVER!... and as far as I know, it's still that way here (haven't had a admin pow-wow in ages)

But after I kindly asked her to add more information (there was NONE), a link...something other than some stupid picture with no background story to it.... She flew the fak off and went ballistic with nonsensical dissing on lil ol me.... in a size 24 font for cripes sake...Sorry toots, NOBODY will disrespect me like that without repercussions honey, that's when I said enuff's enuff....

anybody got a problem with this decision, PM me or openly...I don't care, I won't have any kind of a pissy 'tude or shitty disposition. I'm a reasonable open minded person who listens to logic, not a confrontational kinda dood. Think I fuctup here???...lemme know fer cripes sake.... nuff sed,

~Have A Powerful Day! 

PS: the Decade + I've been here, this is either the 1st or 2nd person I, myself ever banned here, been so friggin long, can't remember if this is the 1st one or #2

Comment by Ragnarok on April 16, 2021 at 4:49pm

LØL, i remember this old hit piece from back in the day, always makes me laugh when reading it. Just remember desperate scavengers will always be like flies buzzing over a decaying cadaver and pulling out the old pathetic 'Nazi card' just shows it, time after time. 

Comment by Burbia on April 16, 2021 at 4:26pm

I wonder what is considered 'absurd shit' according to you? Also, how do you determine what is 'kooky'? The link is dated from 2012. Aside from that, can you list anything besides your ad hominems about the state of this website? The link you provided goes on about anti-semitism. I'm sure this lady in the following video doesn't represent the Jewish values you stand behind. 

Comment by Doc Vega on April 10, 2021 at 5:21pm

Les Prone, 

There is a lot of historic revision going on right now and it's been going on since the turn of the 20th Century with assholes trying to rewrite history to make it into a pro-socialist spin. Norman Dodd proved it and when his findings were presented to Congress under the auspices of the Reece Committee he was shouted down and interrupted 250 times! Hollywood and our socialist media delegitimized Senator Joseph McCarthy's investigations as the Russians hacked into our defense department  and stole plans for the hydrogen bomb and our crash recovery at Roswell. We have leftist professors all over the US radicalizing students with lies about American history and the war of independence. So, no I don't trust positive interviews with Hitler. It's like Eisenhower said when he ordered photos taken of the Concentration camps, " some day 50 years from now some bastard is going to say that all this never happened."

Comment by Doc Vega on April 10, 2021 at 5:14pm

Funny I never saw this profile before and I've been here a long time.

Comment by Less Prone on April 10, 2021 at 4:43am

Doc Vega,

There is plentiful propaganda about Germany from the beginning of the last century until the end of WW II. A question many asked was why did Hitler come in power as looking at all published in the west the only conclusion was that Germans were evil. That is something the rulers always say when they want war.

Theodore Fred Abel (1896-1988)

An American sociology professor collected the largest single archive of first person accounts from people who joined Hitler's National Socialist movement. The collection of men's accounts was published in 1938 in a book titled Why Hitler Came to Power. The women's accounts were set aside to publish at a later date. Those accounts were lost and then rediscovered in the archives of the Hoover Institute in Palo Alto, after which three Florida State University professors arranged to have them transcribed, translated and digitized. This collection of first person accounts from Nazis before the start of World War II are called the "Theodore Abel papers."

Why Hitler Came into Power
by Theodore Abel

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on April 10, 2021 at 4:25am

'...any Publicity is good Publicity...and Free!" ~C. Beatty

tried to contact the "hack"... that accounts CLOSED!!!

..and such a handsome fella too ;)

Comment by Doc Vega on April 9, 2021 at 10:07pm

The Nazi hatred simply lives on in many people and some of them are here on 12160. You know who the fuck you are too!

Comment by Doc Vega on April 9, 2021 at 10:00pm

Try all the Jew hatred even naming Trump as a tool of the Zionists! That's an obvious one!

"Destroying the New World Order"


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