Have you ever thought about the fact that left and  right in the USA are both relying on billionaires and government to solve all the problems? Think they will solve any, contrary to their own interests? Think the right is going to tell leftists how to live, or vice versa? Isn't it the definition of freedom to not be told how to live? It's a war that can't be won, like the War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism or the War on Poverty. Yet both sides stake their brand (and bet their, and our lives) on this insanity, with great relish.

In France, far left and far right are fighting side by side against the government / international finance / corporate (tech and other) / MIC (military/industrial complex) oligarchy. Pardon my French, but I almost came in my pants when I heard Jimmy Dore (progressive left) and Tim Pool (alt light++?) commenting on this. Infowars, of course, gets an Ignobel Award for characterizing this as "some people are trying to co-opt the protests for their own purposes".  Just what the mainstream media, especially the official Ministry of Truth, the BBC  says.

Although David Knight showed his singular insightfulness by stating our rulers "are apolitical". They will use those who represent the left and right to increase their power and collect more gold, period. It is an urgent matter of survival that the left and right stop fighting each other, and solve the goddamn problems instead. Chief among them - international finance. Like, yesterday. Even the Muslims have one good idea, an absolute ban on the lending of money for interest.

That's our overlords' best trick, getting left and right (and other) masses to fight each other, spending all their time, money and other resources on fratricidal civil and international wars, while the oligarchs glide over all (of us). That double-headed eagle in heraldry puts a point on the situation - two mouths, one pointing left, the other right, leading to the same stomach (that of our overlords).  

Most people in the left and right believe they are fighting for what is just and right. They are not reveling in supporting evil. You just can't get to the objective truth of political, economic, social and cultural issues without being eclectic. Most deliniations of the political spectrum, from far left to far right, libertarians, conservatives, liberals, etc., have a point, and until all sides realize this, we will all continue to fall down a long and painful flight of stairs towards the killing chute.

Aleksandr Dugin, Putin's "far right" advisor, said - "We have to look beyond left and right." Amen, brother! Too bad his book didn't translate very well. The way I put it into words is that the right is oft like a single-parent household with a father who lacks compassion. While the left is like a single-parent household with a mother who is too libertine. Like the right and left hemispheres of the brain, or the masculine and feminine, left and right would work best when they work TOGETHER. Emphasis on "would".

The Trump supporters who blindly and blithely support anything the man does (while selling out his base entirely), make the same mistake as ANTIFA, who idolize known slaver Tim Cook and the creepy Orwellian financier, George Soros. None of these elites give a damn whether you and your loved ones are free, or whether you die of old age. You're pieces on a game board that exist solely for their aggrandizement.

The elite would absolutely HATE it if the right and left started reaching out to each other, and found common ground. If they stopped calling each other names, and began treating each other with respect. Our overlords' mouthpieces push every day for the left to view everyone on the right as Nazis, and everyone on the left as Communists.

The right is furiously catching up to the left as to censorship, starting forums that ban and censor the far right, the left and others. While crying about their own being censored on public forums. Does no one else see the hypocrisy in this?  Although it has become a hackneyed cliche, it is nevertheless true - 

"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." - Benjamin Franklin

Or the right can join the anti-war and cop block left, and all of us in being "helpless animals in the face of the Thought Police".

Stop calling your ideological adversaries names. Human beings are hard-wired to show compassion and come to a peaceful resolution of differences, not act like chimpanzees, who resolve every conflict through threats of violence and violence itself. We've all been misinformed, and none of us knows all. We can all learn from each other. For what other reason would the concept of free speech exist?

I recognize that there will always be a chunk of any population that will be unreasonable in the extreme. Most of the Arab, Mexican and African migrants, for example. And our overlords, the oligarchs. Neither will ever negotiate with us in good faith. However, please consider - what would the Yellow Vests have accomplished had they sat at home and fought each other online? What have they accomplished, as opposed to the rest of us, because they were willing to fight side by side?

And who is this pinko hippy that's calling for peace and love between the left and right? Well, I'll tell you. For 39 years, I've been an ardent National Socialist. That is, in my case, an armband-wearing, black-shirted neo-Nazi, for our less-educated readers. A member of he SS Action Group, to be specific. Are you willing to say I can see this game, and you can't? We can always go back to fighting each other after the mortal threats are handled. If that makes you happy.

Our overlords are what I call Apex Opportunists. If we don't imitate that, and we continue using obsolete strategies and tactics, history will not even record our struggle. Improvise, adapt, overcome, or die. It really is the only way.

More to come.

Far Left and Far Right Fight Side by Side in France

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Comment by Doud Jamal on January 14, 2019 at 6:57pm

GREAT post. Very nice to find someone FULLY awake. I found it well written, and chock-full of truth and wisdom. Should be spread far & wide all over.

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