What the State of the Republic is in Right Now

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If you’re asking what the state of the Constitutional Republic is in right now, ask another question. How much more pain will the American people take? The Biden White House owned by someone else in the shadows has destroyed the country more than even Barack Obama did. As we speak hordes of illegal aliens from 156 countries are swarming the US southern border overwhelming border towns! They’ll be carrying with them diseases, embedded criminals, and fentanyl capable of killing thousands, and you ask yourself not only how could a patriotic government carry out this insanity but how can the people possible stand for this?

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Stabbed in the back

That in the last 3 years America has been under attack from within since President Trump was expelled from office, and it has gone on without resistance, or effective opposition tell you that someone else is in control, and their goal is to either throttle down the nation and let another power reign supreme or they’re out to get us all together. The fentanyl alone could be the ultimate destroyer of worlds. In tiny doses every damn product we get from the Chinese for consumer consumption could be laced with a narcotic so strong that all it takes to kill a person is what you could put on the tip of a sharpened pencil lead.

The enemy from within

America has been hung out to dry and those dictating to puppet Biden are playing for keeps. They want the power taken away from the American people in order to render the US into a mediocre yet iron fisted socialist regime with social credits, crypto token coin electronic currency that can be shut off to starve off the undesirables, and even laws now that make it illegal to transmit misinformation, but guess what, the problem is that what is considered misinformation is the truth while government propaganda is the only acceptable form of information allowed! The very fears of our founding fathers have been realized when we allowed the Constitutional Republic to slip through our hands with complacency and a trust for power hungry vermin sitting on Capitol Hill who should have been impeached and imprisoned a long time ago!


All evil needs to succeed is for good men to stand by and do nothing! America has succumbed to that awful scenario. We, as a free society, have passively allowed for the internal compromise of this nation as still too many people believe the corrupt mainstream media and brainlessly defend it! Too many people vote for the most destructive political party in US history (Democrats) and despite the obvious evidence all over the place and with plenty of sources to inform them, the sheep, the sleepwalkers, vehemently defend the lies because it’s way too difficult to admit that they’ve been duped and they have been stupid. This cognitive dissonance is a plague even worse than a medical disease because it affects a society in fatal ways and signals the end to freedom, but sadly with willing passivity.

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No civil society can survive the internal corruption of the useful idiots who find some way of rationalizing their destructive actions or are paid off thinking that when the chaos breaks out and the violnce spreads like wiidlfire that they'll be insulated from it! One of the reasons that former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenoz explained that one reason he defected was his contempt for a government that brainwashed its operatives then once the rebellion succeeded and the operatives realized they had been used, they quickly became enemies of the Soviet Union and were the first to be liquidated ! If America goes, I hope that the traitors in the juctice system, in Congress, in Hollywood, and in the media get liquidated the same way because they will have deserved it! 

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