When You Don’t Even Realize You’ve been Lobotomized

Mandatory Masking of School Children is a Bad Idea – USC Schaeffer


You’ve been through 12 years of public schools attending your independent school district. You have not been given much in the way of civics or American history. Subjects like why the 13 Colonies fought for their independence, the Bill of Rights, or American exceptionalism are frowned upon. Instead you’re constantly hammered with victimization narratives about slaves who built the nation’s capital or were owned by some of the Founding Fathers, when the US was the first country to begin the abolition of slavery and while blacks themselves owned white and black slaves on American soil.

United States of Socialism

Denial of the past

You’ve seen educators during the Obama White House who characterized our Founding Fathers who supposedly acted as domestic terrorists and murdered British public office holders, not about how the King George government violated privacy rights, property rights, heavily taxed the local workers, controlled news coverage, and conducted raids upon the colonists based upon trumped up accusations or hearsay. Not to mention forcing their inflated currency upon the colonists.

Protect Our Children: Stop the Sexualization of America's Kids | Moms for America

The rise of misinformation

By the 1970’s the idea that gender dysphoria was not a mental condition but a choice made by rational minds was emerging. Socialism was a more acceptable form of economics. That American generals who fought to save America were war criminals. That the Vietnam War was about discrimination against the Asian race. Little was ever the mention that the US Constitution was the first document ever ratified to protect the rights of the individual against abuses of the government. As a matter of fact, today much about the US Constitution and its historic significance is discouraged if mentioned at all.

Why Shaming Your Kids Isn't Effective Discipline

The unfortunate children of today

If you are a young white child coming to elementary school today you may be shamed for having white privilege. You might have to even apologize in class for being of the Caucasian race. You will be taught that consensus is more important than fact as group think must prevail. You’re heard through feminist literature that the man is no longer the master of his home or the leader of the family, and that women are the superior gender. The natural masculinity of being a man is under attack.

Tricky teacher seducing student - porn video N6924983

Sexual harassment at school?

You probably didn’t know about the infiltration of Lesbians in girls gym placements at public school and closet gay men in the boys coaching of physical fitness has made the environment more unsafe than you might have imagined. Cases of teachers seducing young males as young as Middle School age Lesbian coaches seducing teenage girls, have become shockingly routine in the public school environment, but within the last 3 years men being allowed to disrobe in front of girls in the Locker room is now protected by law in states like Illinois.

Image result for Destroy Family

Erosion of morality

The predominant idea that state funded schools actually have the right to take your children away under certain conditions involving radical ideology and that a teenage girl can even seek abortion without the permission or knowledge of her parents is now legally protected in many school districts! So, now you wonder when almost every sacred truth within the sanctity of the family and the nation has been defied by the opinion of the public classroom has the student of today not been propagandized, mesmerized, critical thinking neutralized by institutions of learning we pay with our taxes?

Image result for FBI harassment of parents that went to school board meeting

Institutional intimidation

For the concerned parent nowadays to go to a schoolboard meeting and protest the filth of pornography in the classroom and when calling for the removal of this irrelevant and disgusting material being labeled a book burning Nazi, or worse having the FBI paying a visit to your door? Not only the child but the parents are under assault from a taxpayer funded system of education that has been allowed to indoctrinate rather than educate these compliant and lobotomized voters can speak for the new generations of America.

Image result for FBI harassment of parents that went to school board meeting

The finished product of social engineering

The absence of common sense has reached much further than one can imagine. The adoption of anti-American, Godless atheism, and a morality dictated by the values of corrupt public-school guidelines has led to racism in the schools leading to violence and even rape of your young daughters on the school campus. This controlled chaos leads to the support of the most destructive political party in US history-support of the Democrats as an up and coming adult voter, lobotomized for the gratification of the left, and the decline of this nation!

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