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In the time of the Roman Empire they were described as “Burning shields in the sky” or “Chariots of fire”. In the time of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War airborne “Cigar” shaped objects were observed by common folk. In 1897 the “Great Air Ship Mystery” was witnessed from the coast of California to the shores of the Texas gulf coast and all the way to New York State. That mystery pre-dated the invention of dirigibles, blimps, and zeppelins that would later see use in World War I. According to Donald Keyhoe Major USMC retired and assistant to Charles Lindbergh reported in his book “Aliens in Space” that in a naval maritime journal a formation of 3 lights in a triangular configuration landed along side a US Navy ship as it was docked in 1903. All of these aerial anomalies predated the modern UFO era.

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Question remained

According to Edward J.. Ruppelt, USAF Captain, and first director of Project Blue Book, when he interviewed an elderly newspaper reporter for a San Francisco tabloid the same controversy debated then he had heard during the 1950’s as heated discussions over what and who these airborne visitors from the unknown really were prevailed. There have been hints as to who they were from people like Werner Von Braun, former German rocket scientist later to become head of NASA, who explained that pre-World War II the Nazis had been given information by an undisclosed source that had put them years ahead of allied aircraft technology. Werner was also quoted as saying that he did not want space to be weaponized by man. Who was he talking about?

Uncovering untold history

In the book “Brighter than a Thousand Suns” the author acknowledges that not only did the Nazis attain elliptical vehicular flight or VTOL as it is known, but that they did arm those vessels with heavy machine guns. Yet, Admiral Richard Byrd leading a task force to Antarctica under the aegis of being a scientific meteorological expedition, did in fact encounter hostile unconventional craft that not only took down US warplanes but even pummeled the aircraft carriers with some kind of unknown force or ray as they attempted to shoot them down. These were under Nazi command in 1946 a year after WWII. Upon returning to the US after the task Force Operational commander advised withdrawal, Admiral Byrd went to Congress desperately pleading for atomic weapons to take back down to the Antarctic telling them that the Nazis had aircraft capable of making global flight in a a very short duration, outclassing anything the allies had in the sky. As a matter of fact, Byrd was emphatic! Apparently his requests fell on deaf ears.

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Early wreckage?

Alleged crashes of alien type aerial vessels have been reported as early as 1897 in Aurora, Texas with a small humanoid pilot pronounced dead at the scene and witnessed by a US Army Cavalry officer. In the Missouri town of Cape Girardeau a strange craft crashed and a well known Reverend, William Huffman, said last rights over the small body of a humanoid not of this earth in 1941 predating World War II and the Pearl Harbor attack. Who are they? Where do they come from? Author, John A. Keel, whose book “The Mothman Prophecies” became a movie in 2004, had a theory. In his opinion, UFO’s have been with us since the beginning of time just as ghosts, fairies, elementals, apparitions, and other mythical entities.

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Always here?

John Keel believed that the very manifestation responsible for all these unknown entities and aerial objects were from the same central source that has co-existed with us since time in memoriam. This theory seems to be corroborated by what Philip Schneider who describes when a geological core sample tunnel dig emitted soot. When he descended down the shaft in a motorized bucket he was astonished to witness a firefight ensue between US special forces, Green Beret, and black ops personnel with underworld entities who possessed amazing weapon technology.. He was wounded in the engagement and said he would have perished had a Green Beret soldier not sent him to the surface though that soldier lost his life saving Phil. What did this experience reveal to Schneider? That evil entities living in a hellish-like environment beneath the surface of the earth have been alongside mankind for a long ,long, time. Sill! Who are they?

Still who are they?

Were they fallen angels who along with Satan, rebelled against God? Were they extraterrestrials who came here a long time ago to influence human affairs and even genetically alter the genome of Homo sapiens? According to Keel, they have been here on terra firma as long as we have, playing with us, taunting us, deceiving us, and perhaps even using us. This may only be an observation based upon insufficient data. There is another explanation.

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Unorthodox origin?

There have been a series of unexplained photos of the past showing strangers that do not seemingly belong, wearing modern type clothing and even possessing what appear to be modern devices like cell phones. Some people are convinced that Nicola Tesla with his incredible advances into electrical power and devices is a product of this unknown realm. Could these visitations simply be from the future? These unknown alien entities might just be us coming from the distant future to investigate or observe. It is said that Albert Einstein, the physicist responsible for the General Theory of Relativity at the turn of the 20th century also spawned another more terrifying theory that once he finished it he did not trust mankind with the end result so he destroyed his notes. That was the “Unified Field Theorem” that is said to be his attempt at proving not only the existence of a God created universe but also time travel!

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Ultimate explanation?

Did someone recover a copy of his work that had not been destroyed? With the rise of the security and surveillance state in 1947 where practically all scientific research was archived and considered for military protocol by the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, prelude to the modern internet. One can only guess. Just as the work of Nicola Tesla was confiscated by the FBI shortly after his death, there seems little we can trust from the powers that be once the potential for technical superiority is suspected!

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