Who says there’s been no vote fraud? Michigan poll worker with sheafs of affidavits begs to differ at bombshell hearing

Who says there’s been no vote fraud? Michigan poll worker with shea...

by: JD Heyes

Image: Who says there’s been no vote fraud? Michigan poll worker with sheafs of affidavits begs to differ at bombshell hearing

(Natural News) The louder Democrats and their pathetic cheerleaders in the media scream, ‘There is no vote fraud!’ — the more of it is revealed.

In case you missed it, President Donald Trump’s legal team, unable to get cowardly federal and state judges to do the right thing and at least look at their reams of evidence and listen to their throngs of witnesses, have been making their case directly to GOP-led state legislatures.

The strategy is simple: If they can’t get relief and satisfaction in courts of law, then the next best thing is to convince the legislatures in enough swing states to either reassign their electors to the president (because he rightfully won) or at least withhold them from Democrat rival Joe Biden, the guy who never campaigned much and stayed in his basement for months.

And that’s what Team Trump has been doing: Taking cases to legislatures.

Earlier this week, the legal team was in Michigan introducing reams of evidence and allowing witnesses to testify to what they’d seen on Election Day, in Democrat-run, deep-blue Detroit where, up to now, no one has questioned the election theft that they say has gone on there for decades.

One of the witnesses, Patty McMurry, said she saw fraud on steroids while serving as a 9-year veteran poll challenger at Detroit’s TCF Center. To begin her testimony, she showed the legislators a thick folder containing sworn affidavits — statements that were made under oath and under penalty of perjury.

“These are affidavits from Republican poll watchers or poll challengers that witnessed 

incredible events at the TCF Center,” she said.

The Epoch Times added: 

The affidavits contained multiple first-hand accounts showing the mistreatment of Republican poll workers, and violations of vote-counting procedures. 

McMurry said just when the military ballots were brought in, the poll watchers and challengers were told to take a break. The Democrat workers had food and seating provided inside the room, Republicans, on the other hand, had to go to a room upstairs.

According to McMurry the State Secretary, Jocelyn Benson, said in a radio interview that it was police who covered up the windows. But McMurry said it wasn’t the police, and accused Benson of making it up.

She then dropped some truth bombs regarding the alleged military ballots.

“Not one of the military ballots was a registered voter. And the ballots looked like they were all exactly the same Xerox copies of the ballot, they were all for Biden, across the 

board,” she testified. 

“There wasn’t a single Trump vote and none of the voters were registered. They had to manually enter the names and addresses and a birth date of 1/1/2020 which would override the system and allow them to enter non-registered voters,” she added.

McMurray went on to say that throughout Election Day, Democrat-managed poll workers used the very same method to override voters who were not in the electronic or paper poll book (meaning those counts were off, too).

She then said when a damaged ballot was then duplicated onto a new ballot, Republicans were not allowed to see what was actually being put on the new ballot — as in, the voter’s ‘choice.’ (Related: Obama, Biden and Schiff committed treason against America through c....)

A number of witnesses shared the very same testimony, by the way — but hey, there’s no fraud, right?

At the same hearing, a Democrat lawmaker asked another witness, Melissa Carone, an IT worker who contracted with Dominion Voting Systems, why more people weren’t coming forward to testify to the fraud.

Her answer was a gigantic truth bomb, not to mention an indictment of the Violence and Doxing Party, Democrats.

“I’ll tell you why; my life has been destroyed. My life has been completely destroyed because of this. I’ve lost family. I’ve lost friends. I’ve been threatened. My kids have been threatened. I’ve had to move. I’ve had to change my phone number. I’ve had to get rid of social media,” she said. 

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