Whose bidding does Michael Savage work do?

A neo-con radio duped acquaintance of mine DAILY texts me about what Michael Savage is "going off" about on his show - it's always the same 'ol anti-Obama, ISIS is a threat, we need a bigger war effort stuff...but today, he asked me; "Savage is BOTH pro-Israel and pro-Russia, I don't get it"...So, I responded(and I am asking you if you can see what I see)

"It's simple, they(Israel and Russia) have a COMMON enemy, the United States...when will you get that through your thick skull?

Alex Jones admitted the 1967 USS Liberty attack by Israel was deliberate today(about the 25:00 mark of hour #1 March 2nd); what's Savage's take on that?

Kooky bull shit?

1967 was so long ago, the Liberty attack is public knowledge now, AJ can say that and not get in trouble with his handlers...

So, one of my questions to you is WHY did Savage use 9/11 twoofer-boy Alex Jones to sell a "straight party" Republican book to Ron Paul's cult following last October, just before the mid-term election? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmtO6o4qv3E

Savage is a g**damn fraud in my eyes, always has been!

You still REFUSE to understand you're being PLAYED. 

Look...Iran...if they ever got a nuke, would NEVER use it against Israel because the result would be instantaneous annihilation(thank you Mike Rivero for stating it so succinctly)...Israel has the Hydrogen Bomb, WTF is the matter with you?....what is it that YOU, and your neo-con propagandists want? 

Do you want Israeli/Saudi control, dollar hegemony over ALL Middle East oil?  Do you THINK they're(Saudi's and Israeli's) are gonna be pro-U.S after that's done? 

Bretton Woods was a good deal for Saudi's, but, once they're done bankrupting us, they'll drop us and the dollar like a cheap whore.

Israel & Saudi's are using our military as a mercenary force against "rogue" Shia/Alawite/secular independent States, they are BANKRUPTING the United States right now by demanding we "contain" their enemies...

Do you really think the U.S. is gonna PROFIT from balkanizing the Middle East; and then, we, NATO, our Arab allies are gonna move on and squash/interfere with Russia's oil production and marketing/customer base? 

Don't GLOSS OVER what I am telling you...we don't compete with Saudi/Middle East oil producers because we THINK they're our allies; news flash, they're NOT!

We provide security, we get a good price; but again, as we keep telling you clowns, the Fed is NOT the Federal government, they are a PRIVATE bank!!!

...and...if we default to them as a nation, they don't give two sh*ts...they'll just conjure up a *new* scrip and charge us (bad credit)usury rates accordingly to use it!

Wake up, boy...Wake up!"

That's my take at present folks - Putin is in on the New World Order game, and the United States has to fall...if we common Americans don't know our government is OWNED and controlled, and, (against our best wishes) being told to WAR with everyone unto our ultimate destruction and a swallowing up into a world economic system, we are fooling ourselves.

We can no longer just bash Israel, and "defend" Russia over the lies about Ukraine - I think we'd better advance the notion that BOTH Israel & Russia(and the Saudi's) are in collusion to help take us down - and - they are ALL in a better financial condition to do so!

This is why our "representatives" need to be booted, and, this is why Alex Jones, Michael Savage, all the BIG media names playing the "liberty movement" need to likewise receive our scrutiny as they continue to push for a "political" solution.

Ron Paul said this may go from the ballot box to the ammo box!  Alex Jones and Michael Savage make strange bedfellows - there is NO common ground there at all if they are selling us "Rand in 2016" or any Republican candidates at all!

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Comment by Kelso Potsovoli on March 3, 2015 at 12:27am
Don't we KNOW it, Tom!!!

"Destroying the New World Order"



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