Why Don’t You Have a Say in How the Government Spends Your Taxes?

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Every day our federal government spends millions of dollars in interest paying back the Federal Reserve for the massive deficit spending approved by Congress for every fiscal period. There are continually calls for raising the debt ceiling and for raising income taxes as well. Not only is this an example of an out of control and financially irresponsible government, but when you sign a tax return you have waived your 5th Amendment Rights. This means should there be some kind of discrepancy and you made an honest mistake, you could go to jail for perjury! Really? Each year millions of Americans sign on the line and willingly surrender their rights.

Official Lies

So what happens to the money drained illegally from your account each and every year? Under the threat of the law, you are not only to pay taxes only required of those who live in the District of Columbia, are federal employees, or make income from a corporation. How many of us does this leave out? Why are millions of people paying taxes that they are not required to pay? Such veteran IRS agents as Sheila Peel Jackson and Joe Bannister stated that they could find no law in the IRS manual that made paying income taxes a law!

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Federal robbery

As frustrating and appalling as this all may seem, the even greater question is, what are they doing with my confiscated taxes? Why don’t I have a say in what they are doing with my taxes? For most sleep walking conformists who will comply with just about anything from wearing masks to willingly taking an untested and proven dangerous vaccine, these questions never seem to occur. One of the major problems we have in America is a largely unaware and uncaring public who refuse to pay attention to who gets elected and then what happens while they’re in office! So, why are they so shocked when such things as a possible currency collapse appears on the horizon while they’re taxes are still increasing? Are these the policies of a government who really cares? Who really defends the US Constitution they took an oath to honor?

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Evil implementation

Let’s take a look at what your confiscated taxes are used to fund. We know that more than half a billion dollars a year goes to Planned Parenthood for what they call “Women’s right to health”. How does this translate into abortion of the unborn all the way to the day of conception? How does the sale of fetal body parts for use in lab research and the MRNA vaccine sound like something you would want to finance with your hard earned money? How does the multi-million dollar gain of function research to the NIH and the Wuhan Lab in Communist China sound like something that most Americans would ever want their money used to fund?

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Shocking waste

Why would the American taxpayer want their money spent on financing transgender women in Pakistan, a hostile Middle Eastern country that hid Osama Bin Laden? Oh, but there’s more! Would you like to have your money sent to National Public Radio or PBS, a leftist leaning news broadcaster who pushes socialist policy while we are told that they are simply educators? This is one of the least ambiguous aspects of just how taxpayer’s money has been squandered. In the 1970’s a three-million-dollar project was funded in Washington DC for the study of the flight of Frisbees! Yep, you got it! How about a major defense contractor who was charging the tax payer for $70.00-dollar screw drivers called “Hand Actuated Instruments” back in the 70’s that was a lot of money and screw drivers were much cheaper then too! The American tax payers has unknowingly funded things like nerve gas experiments that subjected soldiers and sailors to unsafe levels of toxic substances used for crowd control or mass murder in warfare. Subsequently, it would be the US taxpayer again who would be funding hospital bills for these very subjects who were tested then decades later suffered from cancers and other types of illness caused by the experiments once the VA was forced to compensate these afflicted personnel.

Danger to our lives

Let’s go further and recall how US tax dollars went into funding the “Atomic Soldiers” who were ordered to march onto “Ground Zero” after taking cover under their ponchos in trenches, then once a nuclear device had been detonated they would move out and walk toward red hot molten ground where the explosion was just settling. The fallout at this range ensured that these fighting men would soon be suffering the effects of radiation sickness and even death as time passed. Whose money would be spent treating these unfortunate young men? You guessed it! The taxpayer, unconsulted, unconsented, and uninformed about hos his or her taxes had been used. Let’s not even get into the public exposure to aerosol LSD experiments conducted by the CIA in places like San Francisco Bay or train stations where passengers awaited boarding instructions.

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Preposterous funding

Today your ill-gotten tax dollars may be spent on some Democrat appropriated project like transgender social acceptance, how to get children interested in the homosexual life style as a public school elective course, or maybe the proper use of sex toys for elementary aged children in our independent school districts! And you wonder why your teenage daughter got pregnant? Why she doesn’t even have to inform you that she discreetly visited a Planned Parenthood clinic for a quick and easy Dilation and Curettage (D&C) for short. At that wonderful neighborhood Planned Parenthood, taxpayer funded, that can’t even pass state health inspections, and hides the emergency ER visits for botched procedures that had cost some women their lives. Oh, your wonderful federal government even funds the opposition and protests to Christian mobile units and offices who offer free ultrasound to unwed mothers so they can see their baby inside of them accounting for 80% who decide against abortion afterward.

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And all for what?

Let’s examine again. Your illegally confiscated income tax that was never ratified by the 16th Amendment during a recess session on Christmas eve has led to such an economic burden among the working class that both parents have to work in order to make ends meet. This created a whole new generation of “Latch Key” kids who went without having a mother in the home to take care of them after school. Leftist women’s rights groups saw to it that more government tax could be extracted from the populace by shaming women who chose to stay at home and be a responsible parent rather than competing with men at the workplace just for the sake of some social engineering ideology. Taxation has altered society not for the better. In the 60’s as LBJ’s “War on Poverty” created trillions in taxpayer funded debt, it also created a welfare dependent social class unwilling to work, funded by, you guessed it, the taxpayer! In all this was the public ever polled or consulted over the way income taxes would be spent, or shall I say squandered? Just as in the botched withdrawal out of Afghanistan, were Americans asked if they would approve of abandoning an ally and leaving 83 billion dollars in tax funded high tech weapons? No sir!

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Comment by Doc Vega on October 30, 2021 at 4:56pm

Chris of the Family Masters They're not my taxes either.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on October 30, 2021 at 4:44pm

Because what you call "your taxes" are interest payments to the bunch of international banksters.

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