I thought we Lived in a Constitutional Republic and no One Man Could Be King

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It all began shortly after January sixth and the inauguration of one Joe Biden, who many feel is an illegitimate president due to massive voter fraud which is being proven as we speak. Within days of his Oval Office occupancy, in an undisclosed location made to look like the Washington DC address, Biden began signing a series of Executive Orders numbering at least 40 such documents. In these orders which could never have been drafted by the gaffe driven dementia ridden Joe Biden, every beneficial passage of legislation signed into law by President Trump was deliberately rescinded by Joe (where are my car keys?) Biden.

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A long way down

In a few days, America went from being the world’s leading producer of energy thanks to the Keystone Pipeline, to the Joe Biden White House having to beg the Saudis for more production as OPEC was now given the go ahead to strip the US of its independence once again and rape the American consumer for not only the cost of fuel, but for the increase in all retail products  due to the added expense of transportation to get that product to market! All thanks to one man, Joe Biden.

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In one fell swoop of his trembling penmanship, Joe Biden stopped all southern border construction of the border wall, along with the enforcement of immigration policy so that more than a million illegal aliens from 150 worldwide countries have come across our border, have been housed and fed, and have been transported via taxpayer dollars all across the nation to the town of their choice while Americans endure the Covid lockdowns, losing their jobs, and being forced to wear masks and take a controversial injection that neither imparts immunity while others die of the corona virus even after taking the vaccine.

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Faux plague

Yet, these millions of illegal aliens were not even tested or required to wear masks or take the potentially dangerous MRNA vax. What’s wrong with this picture? Could it be that the Covid vaccine is s complete joke? That there is a sinister plan to eviscerate all Americans while illegal aliens replace them? That due to the massive influx of illegal aliens who know nothing of freedom or capitalism will be beholden to Democrats who allowed them to walk in and therefore vote for those who granted them unconstitutional residency and turn red states like Texas blue ensuring Democrat rule for decades to come? It would certainly appear that way!

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Intentional sabotage

The blundering and useless politician of 47 years continued signing bills to spend trillions of dollars that would destabilize the US dollar and bankrupt the United States under the aegis of infrastructure and “The New Green Deal”. Without as much as one bit of solid economic reasoning, Joe Biden, and the Democrats propose to create a siege against US currency and the cost of living and throw America into a crisis it has not seen since the concocted likes of the Great Depression! All thanks to one man-Joe Biden, a driveling shadow of a once loud mouthed and self-righteous tyrant of Democrat rank. I thought we had a government with checks and balances and branches of separate powers so that we did not have kings who had the power to destroy America either out of insanity or mal intent? I guess I was sorely mistaken!

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No reason to withdraw

America was invested in Afghanistan. We knew it would take years before the country was unified enough as one nation rather than a bunch of individual provinces that would finally unite under one flag. For 18 months not one US soldier had been shot or wounded. We had a strategic location with a border with China and a powerful Bagram Air Base from which to deploy air superiority! Not only this, but there are precious minerals that can be mined for the electronics and metal industry to be had there. There were thousands of Americans who made a living supporting the local economy or working for the American military as civilian contractors.

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Blood on his hands

Yet, for the one bungling fool that our corrupt media continues to protect and shield from serious questions as they did with Obama, orders were given overnight to abandon Afghanistan! Shut off power to Bagram and without alerting our allied troops, and disappear at midnight! Leaving the US military dangerously exposed in the middle of a town full of angry dwellers, embedded suicide bombers, and our buddies, the Taliban. So, thanks to one man, Americans are left behind, we pay off the Taliban in millions of US dollars, and also leave 83 billion in high tech weaponry that our enemies will back engineer and use against us! Just because of one man! Is this a nightmare penned by some mentally disturbed novelist or is this present day America?

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Obama 2.0

I cannot make this point clear enough that America was not merely blindsided by a single fool who just happened to be terribly incorrect about his take on policy. No friends, this was a planned takeover of the United States by a well-organized staff of radical Democrat handlers using Biden as a scape goat for the wrath of the voters while they plunder what is left of our country with deliberately destructive legislation designed to punish the American people, and undermine US economic and military prestige in the world just as Obama said in many of his speeches where he found the US at fault as a world leader disadvantaging third world countries.

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If our allies don’t trust us

Biden and those in the shadows behind him after a stolen election are perpetrating the biggest deception ever unveiled against the American people since the Revenue Act of !913 when the European Central Bank was resurrected under the new label, the Federal Reserve. Where one man has been acting as king, he is only part of a legion of saboteurs committed to taking down America with the help of billions in Communist Chinese capital and doing the bidding of a hostile regime that seeks to subjugate not only America, but the world! And, they appear to be getting away with it! Yes, the mainstream media has been asking some uncomfortable questions and even some Democrats have resisted, realizing that destruction of the only beacon of freedom left in the world will not serve their purposes very well.

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This wasn’t supposed to happen

In the beginning of the Republic after the War of Independence had been won, the Continental Congress wanted to anoint general George Washington as king, but he refused. Like his colleagues such as Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson only a Constitutional Republic with limited powers could serve the people, and even with that as Alexander Hamilton pointed out, at times there would have to be a bloody purge to get rid of the profiteers. Finally, Washington, who simply wanted to go home to Martha and run his own agricultural enterprises, accepted the election by vote of President. The Electoral College was also established to give voters in every region whether densely populated or not, representation, something Democrats and the left have railed against for decades. Yet, somehow, the tyranny of a single man has left a shadow upon our nation again!

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