Why Is It That All Master Planning Ends in Depopulation?

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In the Bible God instructed man to have dominion over the earth and all its animals and to go forth and multiply. Unfortunately, in our present distorted world we have self-styled experts such as billionaires with Marxist aspirations who think they have the right to decide the ultimate outcome for billions of people on this planet. The misguided vision of such people as Bill Gates, who believe that social engineering is somehow justified because they are the self-appointed master race, or the elite whose intellectual vision supersedes the rights of the masses.

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We have seen in history over and over again those self-deluded individuals who conveniently overlook the liberty and free choice, an inalienable right defined by our Forefathers in the US Constitution that can be cast aside for the ulterior motive of genocide or depopulation of the world under the aegis of climate change, sustainable development, health of the planet, agenda 21, or any other conceived notion of long range planning that supposedly prolongs man’s chances of future survival. By somehow reversing the effects on the earth of man’s footprint and restoring large portions of the topography to a pristine wilderness where humans are not allowed to venture-a rewilding scheme that preserves the original condition of the planet before the arrival of mankind, when this simply eliminates land for human habitation. Once again, just another way of pushing the need of people aside for some vague theory.

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Motis operandi

These reoccurring plans of insanity will ultimately arrive at depopulation in one form or another whether being carried out in a covert or out in the open government implemented type of coercion such as Planned Parenthood being used to abort the undesirables, genocide, such as Hitler’s attempts at annihilation of the Jews, the elimination of those who will not knuckle under to Communism which has cost some 100 million lives under people like Stalin, Mao Zedong, or Castro. History speaks volumes through its bloody pages of elite psychopaths who brainwash the peasants into accepting government control in exchange for the crumbs offered by big government just as the present Democrats advocate today.

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Breadcrumbs of oppression

Why does the mythology of socialism and Communism, continue to fascinate the ignorant who are too squeamish to be self-sufficient, too indoctrinated by America hating professors and educators with mind control agendas? Although such dogma has been dug up out of the mud of evil intentions for the last two centuries, and history has proven that collectivism is not the answer to the preservation of a civil society, still the evil persists. As many have stated Communism, statism, Marxism, and socialism are nothing more than institutionalized criminal empires disguised as a regime.

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Negative programming

As we now know due to the division within America, we have generations denied the exceptionalism of American independence who have been suckled on the lies of socialist doctrine. What happens when a child grows up going to a government run school funded by the taxpayer who has been taught that he should hate his own country? When he was not exposed to the brilliance of freedom of the individual to pursue his own happiness and how this will spawn creativity, inventiveness, and independence? These very qualities that made America a beacon of liberty and opportunity somehow purged from the modern day classroom. A new generation emerges devoid of how the landing at Normandy on D-Day was a crucial date in history. Unaware of why the War of Independence was fought against the King George monarchy of England over such issues as taxation without representation, we have non-critical thinking minds incapable of learning the lessons of history. Big government preys upon those gullible enough to allow it to take the place of God over the will of the people.

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Recipe for disaster

Acceptance of the unacceptable becomes the new reality of the blind who lack the will to stand up for themselves wanting big government to be the provider, the guardian, their protector as taxes become debilitating, as regulations suffocate individual rights, as false narratives cause division, and as the rule of law transforms into a form of looming punishment for those who think independently and can shed the falsehood of conformity! Ask yourself why Afghans would rather grab hold of an aircraft carrying those being rescued from a brutal regime and die falling hundreds of feet to their deaths than suffer under the tyranny of terrorism? Do our young people on the campus of college or high school even understand?

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Indoctrination not education

Why would desperate peasants dare run the gauntlet of barbed wire, mine fields, and machine gun nests just to get past the border between Eastern and Western Germany? Is this question ever posed to our “Snowflake” young adults indoctrinated by their entrenched ideologue teachers and professors who would rather teach elementary aged children how to use condoms, or that gender is not a matter of biological fact, but simply a state of mind? Just as the US Marine Commander at Wake Island reported as his outnumbered command faced aerial bombings, amphibious assaults, and isolation in 1941, “Situation in doubt.” So is the situation of America’s Constitutional Republic in the face of a fraudulent outcome election and an illegitimate and incompetent president making outlandishly botched decisions, America exists in doubtful status.

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Have you wondered how a reasoning adult can be manipulated into taking a shot made from an experimental drug that is being exposed as a killer that causes worse symptoms than the disease itself when they have a 99.5% chance of surviving the illness anyway? It’s called conditioning. What the authorities propose are in hopes of getting the unthinking conformity of the masses with fear mongering, vague reasoning, media support, and finally the mandatory implementation of a deadly medical procedure, a prime example of what is happening today. Vaccines convey immunity, but the Covid 19 shot fails in every respect, but still the puppet master convinces the sheep to voluntarily submit to their own doom! Thousands perhaps millions will pay for their meek compliance with their lives.

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Comment by Doc Vega on August 29, 2021 at 2:53pm

Old Slow Hand always perfecting his unique tone and improvisation. This guy has an abundance of work that is stunning. I still like his work in Wheels of Fire. Thanks Steve,

Comment by steve on August 29, 2021 at 11:35am

"Destroying the New World Order"



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