The Media War on Trump

They say he gets unfair media exposure over other GOP candidates. They say he is a carnival barker. They say Donald Trump is a symptom of the people's disenchantment with the White House establishment! They say that is a threat to the Republican Party. They say if he wins the nomination he can't beat Hillary! To read all these anti-Trump narratives you would think they were talking about a low percentage poll candidate or some spoiler who could lose the presidential race for his party, but they rarely mention that Donald Trump is ahead in just about all major polls across the nation with a two digit lead! The most recent Monmouth Poll shows Trump with 41.7% of the GOP vote.

Corrupt opposition

It is reported that the Republican establishment will try to stop Donald Trump with a brokered convention. The GOP had actually raised 24 million in a pac that would have dedicated itself to attacking Trump with advertisement ads! A man worth 10 billion dollars with an astonishing career in real estate development and a TV celebrity by virtue of a show he created finds himself the only answer to a DC establishment that no matter whether it is the Democrats or Republicans they are not listening to the voice of the people. The abortions continue to be funded by taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood even after the film evidence proves they were breaking the law, the IRS continues to target conservatives, the borders still remained unguarded, nationalized health care continues to spiral out of control, and the Obama administration still keeps spending on record deficits!

Deaf to their constituents

Sure the American people feel that their voices are not being heard. Sure those who are informed can identify the obvious lies being perpetrated by the White House. Yet, even with the rare occasion of the US media actually exercising their free press duties, even when the White House is exposed, even when President Obama continues to lie to the public there are no prosecutions, there are no repercussions, and the corruption continues at a blatant pace! Does anyone still wonder just why Donald Trump is demonized by the federal government by such leaders as Paul Ryan, President Obama, and others? Is this because they cannot find anything to pin on him such as illegal activity they can blackmail him over? Could it be because he is a self made man who has not depended on ties with Washington to compile his wealth unlike Warren Buffet, who regularly goes to court against the IRS while telling people they'll have to pay more tax?

Media sabotage

What makes Donald Trump such a threat that even Britt Hume and Bob Wills at Fox News take pot shots at " The Donald"? It seems that even Fox News would prefer Hillary win rather than have Trump buck the establishment! One can scan the Internet and see a plethora of articles all designed to steer public opinion against Donald Trump, yet each time they attack his numbers just go up! The establishment GOP can't wait for Trump to stumble. The Karl Roves of the world want another loser establishment puppet against Hillary so that Washington's single party system can continue to churn our destructive big government policy while vilifying the opposite party as being responsible. Yet, something's different and a new sheriff's in town! he can't be bought. He can't be intimidated. He can't be blackmailed. He doesn't need to line his pockets.

Fear of truth

What scares them the most about Donald Trump is that he is a reformer. He speaks about issues like illegal immigration, unchecked flood of unvetted refugees into the US, and the Obama White House's refusal to implement effect fiscal policy! That scares the hell out of the Washington establishment the go along get along mutual admiration society of sold out Senators, Congressman, judges, and regulators who have forgotten what their job was, and that was to serve the people! Instead they have made a government that perpetuates itself as the people suffer. It will take someone like Donald Trump or perhaps Ted Cruz who will cut through the propaganda and false accusations by leftist pundits to begin another Reagan revolution. As the fools responsible for sending America into a nose dive try everything they can to derail the looming threat to their corrupt paradise. Pray that they will!

Could it be that Donald Trump gets more air time in the media because his competitors have nothing to say, no solutions, nothing but rhetoric, just the perpetuation of the very system that got America into its drastic decline in the first place?

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on December 25, 2015 at 5:46pm

...and America's attention span of a goldfish ;-}

Comment by Doc Vega on December 25, 2015 at 4:41pm

remember Bush inherited Bill Clinton's intelligence services shortly after his inauguration. In 1993 Clinton was notified by Sudan that they had Bin Laden in custody. Clinton said to let him go. Remember it was Hillary and Eric Holder who got the defendants released from the 1st Twin Towers attack in 1993! And people are stupid enough to support Hillary the Witch again? The problem in this country is not only the government but the electorate!

Comment by Doc Vega on December 25, 2015 at 4:38pm

ask yourself when you want to blame Bush, did Benghazi happen on his watch leading to 20 US Consulates being destroyed without one retaliation and still the same president was re-elected again, under Bush we had the Middle East on the run and ISIS was not over here on our soil! I would have loved to see Al Gore and Obama shitting on themselves had 9-11 happened on their watch!

Comment by Burbia on December 19, 2015 at 6:27am
Well, he says he is a Presbyteryian. His favorite book is the bible. That doesn't follow the Muslim agenda being pushed by the elite right now. He is also a strong patriarch regardless that he has had several wives over the span of his lifetime. Accolades from Putin isn't making him palatable for the elites agenda.
Comment by Central Scrutinizer on December 18, 2015 at 7:18pm

I don't think nobody's gonna be a voting 326 days from now ;)

Comment by Doc Vega on December 18, 2015 at 5:44pm

Well people I will say this. They will try through lies, voter fraud, media propaganda, and denial of the truth to get the Hillary Witch elected and she doesn't get stopped it will be a disaster for America!

Comment by Doc Vega on December 18, 2015 at 12:54pm

sad but true. The federal government is now controlled by globalists and radical Islamist influence. To them the US Constitution is nothing but an obstacle!

Comment by Anti Everything on December 18, 2015 at 12:53pm

I was reading a Marketwatch page explaining why Hillary needs to beat Cruz, Rubio, and the "huckster Trump" "who have more baggage the Kim Kardashian..."  to win the Presidential office of Corruption. This web site is clearly a main stream operation as they somehow know she can (will)win, but do they have to be so obvious. I pity people that still vote for crime lords to tell them how to act/live/be in a 'free country' while charging them for services never realized.

If you have time to waste:

Comment by Mark Olander on December 18, 2015 at 11:59am

Well Doc, you've knocked it out of the park again!

In my estimation, if Trump is somehow derailed and does not become our next president we will be put on Hillary Clinton's fast track to George H. W. Bushes' vision of the NWO which means of course a one world governance through the UN.

Guns will be banned absolutely and confiscated by UN and even US troops, and all transactions will be closely monitored through chips implanted in all human beings who wish to buy, trade, or sell.

The fact that the mainstream media still controls the minds of the majority of American voters, astounds and infuriates me.  

"Destroying the New World Order"


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