Why wasn't INFOWARS on the ground in Baltimore Monday night?

just have to ask....if Alex Jones KNOWS...cuz he had been telling us for 6 years now that he KNOWS, Obama-this, Obama-that, 9/11 scale race riots, 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention scale, martial law and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, communist takeover is coming(in his over-the-top rhetoric, peppered with excessive and incessant qualifiers and adjectives to pass along the CYA mantra that he is NOT a racist, yet all for the legal multiculturalism); why were his reporters who were on the ground in Ferguson NOT on the ground in Baltimore over the weekend???

I really have to know....did Soros not send him a check beforehand? Is he hurting for money? If it's all staged, amalgamated with FBI and CIA provocateurs deliberately, surely he would have had enough sense to be there BEFORE Russia Today for Monday night's events!

Remember, I am a media watcher...I know we're all being played STILL, even by the so called "independent/alternative" media...I just want newcomers to stay alert, and not put their emotions ahead of certain observations...

(The first hour) of his show sucked today in my opinion, primarily because he didn't have reporters there last night, or over the weekend; but he knew the build up was happening and the flames were being fanned!(the conversation with Max Keiser, and the news that Max Keiser was approached and offered a substantial amount of cash to stage a defection from RT was fascinating...but...my distrust of AJ remains, because of his sucking up to a Michael Savage, and Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, and the mainstream Judeo-Christian worldview deception he helps to perpetuate; and that beast alone is enemy #1 to Liberty and free speech in its marriage to this corrupt government and subservience to the terrorist state of Israel).

What do you guys think? Why did he miss this one?

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Comment by Kelso Potsovoli on April 28, 2015 at 6:45pm
Is that how we battle those who deliberately derail the awakening that has happened in this country? I'm sorry, I didn't know Alex Jones bought this forum too...

I don't have the money, or fame to play his game...
Comment by Citizen Quasar on April 28, 2015 at 6:37pm

I think YOU should have been on the ground in Baltimore covering the story. OIC: YOU just want to whine and moan about what you think other people should do. Your lack of personal motivation, except for your condemning other people for not doing what you want them to do in your stead, is duly noted.

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