Another Victim Boy 4 Stops Breathing After H1N1 Vaccine

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Kevin, 4 years, got a shot against the flu - stopped breathing
Last Wednesday was Kevin, 4, a syringe against swine flu.

Two days later he fell into a coma and stopped breathing.
- I was quite sure he was dead, "said Mamma Mia Brolin.

Kevin sat with his father at a cafe in Upplands Väsby center, north of Stockholm. It was Friday afternoon.
Kevin suddenly began to shake. His body was bent backward into convulsions and her eyes rolled upward so that only the whites of the eyes appeared.

Papa and Mia are separated, but she was nearby, and a common friend ran to fetch her. "Mia came quickly. Kevin is really bad. "
"Be completely white"

Arrived at the cafe had a crowd gathered around four year old.
- He was completely white on the lips. I've never seen a man so white. I raised him in my arms and he was completely lealös. My only thought was: "He is dead. He lives no more, "says Mia Brolin.

Kevin breathed not.
Two nurses happened to be in place and instructed her in the mouth to mouth resuscitation. Mia, who is heavily pregnant, had contractions during resuscitation attempts.

- I gave him the air while people around to call an ambulance. I had no sense of time. But after a while the color came back to her lips. He opened his eyes.
Afraid of needles

At home in the townhouse kitchen sits Mia with her partner Dennis Karlsson, father of the child in the stomach and extraordinary father to Kevin.
- It is still shaking, "said Dennis, who managed to get to the mall from work - before the ambulance.

During transportation to the hospital Kevin was most afraid of one thing:
- Mom, I do not want a syringe.

Arrive at Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital in Solna, he was examined by two doctors.

- They said: "This is due to the vaccine. It's the only explanation we can find, "says Dennis Karlsson.
Could have happened earlier
The doctors also stated, according to him, that Kevin is not unique:
- He is the second case today. It was also before a child who came in because of the vaccine.

Professor Jan Liliemark at the MPA did not go in to Kevin's case. But he expects to know more about the event:

- There will probably be a report on this to us on Monday.
Have you heard about something
similar cases?
- No. Child can end up in a coma for various reasons. It may be related to vaccination, but it may also be other things behind. This get you investigate.

Mia and Dennis was persuaded by the children's clinic to vaccinate Kevin.

- We did not know that something like this could happen, "says Mia Brolin.
"Want people to know"
She is clear about why they choose to tell.

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Comment by Dorcas on November 9, 2009 at 10:16am
When I think back to my kids being vaccinated as babies (which had i known then what I know now would not have taken place) I remember them crying before the needle even touched them, and I think well it couldn't hurt that much, really, and as babies what did they know to fear a needle. They were infants. Now, I truly believe it was an innate response, the Holy Spirit inside them crying out NO. I wish I would have listened to their wordless pleas! It makes me very sad to hear this boy's story and to think that I ignored my children's cries.

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