California police open fire on men,women and children.

ANAHEIM, Calif. - A police shooting that left a man dead led to a violent clash as angry witness threw bottles at officers who responded with tear gas
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Comment by Steve Johnson on July 24, 2012 at 8:12am

New eyewitness footage shows Victim was restrained, handcuffed, and THEN shot in the back of the head in cold blood. Executed Anaheim style. 

THIS might explain why the locals had come out to demand answers ...

2 Phone camera eyewitness videos here:

AnaheimWatch - YouTube

Comment by Ragnarok on July 23, 2012 at 3:54pm

Wheres the men at here?............................. Bean bagging and paint balling women and small children are'nt very manly.! Wheres the resistance.?

Comment by Eric Price on July 23, 2012 at 3:53pm

Anyone read "The Perestroika Deception" by Anatoliy Golitsyn, the highest level KGB operative to ever defect to the west? How about "Through the Eyes of the Enemy" by Colonel Lunev, the highest level GRU operative to ever defect? With Russian Spetsnaz troops currently training in large numbers at Ft.Collins Colorado, their warnings are ringing sharply in my ears as I ponder all that is going on right now. Please see this blog I just posted

Comment by Eric Price on July 23, 2012 at 3:44pm

See JPFO's stats on the genocidal history of Gun Control at They have a chart that shows the whole history, world wide. This is from a thought provoking book titled "Death By Gun Control"  I live in Canada (I'm a duel citizen so keep abreast of US issues). In Canada, you can be criminally charged if you shoot someone who breaks into your house.... same in UK. It should NOT be this way!!! If I had been in that theater in Colorado, and if it had not been a "Gun Free Zone" I could have defended everyone by shooting the shooter. See the blog I just posted re the need to pass Senator Moran's bill The Second Amendment Sovereignty Act of 2012  This opposes the UN Small Arms Treaty and it needs much more support!

Comment by Jim Braun on July 23, 2012 at 12:35pm

This is how it starts. Mostly no one in here want to see that. An internal conflict here would make Syria look like a walk in the park. The word here might be horrible.

Comment by Steve Johnson on July 23, 2012 at 9:19am

Perhaps a civil war is their ultimate agenda.  Destruction of the USA as a cohesive nation would be accomplished by tearing at its moral fabric.  Exactly in this manner.

Comment by Jim Braun on July 23, 2012 at 8:44am

Really is so nice to see so many with open eye's. Seeing through all the smoke and mirrors the gov. is putting put. I just wish there were million's more like minded people. The zionist have a long history of killing and rigging. So now we are here with them. Does civil war in the US sound familiar?

Comment by Jim Braun on July 23, 2012 at 8:30am

What you say is so true. This happen's way to often. A policeman,in plain clothes, pulled his gun and got shot by one of his own. the reason was they were having a B-B-Q at a stadium in Orlando. Orlando police are quick to gun down anyone, I have been harrassed myself just driving down the street because I came from an area that is known for drug,and prostitution. He told me they have that area under survelance. I told him,It's been that way for more than 25 years.Why haven't you done something back then?

Comment by Steve Johnson on July 23, 2012 at 6:06am

Yah ... I've been busy with websites... making videos and speaking engagements online in virtual chat forums as much as possible about these very important topics.  We are fast reaching a pinnacle point, a pivotal time in history so clarity on subject matter is vital to understanding the bigger picture as we approach the karmic turning point in babylons demise. A time I see when the 100th monkey syndrome kicks in and the collective consciousness of the masses will overtake their propaganda and the subtextual influences of the NEWSPEAK industry become impotent and infertile.

The re-writing of history most certainly has ALREADY begun in the younger generations. I have 2 kids aged 11+ 12 and they frighten their teachers at public school by questioning the status quo of nonsense and hype they are being fed in current events. Curiously roughly half in their class at their age also concur.

Curiously many of the teachers ALREADY know that what they teach is slightly skewed from reality and however remain compliant due to career-fear. However I see that they have royally screwed up by allowing full blown access in real time to all internet functions for all people for too long. The cat is now out of the bag and their agenda has been absolutely cover-blown. *(They thought they were clever in encompassing total access to everything people look for and search for, but in allowing this open access they let pandora OUT of the box.) DARPA in its rush to access everything they could about us let the gates open of the sheeple pens and many switched on souls can now see the fences for the trees.

Despite paying off all the educated idiot professionals and talking heads to assure us Al Qaeda exists, the war on TERRA (sic) is for freedom and Democracy *koff* ... Information is NOW far too widespread and the filters long not in place to ever capture the genie and shove it back in the bottle.

In so far as much as the future of the continental United Zionist occupied Snakes of Amerikka.... I did interview a fellow researcher and Aerospace engineer about this approx. a year ago in an interview titled : USA collapse is Imminent. In my vids section on Y-tube about halfway down the page:

The Chinese govt will be subservient as much as they are allowed to be for financial reasons... but when finances are no longer an issue for CHINA, I do see the Eastern bloc union in a predominate position to regain the resources now claimed by zionist NATO occupying forces worldwide.  We are certainly in for an interesting ride. I hope this makes sense answers your question somewhat...

The predictions of the Chinese rise of hegemonic power is covered in this AMAZING predictive video from False Flag news from 2007:

I certainly hope I answered your questions in my long winded response.

Comment by Steve Johnson on July 23, 2012 at 3:18am

@ Dear Amy... Absolutely Nuremberg trials were an Anglo-Zionist staged event show trial to deflect many western crimes by demonizing a select few while assisting a secret program to smuggle the worst into the CIA.

I refer however to the "excuses" used by those charged... They didnt wash then and they wont wash for these officers in California today!

"Destroying the New World Order"



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