RT CrossTalk: CrossTalk: Russia-West split 8 Jul, 2022

The West’s Ukraine proxy war against Russia is turning out to be a historical watershed. Russia’s 300-year relationship with the West is rapidly coming to an...

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Comment by cheeki kea on July 9, 2022 at 12:32pm

You're right LP China and Russia along with friendly countries in South America and India combined have vast resources needed by the world which will soon be hard to get. The west will become isolated in their self made misery and will need to get by on the stuff they can produce themselves and that will become lean and mean. Meanwhile China starts up interests on the unfriendly's door step. eg China is setting up commercial interests and big partnerships in the South Pacific just 10 hours (by car ferry) away from American Samoa and nobodies even noticed. A commenter on social media even said Russia could grant China access to the Arctic circle even though their nearest point is 100s of km away from the resource laden areas of the arctic ice and sea. We will all be at their mercy if this war rubbish does not end soon. 

Comment by Less Prone on July 9, 2022 at 11:56am

The energy crises in Europe, commodity and electronics crises for the industry and food crises, will force the corrupt western leaders into resigning (which they will not do) or inventing another distraction. But the chest of distractions is consumed, who will take one more pandemic seriously. The remaining option is more war and with China increasing the rhetoric over Taiwan, the third world war.

Comment by cheeki kea on July 9, 2022 at 10:47am

He's right it is a West proxy war against (Russia) a friendly nation Outside of War then if we are Now to suddenly believe This is Russias War!  but...our people and other foreign fighters from the west have been sent and.. All that Money and military aid so freely given to Nazis in Ukraine from unfriendly countries like NZ in an outpouring of undying love. Has anyone noticed MSM has been Silent recently on this unprovoked 'war' of western bullshit and says Suddenly it's Russias war. I am convinced they know they have stuffed up good and proper. My crime minister felt need to reiterate that we are still (?) a neutral country and maintain "truely independent foreign policy" in a world "that's bloody messy" when we all know it's a load of crap.- going by Actions already taken in knee jerk reactions. Our Govt was Warned by their Own People no less to Not take the country into a war without public consultation. And now it is too late. but..but..this is russias war everyone. I think our red witch needs to apologise to Mr Zuev the Russian Ambassador for the shit he's received and the lies coming out of her wasps nest if she truely wants to backtrack on some of her stance but I don't think the country will ever regain the 'neutral' respect it once had. 

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