It's not over yet!! 12:12 just gone midday here in UK. I've given everything away!! Handed over the keys to my house and car to a complete stranger, my last penny to someone whom didn't seem to need it, well that's what I told him anyway! Took the shirt of my back and gave it along with my trousers to some old chap who only a pair of shorts on, though I forgot I wasn't wearing any underwear!! So here I'm am; potless, homeless, carless and stark-bollock naked. I just hope these doomsdayers are right, overwise I'm going to feel like a right plum in the morning!!! It's getting a lil chilly as I wrrriitttiiteee....

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Exposure seems to be quite the fitting name for you today ;)

I had to break free from my trapped cage!! Exposure...was a dodgy one? Can sound like something else!! It's time to expose whatever we can, - for sure if it wasn't for what people like us who can communicate and discover on the internet to see what's really going on, - and we are in the minority, then can you imagine what the furture is going to be like, the masses are still to be awaken, the elite know this, in a sense they are scared, and the only way they can see ways of controlling it, is by the introduction of even more laws, wars and a good old human culling!!

Apart from all that, have a nice Xmas and a lovely new year!!  

Considering my true knowledge on the subject is about the same as that of a Gnat, I'm not best to ask such a question, however, I have an opinion; I can't see why the magnetic polar fields cannot go into reverse, - it's what magnetic fields can do, so it's possible, - though I doubt it has happened in recent millenia's, - for if it were to happen, then in a sense the worlds spining would halt, everything on the planet would probably be ripped apart and destroyed, it would then have to go into a reverse spin and way-hay of it goes again spinning in the opposite direction, - the globe being what it is, and "life" as we know would probably slowly and gradually return again, - though minus many spieces and particularly that of man!! 

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