Afghan Massacre - The Convoy of Death [Massacre At Mazaar]

Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death (earlier title: Massacre at Mazar) is a 2002 documentary by Irish filmmaker Jamie Doran and award winning Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi about alleged war crimes committed under General Abdul Rashid Dostum, an Afghan ally of the United States, and the American military against Afghans resisting the US & Allied forces. The resisting Afghans who had surrendered to Dostum's troops after the November 2001 siege of Kunduz, were transported to Sheberghan prison, as per American directives, in sealed containers. Human rights groups estimate that hundreds or thousands of them died during and after transit. Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death takes you on a journey to show you how it all happened and presents testimony from interviewees stating that American military personnel were present at and complicit in the horrific and intended mass killings of Afghans - the incident which is now known as the Dasht-i-Leili massacre.

A short early version of the documentary was shown to the European and German Parliaments in June 2002, causing widespread concern in Europe. Against protests from the United States government, the completed documentary was aired on National Television Networks of many countries, including Germany, Britain, Italy and Australia. The documentary was not screened or aired in the US and there was a complete media blackout about it within the US. Later, based on a leaked UN Memo, a Newsweek report in August 2002 confirmed some of the details about Doran's documentary, as well as the presence of mass graves in the Dasht-i-Leili desert. However, even then, Newsweek made no mention of such a documentary having been made and released in other countries but, not in the US due to Government ban on it.


In late 2001, after the siege of Kunduz by the US & Allied forces, around 8,000 Taliban fighters, including Chechens, Pakistanis and Uzbeks as well as suspected members of Al-Qaeda, surrendered to the forces of Northern Alliance General Abdul Rashid Dostum, a US ally in the war in Afghanistan. The documentary recounts that several hundred of the prisoners (surrendered Afghan fighters), among them an American named John Walker Lindh, were taken to Qala-i-Jangi, a fort near Mazar-i-Sharif, where they staged a bloody uprising which took several days to quell.  Recorded just hours before he was killed, the documentary shows footage of Walker Lindh's interrogation by CIA man Johnny Micheal Spann. The documentary vividly describes how the remaining 7,500-8,000 prisoners were loaded onto sealed containers and transported to Sheberghan prison. The journey was to last several days; many of the prisoners did not survive it, without food, water or ventilation to breath, they died enroute.

The film shows an interview with a commander, who was one of the chief negotiators of the surrender. In his interview he states that several thousand of the soldiers who surrendered are now unaccounted for. He says the prisoners had given themselves up on the understanding that they would be allowed to go home if they gave up their weapons or – in the case of Al-Qaeda members and foreign fighters – that they would be treated in accordance with UN conventions.

Afghan witnesses in the documentary, with their faces and voices digitally disguised, recount, in harrowing and graphic detail, how the surrendered prisoners met their death. The witnesses state the sealed containers held 200 to 300 men each, even though the maximum capacity did not permit even half the number. They say that when the suffocated men in the containers began crying out for air and water, American soldiers shot holes into the sides of the containers, killing several Afghans inside.

A soldier is asked in the documentary: "You specifically shot holes into containers? Who gave you those orders?" He replies:

"The commanders ordered me to hit the containers to make holes for ventilation and because of that some of the prisoners were killed."

A truck driver says that half of the people he transported in a container were dead upon arrival. An Afghan taxi driver tells Doran of a visit to a petrol station:

"At the time they were taking prisoners from Qaala Zeini to Scheberghan. I went to fill my car with petrol. I smelled something strange and asked the petrol attendant where the smell was coming from. He said 'look behind you', and there were trucks with containers fixed on them. I was surprised. I saw something very strange. Blood was leaking from the containers – they were full of dead bodies."

Reports from survivors of the transports speak of bound men, locked up in the containers for several days without food or drink, having resorted to licking the sweat of each other's bodies, even biting into other prisoners' bodies in their desperation to obtain fluids from any source. The documentary quotes what a former Afghan soldier told a Pakistani newspaper, while describing what he experienced when the containers were opened:

"I shall never forget the sensation as long as I live. It was the most revolting and powerful stench you can imagine: a mixture of feces  urine, blood, vomit, and rotting flesh. It was a smell to make you forget all other smells you have experienced in your life."

Another driver states that he was asked to drive his truck, carrying a container with about 300 men, into the desert; he says those who had not died of asphyxiation were shot, in the presence of 30 or 40 U.S. soldiers watching the mass shooting. The driver put the number of containers he saw in the desert at 25 to 30, could be more but, not less. Several of the interviewed people claim that US personnel were aware of what was happening to the prisoners after their arrival at Sheberghan, and some even played an active role in the torture and murder of prisoners.

Najibullah Quraishi, an award winning Afghan journalist, states in the documentary that he saw a video showing American Special Forces personnel observing the dumping of bodies into mass graves in the desert; he says that as he was copying the tape, he was attacked and nearly beaten to death. The film shows Quraishi after his recovery from the beating and receiving the Rory Peck Award in London for his camera work in Mazar-i-Sharif.

The documentary concludes by saying that several witnesses to the events, including some of those who participated in the making of the documentary, had since been killed.

The Afghan Massacre - Documentary

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Just a critical respons to substance of what is being posted. Conclusion is obvious, but people have to make up their own mind

Reply by Daniel Nielsen on June 21, 2014 at 4:30pm

Simply too much aliens rule the world, disinformation, speculations, attention whores, mental cases who just makes silly paranoid stories up and link it to whatever they hear, see or read that kinda behaviour scared me away almost straight away and hard to take seriously since theres almost never any hard evidence.

Reply by DTOM on June 23, 2014 at 1:21pm

Daniel's reply pretty much covers my situ and thoughts too on this

If that's the way you feel, then I can understand you - let's us stay with school physics so people are not confused

Strike 2  - Notice Given

Not mainstreamer, the fact you have now attempted to drag me into you disagreement with Daniel, does not reflect well on you. 

Once again you have taken this thread off subject.

If you wish to discuss issues NOT relating to the subject matter of the Afghan Massacre documentary, you are free to take them to the relevant discussion groups or create your own post on the subject.

If you cannot debate or discuss a subject without resorting to openly attacking anyone, you may happen to disagree with, then maybe 12160 is not for you.


Strike 2  - Notice Given

YOU are moderator here? Oh my God. And all verbal abuse I don't reply to has passed without notice. This is not good. My previous reply to you above is just quotes with link where we find quotes, nothing abusive there

It is impossible for anyone with the views above to be accepted as a moderator at 12160
22. jun. 2014 - DAhboo7 (77) is a liar and misleading. ... to these people, they need to take a break and come back to reality. .... Added by Daniel Nielsen 2 0.

... You seem very weak-minded and dont even get the smallest hits (taking things out of context and making up psychotic stories doesnt seem normal to me either) i've written what needs to be written to you.!!!!!

This is contrary to the soul of "Resisting The New World Order" ... language like "making up psychotic stories" about alternative media

It says the video does not exist, wow! Just like the dead, I suppose they didn't exist either -
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Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death - 50 Minute Documentary Trailer
You put so much effort into your research Ria~ thank you for your diligence

While Obama will blame Afghans, the strategists behind pure terror - like the Convoy of Death - tend to be Americans. It will be disguised from the very beginning. In case of newly exposed terror plan the document has letterhead (source) (will it be implemented according to blueprint? = that will be proof of who is behind) -> the head of the snake nobody has paid much attention to.. Who planned 911? Check where the suspects are trained - they are classifying half of what they do. The smell is skunkworks.

Some have started researching this civilian snake

Rand is more suitable for secrecy than DARPA

RAND is more suitable for secrecy than DARPA?

From RAND report 2013: "Making a Difference: A Look Back at How Well We Carried Out Our Mission "

In 2013, RAND supported U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) by deploying analysts to Afghanistan and conducting research back in the United States....and assessed the effectiveness of SOF targeting of insurgents. ...

RAND evaluating assassination operations?

Believe it or not, RAND underwrites terror unless cost is too high. The Phoenix program was terrorism in its literal meaning (later transferred to Central America, 300.000 murders in Guatemala alone). Then RAND has the audacity to denote East Ukranians as "terrorists" - i.e. anyone who supports independence. What I don't know is whether The Phoenix program too was a brainchild of RAND corporation. The possibility of RAND being guilty of Nazi activity (the 300.000 murders above) needs to be investigated - immediately

RAND about The Phoenix terror campaign:
The program made positive contributions to counterinsurgency in South Vietnam, but its political costs to the United States were substantial. The authors note that the Phoenix Program highlights the continuing importance of intelligence coordination and anti-infrastructure operations in contemporary counterinsurgency.

Pure Nazi thinking

RAND Corporation promoting NWO using science-fiction / Star Trek serie

Predictive programming as a way to introduce certain “possible” technologies is an aspect highlighted in great detail by researcher Alan Watt. Watt ... is the first to accurately and thoroughly communicate the concept of predictive programming: “A subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. ...

In retrospect it’s perfectly understandable that intelligence agencies had a more than average interest in the series. What better way to gradually introduce people to the concept of world government as a natural step in the evolution of things than through science-fiction. After all, the genre provides screenwriters a key to imaginative Valhalla- at the same time allowing RAND’s social engineers the perfect format for weaving its desired world government patterns into.

RAND Corporation is also U.S."Tavistock institute" - a center for propaganda / psyop - besides a warfare planning machine. Engaging employees from 42 nations reinforce impression as being "globalistic" (Who made the blueprints for Homeland Security and FEMA camp ... I am wondering)

- a center for propaganda / psyop - besides a warfare planning machine

That will be an understatement. RAND is also a policy maker on War on drugs ... population control .. and presumable Agenda 21 

Who formulated the WWIII "timeline"  ?

One the most difficult events to rationalise was a gathering that took place in 1975 that involved Admiral Hill-Norton, who was then, I believe, Chairman of the NATO Committee. I cannot go into the detail of this since to do so might compromise the Official Secrets Act. Suffice to say this event was pivotal and key to later events in providing evidence for the existence of the Anglo-Saxon Mission or better described as the Timeline

2 + 2 = 4. Not NATO, not Pentagon, not CIA, not Mossad, not Freemasonry / Illuminati. These institutions are the body, not the head. The head are people with PhD all the way, camuflaged as a "non-profit" organisation with very "global recruitement", connected to everything with deep pockets: Pentagon, Congress, Fundations. This is confirmed by the form in which "the Anglo-Saxon Mission" was presented ... just for your ears, not for discussion.

We are fooling ourselves believing Brzezinski is a power genius. Brzezinski was one director at RAND. He had all types of research fellows. The Grand Chessboard is more likely a RAND report modified / presented as private Brzezinski. Also, Bilderberg is more likely a tool, not head.

MSM journalist about Bilderberg meetings

Now, the most obvious prick to the balloon of gleeful paranoia surrounding the annual meeting of global fat cats is the simple question – why would a secret society operate so publicly? 


There is some truth here: Bilderberg meetings are not very secret. We should not expect Bilderberg meetings to be about decision making. Some others are doing the planning -> RAND Corporation. They are keeping a low profile ... (how do I know? I have seen more revealing documents about the case)


"Destroying the New World Order"


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