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Dear MoveOn member,
A trapped animal is a terrified animal in unimaginable agony, exposed to predators and the elements, dehydration, starvation, and extreme psychological distress in separation from their young, before finally meeting a brutal end.
Many other civilized countries have banned trapping, and we should follow suit.
That's why I created a petition on to the United States Congress and President Barack Obama, which says:
Traps are indiscriminate—many family pets and unintended animals have suffered and died in traps. Children are always at risk for stepping into a trap, particularly since trappers want to expand their range to national parks.
Since trappers only comprise 2% of our population, and have openly stated that they only trap for fun, the other 98% of us should speak up and ban this practice.
–Debra Warrens
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Debra Warrens can suck my cock, I trap animals and it sure isn't for fun, beating the head in of a trapped animal definitely is not my idea of fun but I have to eat and so do the animals that live with me. A sensible trapper trapping for his own needs doesn't let trapped animals stay in the trap for long, and yes these animals suffer in traps and then die but as I said I have to eat and so do my animals.

lol, on a side note mov on was created to help Bill Clinton with his impeachment, just saying :)

How you can lack so much empathy is disturbing.

I sympathize with both sides, its how one behaves in this regard, as in most things in life.  I dont need a law or some person telling me whats right and wrong, do you?

In most instances, no. However other people do. That is why we have a Constitutional Republic and not an Anarchy.

Don't kid yourself, the United States is run by anarchists who routinely defy international law as well as the laws and sovereignty of other nations. Also, anarchy is not a political system so you can not "have an anarchy". Anarchy is the absence of government, just as atheism is the absence of religion.

The US is run by globalists. They desire the biggest government the world has ever known, i.e world government. The complete opposite of anarchy. How do you get anarchy from that? Globalism is the antithesis of anarchy. It's like saying a bunch of atheists run the Vatican.

I don't "get anarchy from that", you apparently "get anarchy from that". I said those running the United States are anarchists who routinely defy international law as well as the laws and sovereignty of other nations. This is demonstrably true. They don't even obey their own rules, they are anarchists who simply do what they will. As for your speculation about the vatican, you may be right, I don't know enough about the vatican to say one way or the other. I know you have to be pretty fucking stupid to believe in god.

"I know you have to be pretty fucking stupid to believe in god."

How pretentious of you.

 Plautus Satire I ask You Sir? Please refrain from using filthy words to express your state of mind or feelings?  People whom you may want to hear your opinions as they might feel the same may not read past the trashy word used to express your meanings. So please try to keep it clean? Thank You and Bless You Platus Satire.

Wow, I can see both sides to the story, but, I DON'T believe that the statement made "since trappers only comprise 2% of our population, and have openly stated that they only trap for fun" is correct at all. So they are saying that 100 % of the trappers say they do it for fun? Exactly what FUN would there be in trapping animals? I would really like to hear the answer to that one myself. I don't trap, but I do know hunters that do, and none of the ones I know, "Trap for Fun". They trap to make there living, and or eat. 

There are many things you can debate on, such as the horrible conditions of many of the chicken farms. Cramped and filthy living conditions and sometimes abuse of the animals. These go on for the lengths of the chickens lives until they are sent to the slaughter. I could see protesting against something like this, but trappers? Really?

If a person does it to survive and or eat, what is wrong with that? And yes, sure not everyone does it correctly, but at the same time, if they do it for a sorce of food, then you know they are checking there traps as often as they can because a dead animal in a trap for anytime at all wouldn't be any good for food. 

I just don't see this as beeing a huge problem. I understand that any abuse of animals isn't good, and would agree. But when it comes down to someones living or eating, that's a different story. There not raising animals from babies and abusing or mistreating them you know what I mean. 
I am against the abuse of any animal. And I think even a chicken, should be treated as you would any other animal. Even if it eventually will be on your dinner table. We need to try to look at things like this from both sides. 
I know not everyone will agree with me, and that's what makes us humans unique right? We all have the right to think our own ways. And I do it with much respect to everyone and everything. It's always best to discuss every point we can with each other, in a cival manor :)

I agree with a lot of what you say. However, I disagree that any suffering is okay regardless of the justification. How about using humane traps? How about creating a lobby for making organic free range meat the standard and affordable?


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