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Dear MoveOn member,
A trapped animal is a terrified animal in unimaginable agony, exposed to predators and the elements, dehydration, starvation, and extreme psychological distress in separation from their young, before finally meeting a brutal end.
Many other civilized countries have banned trapping, and we should follow suit.
That's why I created a petition on to the United States Congress and President Barack Obama, which says:
Traps are indiscriminate—many family pets and unintended animals have suffered and died in traps. Children are always at risk for stepping into a trap, particularly since trappers want to expand their range to national parks.
Since trappers only comprise 2% of our population, and have openly stated that they only trap for fun, the other 98% of us should speak up and ban this practice.
–Debra Warrens
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Humanely trapping, for the purpose of survival is one thing. The cruel treatment of animals is unnecessary and the point of this petition.

Moreover, it was the Astor family that took over the trapping/fur industry in America. Astor is one of the supposed Illuminati bloodlines. Judge a tree by it's fruit, or perhaps in this instance, judge the fruit by the tree it has fallen not too far from.

Casual personal trappers aren't part of the "trapping/fur industry", you're getting a little hyperconspiratorial here to try to make your point.

You are still unwilling to admit your methods are unnecessarily cruel and there are far more humane and civilized ways to nourish your body. Thus you enjoy cruelty to animals. If you did not, then you would not partake in acts of premeditated cruelty.

What is hyper-conspiratorial? Nothing I said was untrue. The Astors indeed monopolized the trapping/fur trade.

Ultimately, this is more of a cruelty to animals issue, than it is a trapping issue. Thus, my reason for posting this petition.

There are humane ways of trapping and justifications for doing so. However there is no excuse for senseless suffering.

Exposing the Myths: The Truth about Trapping

Each year, more than 4 million animals are trapped and killed for their fur in the United States. Millions more are trapped and killed in the name of “livestock” and “game” protection and for “nuisance” animal control. Whatever the purpose, the consequences for the trapped animals are the same — pain, suffering, and death. Proponents argue that traps are humane and selective, and that trapping is tightly regulated, an important source of income for many people, and necessary for managing wildlife. These claims, however, are far from the truth.

Myth: Trapping is humane and selective.

Despite what trappers would have you believe, animals frequently sustain severe injuries from being trapped. When not killed outright by the trap, animals can suffer physiological trauma, dehydration, exposure to severe weather, and predation by other animals until the trapper returns. When the trapper returns he usually clubs, suffocates or strangles the animal to death. Fur trappers rarely shoot trapped animals because bullet holes and blood reduce a pelt's value.

Traps set in or near water are designed to drown aquatic mammals, which can take up to 20 minutes for some species.1 The American Veterinary Medical Association deems drowning to be inhumane and a 1999 study concluded “drowning cannot be considered euthanasia.”2

Most traps are notoriously indiscriminate, capturing almost any animal that triggers them. Sometimes called “trash” animals by trappers, non-target species that have been found in traps include threatened and endangered species, raptors, domestic dogs and cats, and even humans. These animals can sustain the same injuries as target species. Even if released, they may perish later from internal injuries or reduced ability to hunt or forage for food.

There are three general types of traps used today: restraining body-gripping traps; kill traps; and live traps. Restraining and kill traps are most often used for commercial and recreational fur trapping as they are cheap, portable, and easy to set. Live traps are more often used by private “nuisance” animal control trappers for trapping raccoons, cats, skunks, etc.

The most commonly used trap in the U.S. is the steel-jaw leghold trap, a restraining trap with spring-loaded steel jaws that clamp on an animal's foot or leg when triggered. Leghold traps can cause severe swelling, lacerations, joint dislocations, fractures, damage to teeth and gums, self-mutilation, limb amputation, and even death.3 The steel-jaw leghold trap has been declared inhumane by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, and the National Animal Control Association, and has been banned or severely restricted by more than 80 countries and 8 U.S. states.

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Apparently these's individuals are of the belief ,if they weren't not allowed to trap they would starve and die

I am in disbelief of the stupidity of some so called human beings. It amazes me they remember to breath. The shear lack of thinking with the Bobcat part of the video surely belongs to Darwin's theory of Evolution. The commentator was so irritating i had to mute it till the skying kid part came on. At first I laughed my ass off and then after the kid crashed I was swooshed back and remembered what it was like to be that little guys age and be so angry.  People seem to forget kids become adults if they are lucky and have real good memories! I have no doubt the adult in this video with this child will have dues to pay at a later date. Who the h*ll likes pizza that much anyway?? Little man would have been in that guys face so fast if he had been big enough, he wasn't crying when he crashed because he was scared he was so pissed off he couldn't keep from crying. I been there myself, my heart goes out to little man.    


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