Bizzarre private invite message on "Telegraph" to join the Illuminati Elite?? Anyone else get 1?

1st of all, just to let ppl know, ....I'm not a social media butterfly, Never ever, even since it's evil inception, have I signed onto the Fecebook... NEVER, same goes with the Twatters, the Instascams, etc.  I also don't go looking for "Friends", could give 5 flying fooks less about ratings,likes,thumbs up, view counts and other such Pavlovian tactics of human analysis. I just like spreading the Joys of our cheeeful, ever-changing current events!!.... LMFAO!... But I do like to see whats the mass opinion on things...what real ppl are saying, etc... SO that being said, I never get invites, or messages from unknown peeps, so I found this private invite message to me highly strange..then even stranger once the message was read... WTF???

it came from one of the new rash of social app's claiming "UNCENSORED & FREE SPEECH SUPPORTED"  after the greatest Robbery/Con Job America's ever had it's called "Telegraph". Got this message apparently this past Saturday (shows how much initiative & enthusiasm I have for checking messages)

....But after I read it, I was all.. WoW with Wonders!. A Dream come true!! Sounds like ez money and livin' a large life is for me.... maybe I should reply YES & see whatzup with all this illuminated rigamaro, I've been needing a serious "change"of id for way too long now ;) D'ohhhhh

Wonder how many kids it costs to join their Big Club?? HHHmmmm... Wonder if I should play totally ignorant about things like politics, the occult, secret clubs and the like. Act like, "I damn sure want some of that thar "Greatness" daggumitt! Been busting my ass for too long for too less" ...lolz.... Whatz I gotzz to do here lady?"

Curious to see just how far & to where this could go, kinda scary too though ..hhmmm.... & then again, it could all be an elaborate hoax... or a phishin' hustle too.... FUCK OFF INTERNET!!

So Has anybody seen or received anything like this out of the blue on any platforms from a strange stranger.....and about illuminattee shiiot to boot?? This a "Thing"??? any reports of this en mass???  .....down right kooky kids

"This sounds like a job for Scooby & The Gang!... Get the Mystery Machine warmed up & stock it up with plenty of Sour Diesel & Scooby Snacks© Freddy, my boy....and lose the fukkin ascot ya homo wanna-be.....sheeesh.... We got a mystery to solve!!"

This is the message below I C&P'd, comes from a "Woman" named "Samantha Damien

I grabbed the screenshots off her Telegraph profile? (They're above the chat message area) Which makes this even fargin WEIRDER yet folks... pics below message


Welcome to The Illuminati organization, where helping people is our aim. Bringing the poor, the talented to limelight of greatness, making the poor become wealthy through our monthly benefits, rise to the top in everything.
Our members are presented with a life of limitless wealth and knowledge not to be wasted but to benefit the society .
The Illuminati operates various aspects for the benefit of all generations.

Reply YES if you are interested to be part of the Illuminati.


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Someone is having a fun, No worries....

...and there's the rub dear Spot, it's that "Someone" that's preventing me from also having a fun, so YES worries.... worries I may be missing out on an opportunity for an "Illuminating" Life Upgrade dammitt... This could be the upper echelon elitist place where I can finally say,

"Could you please pass the Grey Poupon?"   


The Oy Vey family....

... as opposed to the Goyam Gang?....

lolz  ;)~

...which just gimme a helluva flashback from wayback Hi-Skool evenz...for some bizzare reason just now, was about when I did cartoons (hand drawn) for our school newspaper, I started one that started a feud with Skool where u tards been? been running in paper almost a year running already!  hand-drawn cartoon series with a special needs family ...but it was their family name (& cartoons Title) that was rubbing these old bastiches wrong and givin the ol biddy's, the "Vapah's"

"The Fuggns' Family!"

....follow the zany adventures of the whole Fuggnz bunch!!

Meet Willie B. Fuggnz + wife, Shelbee Fuggnz, ...and their small brood of Fuggnz youngn's {Listed by oldest 1st} 

Willie B. Fuggnz Jr, Ubee Fuggnz, then the middle Fuggnz child, Ibee Fuggnz, followed by the twins, Kenny B. Fuggnz, Izzy Fuggnz, and last, but not least, little Baby Fanny Fuggnz"

SHiiiot...sure wish I still had any of that homemade high school comic book art ... sum of it was actually petty hilarious.... all started cuz I set out be a "Fuggnz" those asshole H.S newspaper censors / school board dinosaur's mind's.... lol..., pissed em off real good..wasnt doodly shit they could do bout it...but then there was that thing...u know?...that that thing... a Real, Bullet-proof tough "Free Speech"1st Amendment back in the long ago daze of the pizza friday's cafeteria daze. Way back when water was free & ya had to pay for porn!...and banks w/ savings accounts that actually would pay the account interest back into it then too. 

The Fuggnz Family ran for another whole school year after that (Graduate year)....but it was banned/ forbidden to be in ANY yearbook or print involving PE County HS until 1999 ....long forgotten clumsy HS daze & just a dot to the comic book ether of blackness by then...

RIP & C-Ya Willie B!!! I know ur a Fuggnz up there somewhere my man...

"Smoke 'em if ya got 'em"


"Destroying the New World Order"


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