Hey All Go check out the newest hustler to rear it's greedy head for the drug companies

This one calls itself givin a handy it kinda looks like a TRANSFORMER. Anyway this thing got off on the wrong floor.


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Charlyn Handy updated their profile Take your filth and crawl back in your hole. We don't tolerate porn around this site
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MADtv: Ms. Swan: She Look Like a Man


It's the Pharmaceutical Pushin Pop-Up Products Pull in again, sure to leave you in grief and pain!  Charlyn  if you are reading this, you and others promoting your snake oils of God knows what and he does you'll soon find that he will provide us with his own oils of goodness in his greatness and blessings that will put your potions to Shame. Matter of fact he already has. As an example lets take your first offer Charlyn ~ SEMAGLUTIDE . Just one God given Seed can do Everything and much more than that quickly making your pills and injections totally redundant. Should word get out. Weight loss and type 2 Diabetics folks can rejoice.   

wow 56 views and not one comment asking What Seed ? cancels out this pill of pharma harmer hopiem. I can only assume that members here are so healthy already that there is no need for weight loss or type 2 diabetics Natural remedies for help, or the curiosity that the seed could be well be from the very Tree of life Itself ( the one that gives of her fruit in 12 different Ways - not 12 different fruits. ) so well that it works. Very Safe for type 1 diabetics also unlike the try hard above not to mention side effects of who knows what and other unknowns. 

Hey Kea, Even tho I am a fit 64 yr old active guy hitting the scales @ 185-190 at 6' tall I am curious about this mystery seed you speak of as I have many could lose a few #s friends that could benefit,in other words I'll bite what is this seed.


Actioned. Coconut all the way friend. ~ Its not a nut it's a seed so excellent for people with nut allergies also. It does give of its fruit in 12 different ways such as.... water, wine, milk, pulp, cream. sugar, flour, oil, fibre, moisturiser, medicine, and even wooden cups to consume it all in. I tried it for weight loss once and never needed to again. Diabetics I know report a great improvement in their sugar levels. Folks with Alzheimers also find positive outcomes, and everyone states feeling more energetic and uplifted after consuming coconut. It won't allow you to live forever because God cancelled that agreement and lowered it to 120 yrs, so we already know what's possible.

Hey Kea, I get what the benefits are but I have always disliked the smell of the tanning lotion girls use but I do like MOUNDS candy bars. I haven't been to a "doctor" in over 30 yrs which is probably why I am healthy. I always claimed it was due to my smoking habit believing nicotine killed harmful germs breathed in.


Thanks for the replies steve. Using coconut oil for sunbathing is Gods counter measure to chemical commercial sunscreens, due to the purity and high amount of vitamin E it contains and rapid absorption Into the skin. Bodybuilders love it also for the shine it gives to those pumped up muscles they like to display. Ladies consuming oil for weight loss quickly find it does not reduce fat from breast tissue mounds but its does annihilate ass fat right along with tummy and thighs so big butt freaks should proceed with caution. Nicotine on the other side of the coin occupies the receptor sites that moderate the sympathetic and para-sympathetic controls of the immune system like the bodies mailman constantly sending messages to ramp up or simmer down activity in a very timely fashion. Viruses hate nicotine because it spoils their debut every time. Could be why smokers don't need the doctor very often, I haven't been to one in 12 yrs but feel I could have done better.


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