Christians and Muslims ( believes they have in common about The Antichris and Jesus Return.

I Want to share this video with all of you so you all can understand the religious mentality of Muslims by taking a look at this short documentary that talk about their believes and their point of view about Jesus , Christianity and Judaism . I believe it to be very interesting and educational as well. I am not a religious person nor a muslin but I have seen trough my own research and love for our world History that most of the wars that been fought have been for religious reasons and that religion been use as a weapon by those in power to divide and impose their will on the masses, so that make me  look at the 3 mainstream religions and all the diverse human societies and cultures from our world from an impartial and more open perspective. I post this video here with no intention of offending anyone, specially protestant Anglo Christians. My only agenda is to share the point of views of the muslin religious mentality so you all can have a better understanding about what divide Christians and Muslims and what they share in common as well. I personally find very interesting to see that as Christians, The followers of Islam are waiting for Jesus return and his final battle with the antichrist and his armies in almost the same way that Christians do. Enjoy and Thank for Watching !

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There is one Major deal that has been either left out or removed from the table of the three basic forms of religion! .  It is that of The Christianity step of Repenting of your Sins ,Confessing of your Sins, and Turning from those Sins.... Then and only then are you Granted Grace by God ,when you give you life and follow Christ Jedus as your Lord and Saviour.....That is the most important part of Christianity's saving grace of everlasting eternal life with Christ Jesus and your place in Heaven, until the New Earth is fdsdy to be inhabited again,with Christ Jesus as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,over his Kingdom and those Christians he choose to live here in peace,harmony,worshipping him, and living abundantly, happily, and lovingly as it should be now! But that want happen,cause it's not in The Biblical Scriptures, nor the Qur'an nor in Judaism...

I'm in as a Christian,since GOD was a d still is the CREATOR of ALL...that's way far more believable to me than the other two religious believes! 

I found your Comparison Table about the 3 Religions, very accurate and educational...Thanks so much for sharing Troy !

yeah Troy that is confusing isn't it..  Jesus was a Jew (Hebrew) from the house of David as prophecy said the savior would be born. Jesus fulfills Old testament prophecy and the Good News of the fulfillment of prophecy was for the Jew first and they rejected it.  Not all but as a whole they did.  The apostles (followers) of Jesus were all Jews. The Pharisee and Sadducees, High Priest of the Sanhedrin knew who he was and crucified Him anyway or had someone else do it namely the Roman government. This must all happen to fulfill scripture. We are all from the same family of God.  We are all related. It is not that hard to understand if you believe,  the problem is the discussion of such things have been denied for a long time.  We know less about religious history and scripture than we do about our own history of the past 200yrs .. They knew who He was .. Jesus threatened there money, power & prestige so they killed Him ..  that is as usual not the little people ''there leaders" the High priest, the greedy , the prideful.  But all of this must happen because it is prophecy.

end times prophecy

1 Kings 9:6-7 ...'But if ye shall at all turn from following me, ye or your children, and will not keep my commandments and my statutes which I have set before you, but go and serve other gods, and worship them: Then will I cut off Israel out of the land which I have given them; and this house, which I have hallowed for my name, will I cast out of my sight; and Israel shall be a proverb and a byword among all people.'

And everyone knows that the Jewish nation continued to disobey God and rejected Christ Jesus as their saviour!



  I have notice that as well Troy ! I also have notice that Jews don't try to force their views or convert Christians and Muslims as hard as this ones have done on the rest of humanity. Human History is pack with episodes of the followers of those two religions murdering millions and fighting among themselves in order to impose their Religion in to others . Jews on the other side been more in to taking advantage of the wars among this two and make money out of them....sometimes getting mass murdered and persecuted or been blame for all this wars and other human calamities sometimes with reason and sometimes with out it. I been noticing also that after World War two, Jews been gaining a strong political advantage over Christians and Muslims alike and that today they do control most of the bank around the world and the political scene inside the USA.  About why they reject Jesus?? I think is because he was not the Military Messiah they where expecting during the times of the Roman occupation on Palestine. Jesus also was talking about loving your enemies and those that where not Jews ...and The Priesthood of the Temple in those times didn't like that Idea at all....Remember that Jews always been saying they are God's chosen ones and everyone else sucks! ...and According to the Bible , Jesus  didn't think the same way  , so they reject him as a Messiah. That is why To the Jews , Jesus always been an impostor, a false prophet and also one of the reason why they been persecuted trough the centuries by Christians fanatics in Europe during the middle ages and during World War two as well ( beside the nazis making millions on Murdered Jews goods ). I think that's the reason why Troy !

so a catfish ate a guy named joeb???...did that Octogenarian bearded guy who had to build a boat the size of Rhode Island by himself to save all species of living creatures save him??

dang, this is too easy ;)

Hhahahah ! LOL !

is your heathen mind trying to remember :


He was a representation of the coming savior he spent 3 days in the belly of a Great Fish ..  the fish threw him up and he .... as  told by God went to Nineva and told the people to REPENT AND BE SAVED .. They did repent and God spared them ...  UNLIKE THIS HEATHEN Generation who will refuse to Repent and then curse God and decide that maybe Lucifer is "ROCKIN" after all ..  he will be packaged as so freekin awesome people will beg to lust at his feet ...   uh hu   ..  and i am the lunatic!! 



@H●ȴȴɣѾͼͽᵭ   In the end you will be forced to choose .. cloud guy and die or the other guy and eat of his glorious vision of the Luciferian new world order!! you think this is funny so did the people who died in the flood in Noha's day..  eat drink and be merry my heathen friend you will worship someone even if you don't want to ..  you don't believe?  you will believe soon when the scriptures become even more evident to all..

your a true heathen H●ȴȴɣѾͼͽᵭ  lucifer is gonna love you ..

The Supreme Being

"Trasmutate me into a strong incorruptable column of light upon the world, and emanate like a star upon the crown of majesty." - Anonymous

        As stated before, the OLS will not enforce a particular view of father Lucifer, as this can vary from person to person. We are most certainly not against people actually believing Lucifer to be a deity, in fact the founder of this website does believe in an actual Lucifer, although in what form he is not certain.

     Lucifer in essence is in us all, Lucifer (Latin: light bringer) is the fire, the power of spirit, and the knowledge of self one can tap into through learning and embracing self honesty. Once this is accomplished, your aura will light up, making you feel bliss and joy.

     Lucifer is the spirit of motivation and self empowerment, it is the very definition of human perfection, the true philosophical ideal. The illuminated mind.

     Lucifer is the bravery you require to stand alone or outnumbered, the character you need to persevere in society, and the bliss you are entitled to feel on this earth.

     Lucifer is the unalienable right to think different, and propose new fresh ideas to challenge the old ones, thus bringing betterment to man, bringing thus closer to godhood.

     Lucifer is the primordial force that governs over man's instinct to survive, fight to preserve the self and those deemed worthy and if necessary, kill.

     Lucifer is the spirit behind the first sword crafted, the first gun loaded, the first rebellion sparked.

     Lucifer is the perfect harmonious union of the carnal material, and the divine spiritual.

     Lucifer is the being that stands behind the strong, and pities the weak.

     Lucifer is the seed of inspiration that leads to great works of art, classical and contemporary.

     Lucifer is the being that inspires men to say "no" when everyone says "yes", and "yes" when everyone says "no".

     Lucifer represents everything that is great in man, and the destruction of everything that is not.

     Lucifer represents respect for the nature of the animal, and nature of the divine being.

     Lucifer symbolizes the beauty of uniting the masculine and feminine energies in oneself.

     Lucifer represents self sacrifice for ones ideas.

     Lucifer represents free thought and creative genius.

" You partake of the fruit. I am your father, search you soul. You know it to be true."

     Lucifer represents Order, and if need be, Chaos.

     Lucifer represents glory, bliss, and paradise on earth.

     Lucifer represents the here and now.

     Lucifer is the being whom artists look to for inspiration.

     Lucifer symbolises power, strength, and virility.

     Lucifer represents the beauty in darkness and the divinity of light.

     Lucifer represents the harmonious balance between dark masculinity and light femininity.

     Lucifer represents the ultimate spiritual achievement, godhead.

     Lucifer symbolises understanding, knowledge, purity and fertility.

     Lucifer is a promiscuous god.

     Lucifer has many wives,  many sons and daughters too, whom humans have come to know as "Indigo's".

     Lucifer represents the Age of Aquarious.

    Lucifer represents honor and respect for gods of old, as well as spiritual heritage and ancestral beauty.

     Lucifer represents luxury, aubundance and finese.

     Lucifer represents the deification and empowerment of man, into god.

     Lucifer represents the bright light radiating within darkness.

     Lucifer represents empowerment, instead of feeding a psychic leech.


"Those who have sworn allegiance to me, I take under my wing. I never forget my own."

     Lucifer is the antithesis to Judeo/Hebrew/Arab/Christian religions.

     Lucifer stands for everything Christiniaity does not, and against everything it does.

     Lucifer represents the unification of men and nations, thus acomplishing great things, bringing humanity closer to godhood.

      Lucifer is the Lord of the Earth, the bearer of Water, the King of Light. Iron and Salt.

      Lucifer is the spirit behind works of art, music and creative inventions.

      Lucifer is the spirit inside of those who apreciate beautiful and fine works of art; or creations in general. As opposed to spiritually clinging to a faceless anthropomorphic creator.

     "Lucifer the light-bearer. To be enlightened in Gnosis. The opposer to christianity yes, but to me this is not important. Most important is one's inner Alchemy and evolvement towards Gnosis."   -WhoWorksInSilence

     "Lucifer not only being the light-bearer, but a father, and a teacher, and much more beyond words. He stands for perfection and enlightenment. "   -pigsqualler666

     "An artist. Put simply, Lucifer is an artist. "   -AmericanApostate

     "Lucifer to me is the bringer of all wisdom and knowledge. I firmly believe those gifted with a high intellect are the most in tune with his being. With a true understanding of the cosmos."     -Luigi84289

     "An entire book could be written on what exactly Lucifer is, but to put it simply: he is greatness. He is the bearer of gnosis and those who follow him seek out the path of enlightenment."   -ShadowPrometheus

     "Ave Lucifer!, death to Judeo-Christian religions! Lucifer represents purification!"   -Perceous

     "Abrahamic religions are a disease, and the Earth needs to be dis-infected of them soon."   -SirianKings

     "To me, Lucifer is a symbol of self knowledge and self determination, of being our own gods, of eating the fruit and living responsibly and living fulfilling lives, honoring our humanity, all of our humanity, instead of trying to divorce ourselves from it."   -PragmaticHeathen

     "Be not a cancer on the earth."   -init2winit3



Not here to fight nor to argue ...Nor to insult or be disrespected to others Velasco, I am not a Muslin, nor a Jew nor a Christian neither...I believe in the power of the I keep an Impartial view about all mainstream religions ... If you want to argue  for the porpoise of showing your superior intellect about your own religion there's others out there that may enjoy to do so...but I am not in to that!....I am here to have a good time and share ideas and views with others about political issues affecting our society and the world not too insult or fight anyone specially religious fanatics...Thanks for the invitation anyway ! May the Force be with you !  Peace!

I viewed this video,as a Christian,I feel like it is a propaganda tool used by Islam to reach unsuspecting needy individuals that have problems with reality and distinguishing between truth of About GOD, CHRIST JESUS and the purpose of Christianity  in our lives today and in our everlasting eternal spiritual future!


"Destroying the New World Order"


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