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Oct 21 • 31 tweets • 5 min read

1.1 The 399 OTHER antibodies that the COVID vaccine mRNA MIGHT HAVE MADE INSIDE YOU.

1.2 This is for all the jabbed. So you can direct some righteous right anger where it belongs, at the source of the vaccine.

1.3 So, purely questions. Since according to G. Newsom, improper spread of misinformation is punishable. So, just questions. That's one hand tied behind my back. Easy peasy.

1.4 Regarding mRNA vaccines, directed to the scientists such as Malone who are THEIR creator. Once the mRNA enters the cell, can it be cut by endonucleases? If it is shorter, will it create a shorter protein?

1.5 Will this shorter protein have a different shape? will it lead to possibly six different neutralizing antibodies? How many different lengths can this greater than 3000 nucleotide mRNA COVID spike antigen coding molecule be cut up into? Possibly a 100 different lengths?

1.6 Then is it possible that you produce 400 different antibodies from these 100 different lengths? I mean... 399 different antibodies? Including your one that you tried to produce?

1.7. Wow, isn't that a lot of different antibodies? Do you need all those? Just a minute. Did you even ever LOOK for another antibody ASIDE from the one you were TRYING to create? Hmmm.. NOW I'm worried (for the vaxxed, cuz I wasn't), so you did consider this?

1.8 Aw come on, tell me straight, did you or did you NOT look for these 399 other possible antibodies that you might have created? Can I see your research notebook? Why do I sense that you're being iffy? DID YOU CONSIDER THIS???

1.9 So, how long does it take to figure out the side effect profile for EACH of these possible 399 other antibodies that you MIGHT have inadvertently made??? Are you aware that ONE antibody against the streptococcus bacteria...

2.0 Just ONE antibody against the strep bacteria (strep throat) can cause rheumatic heart disease? And that it took us almost a 100 years to put together the whole story??? The last half of the 19th century, it was the LEADING cause of death in children (5-20 age group)??

2.1 Holy shit!!! tell me!!! did you or did you not study the possible 399 other antibodies that you may or may not have made inadvertently with your mRNA COVID spike antigen vaccine?????? I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown (for the vaxxed)!

2.2 Now these antibodies are ALL gargantuan? Do they make the blood thicker? Albumin makes the blood more viscous and it's half the molecular weight of antibodies... can this make my blood thicker?? more viscous?? did you STUDY this and did you CONSIDER this??

2.3 Now, you made this with synthetic RNA and do you know how long it lasts? can some last a week and some last a month? Isn't that a four fold difference in number of antibodies produced????? Wow. Some people can have their blood viscosity increased that much????

2.4 If there blood viscosity is increased, since the heart IS a pump system with pipes, isn't the most stress on the PUMP, the heart? And if the viscosity increases dramatically, won't it affect the smaller diameter blood vessels the most? like the blood vessels to the heart?

2.5 So, have we agreed that you can dramatically increase the viscosity of blood with up to 399 different antibodies? and increased blood viscosity makes the heart work EXTRA hard? most stress on the valves? AND it's not JUST extra viscous, but these antibodies can form...

2.6 immune complexes on damaged valves further damage the valves? So, the work load on the heart is INCREASED with INCREASED blood viscosity, but LESS blood flow to SMALLER blood vessels like heart vessels... so JUST when the heart needs MORE oxygen...

2.7 Just when the heart needs MORE oxygen, the coronary arteries deliver LESS oxygen because increased blood viscosity due to maybe the 399 other antibodies you inadvertently made? wow. did you REALLY consider all this?

2.8 So EVEN a BRISK walk can dramatically increase the work load on the heart and potentially cause a heart attack?? JUST FROM INCREASED VISCOSITY? Just questions, looking out for the jabbed.

2.9 And we DO count COVID deaths EVEN if the patient had underlying conditions? so, to be fair, we SHOULD count COVID VACCINE morbidity, EVEN if the patient has underlying conditions? just being fair, not bad is it??

3.0 Just thought of another one. Would THIS issue apply to ALL other mRNA medicines that you want to make in the future, and BEYOND????

3.1 Now, back to your ONE COVID antibody that you must have devoted ALL your time to, since I'm NOT clear if you spent ANY time on the potential 399 OTHER antibodies you MIGHT have inadvertently made....

3.2 This ONE antibody you devoted SO much time to, possibly at the expense of not even giving 10 minutes to the 399 others? So, you have got to know this one inside out? Thoroughly? There's gotta be NOTHING I can ask you about this one, that you wouldn't KNOW, correct???

3.3 I guess this is a softball question, nice of me, yes? to end on an easy one for you? since you know EVERYTHING about this one?

How does this COVID antibody cross the lung barrier to enter the lung? And a reference would be nice.

3.4 Ah shhittt. Don't tell me. YOU DON'T KNOW. So, you don't even know how your antibody will EVER neutralize a COVID virus in a lung and YOU PUT THE PATIENT AT RISK OF 399 OTHER POTENTIAL ANTIBODIES THAT YOU DID NOT STUDY? OR DID YOU?

3.5 i've been hearing some horrible rumors... that one of your mRNA companies has an animal doctor as the CEO?.... please? please please? tell me that's not true? we can do better than that in American, can't we? there aren't enough real doctors to go around?

3.6 an animal doctor? who never took a fxxxxking oath to "DO NO HARM" or if he did take the oath, it looked like "Don't hurt the cats and the puppies, but you can extract their genitalia" that kind of man is the fxxxxing CEO? looks at humans like... animalss????

3.7 fact checkers??? did the ex CEO of gilead, super wealthy die while taking a walk a few weeks after he got the vaccine??? damn these fxxxxing idiot fact checkers. NEVER around when you need them, and ALWAYS around when you DON'T need them. can you say LOSERS!!!!!!!

ONE antibody (strep) wreaked havoc on children (5 to 20) in the 19th century, and you want to INJECT millions of children with something that could potentially make 399 antibodies? what is WRONG with you people? did you do this to see how badly you could piss off decent humans?

3.9 Everyone who had a loved one suffer a severe side effect from a Pfizer vaccine in this past year, or if you know someone who did, keep following me. Because, you should help PUNISH Pfizer for their "willful misconduct". That, the jury can decide.

4.0 Because I informed this VETERINARIAN, that the COVID antibody had NO viable path into the LUNG air space ONE YEAR AGO. I explained that the jury will PROBABLY AGREE that it is "willful misconduct" if they CONTINUE to sell the vaccine, once Ive informed them of this mistake

4.1 Do you all see? How STUPID it is to have a VETERINARIAN (I spell it out, because I would NEVER want OUR TRUE HEROS, OUR VETERANS, TO THINK I WAS REFERRING TO THEM), in charge of the most MASSIVE ROLL OUT OF A VACCINE IN THE HISTORY OF EARTH???

• • •

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Joseph Lee, MD



1.1 Vaccinologists SUCK at 3rd GRADE MATH And they suck at 4th grade math all the way up. Everyone can follow along easily. Antivaxxers, you'll realize how stupid the vaccine science AND math was, when you see this. Didn't I make ALL antivaxxers on the side of science?

1.2 Now, I'll make ALL antivaxxers realize these jabbers are quite stupid when it comes to MATH. So, antivaxxers, these jabbers are not on the side of SCIENCE OR MATH. :) I haven't been proved wrong yet. All mathematicians, you're welcome to check my work.

1.3 I'm gonna go slow because I want the world to realize just how stupid these vaccinologists are, when it comes to Math. Let's take a hypothetical. 100 COVID virus particles as my inoculation dose. I will concede (for this argument) a 95% neutralization rate for the AB.

Joseph Lee, MD Profile picture

Joseph Lee, MD


Oct 29

@DrAseemMalhotra If you want justice for your father. There is NO ONE on earth who can help you more than ME. I have a paper trail a mile long. I have a 73 pge document to Dr. Fauci in February of 2020 that documents the fatal flaw with the COVID mRNA vaccine.…

@DrAseemMalhotra 2. The basic flaw is very simple. The COVID antibody NEVER passes through the Blood Lung Barrier to enter the LUNG air space. Which means, there was NEVER protection via the Neutralizing antibody in the lung. This lung barrier can keep water molecules out.

@DrAseemMalhotra 3. The COVID antibody is a mere 145,000 Daltons in size. As an aside, the blood BRAIN barrier typically limits molecules to under 500 Daltons in size. The BLood LUNG barrier keeps our lungs dry. Yes, Fauci was informed by me in October, 2020. TWO YEARS AGO.

Joseph Lee, MD Profile picture

Joseph Lee, MD


Oct 29

@doctor_oxford Dr. Clarke, the COVID vaccine hypothesis is the single biggest mistake in the history of modern medicine. Your hypothesis of a neutralizing antibody binding the virus before the virus can infect a lung cell, has a FATAL mistake. The antibody HAS NO PATH THROUGH THE LUNG BARRIER

@doctor_oxford 2. The lung is essentially an air space within our body and our body is mostly water. Our lung air space is surrounded by an essentially waterproof barrier, known as the Blood Lung Barrier, which you know. This barrier is a very tight membrane comprised of

@doctor_oxford 3. A capillary endothelial cell layer, two fused basement membranes and an alveolar epithelial cell layer. This barrier can STOP tiny water molecules weighing 18 Daltons. The COVID antibody is a gargantuan 145,000 Dalton molecule and HAS NO PATH THROUGH THE LUNG BARRIER.

Joseph Lee, MD Profile picture

Joseph Lee, MD


Oct 29

@doctor_oxford Dr. Clarke, there IS another hypothesis for the decrease in the incidence of polio. Let me explain in layman's terms so other people can follow along. If I am a 14 yr old boy during this time and some of my friends end up paralyzed, everyone is scared. Here's the hypothesis.

@doctor_oxford Researchers discovered the mode of transmission of polio, fecal-oral. That means (and I know YOU know) an infected person with polio has to have a bowel movement. The feces of infected person has to go into the mouth of an un-infected person and then be swallowed.

@doctor_oxford Now, If I a am a 14 yr old boy and I learn this. I am NOT going to open my mouth very much. I am going to wash my hands non-stop. Some people may feel that it's difficult to keep other people's shit out of their mouth, but I AM GOING TO SUCCEED. Now, some people

Joseph Lee, MD Profile picture

Joseph Lee, MD


Oct 28

1.1 THE SUPPLY LINE OF THE ENEMY (all hypothetical people) THE PHARMACISTS. Pharmacists are very well educated. They understand biochemistry better than MOST physicians. They don't have the idiotic EGO of MOST physicians.

1.2 Pharmacists understand that for drugs to work, it's NOT MAGIC, and that the drug ACTUALLY has to be AT THE SITE WHERE IT IS SUPPOSE TO DO ITS WORK.

1.3. The pharmacy in MY building. Two weeks or so ago, I went in. I said, I need to talk to the pharmacist. She came up to me. I said, I don't like your advertisement in the front of your pharmacy.

Joseph Lee, MD Profile picture

Joseph Lee, MD


Oct 28

1.1 The GROUPS ON OUR SIDE in this WAR against the idiots who would make MONEY off of injecting OUR CHILDREN WITH SHIT. NURSES. Wow, you are OUR TRUE heroes and WILL BE FOREVER because we will END ALL VACCINES that are backed by shitty science.

1.2 Doctors. There are a few brave ones like Dr. Lenzkes. But BY FAR most of them? are just twiddling their fingers and collecting their money and trying to stay right in the middle of the pack so no one takes their money away and they don't look stupid.

1.3 Dr.Lenzkes educated me on their thought process. Took me over two years to figure that out, if I knew two years ago, I would NEVER have even tried to start there. Jay and Jane. peas in a pod. right in the middle. NOT HELPFUL. How many (Logic) bombs have I dropped??

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Good post Sandy. I wonder what the spin on that will be regarding a mounted "immune" profusion of up to 399 other antibody possibilities. I cringe to imagine but I think we are about to find out soon.... Something like Side effects are Good for you and means you're even More protected than those who did not suffer afterwards. We'll watch out for sudden "studies" coming out soon. Like now.


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