I had a weird conversation last night on the chat with a fellow member.

The jist of it was that she wanted me to know that people have met through the site and the chat and hooked up.

And that love was found here, and it went on and on, even though, as I stated, I did not care.

I will say what I said to her, I have no interest hearing about it, and that "hookups" was for myspace ...lol

I do understand that romances will / may happen here, and will not discourage it, just that I, personally, as well as the site do not need know about it.

This goes for all personal information and or gossip. It just isn't part of the site plan .

Now that this person found and took something from the site I can only wonder what she has given back to it.

If you came here to get laid...get lost!

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Why do so many like to kiss and tell hey? It's like an addiction for some. All I can say is keep your personal shyte to yourself peeps. If you wanna hook up there's a lot of sites or 1-800 numbers you can dial into, lol!
I want to get laid....no....i want to find my true love....my soul-mate in the infowar...then I want to get laid.....and if I did...I will post a blog about it telling everyone how great it was that we met on 12160......

As Tweek so famously says good for you.

also, i really don't get the point of this thread?


Members decide what they want to read, and write, it is called FREE SPEECH.....and if I get banned for executing that right, then this truly is not a patriot site.

Who says you will get banned, paranoid?

I will state now for anyone reading this of their own FREEWILL, that unless someone is posting porn, or threatening to do bodily harm, ALL should be allowed to exercise their opinions, or this site is no better than the corporate controlled media we all should HATE.

The point is there are many, and lets not kid ourselves millions of other places you can find what YOU seek online.

And the second point is what do YOU as a member offer the site by gracing us with you presence? Now we know know what you want. So what?

Getting what you desire does not benefit me, the other members, this site, or our fight.

This is networks is a team, it is not
"I space" it is "our space".

Can you see the difference?
Well said James!!!! To be honest, this is one of the key components of this site that makes it one of my favorites to visit and be a part of. It is comforting knowing that many of us who frequent this site put our bodily desires aside and use this site as it was intended...information gathering,dissemination, and the oft needed emotional support.

Keep the high school shenanigans to sites like MySpace and Facebook. (gag)....Peace!
kissing and telling tends to happen when there is not much kissing in the first place. and then followed by the need to display this new found status. love is a very special thing and i'm happy for all who have it in them to find it. but i'm gonna have to agree. this is not the site for such matters.
I don't think there's anything wrong if love happens to come your way on a site like this, but the whole point to this post is, keep it to yourself. We don't all need to know about it, especially in detail. I don't know about anybody else but I like to keep my private life private, period. The less people know the better. Besides, this is not a dating site, we are an information portal bringing like minded people together, supporting one another, educating one another, and to ultimately try waking up the sheeple.
awwwwww....was hopin for some Pelosi poonanny!!!
Tryng to think of of something to say but mind just went BLANK !! LMAO good hing im sure !!
pelosi? dude their all fucked go for palin.

ConspiratusUbiquitus said:
awwwwww....was hopin for some Pelosi poonanny!!!

ThorAxe said:
Pelosi? if she has another face lift she's going to have a goatee!

yikes!...my mind's eye!--my mind's eye!...i can't unsee that now that i've had the visual... >shudder< ...
Okay, but I'm still wearing a condom when I logged in, don't want one of them computer viruses.
Maybe you should start a Truther Dating service James.

Or make it "If you came here only to get laid...get lost"

Wad a bunch of MAROONS!!

LMFAO. (cue marving gaye), " lets get in on!!! ♪ ♫ " James: hey marvin i love ya but go take that bull somewhere else fam. Tara: yea marvin keep your personal shyte to yourself, go dial up some 1800 number. Marvin: hey tara you look....(interruption) James and Tara in unison: JUST GO LOSER. Marvin: ok, i get no respect around here.

and i'm bored lol. but good post


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