April 1, 2020

"I watched "The Pianist" a couple days ago.  Jews in Poland had a whole year to get out of dodge but instead branded themselves with Hexagrams and lined up into the FEMA ghetto by their own free will on Halloween."
"Logic is futile when people are scared stupid!  I tell my mom and brother, the TV stole your brain."
by Chris G
What we are experiencing is "trauma based mind control" on a global scale. 
The East India company was formed by 300 Jewish families with the primary objective of profiting off the misery of black slaves.  Their advanced knowledge of brainwashing people goes back to the Egyptian Book of the Dead;  They would murder one intelligent slave to scare the other ones that outnumbered them into submission.
I live in an isolated community in the country and over a week ago, it was pretty much normal here with the exception the restaurant only offering take out.  I could walk in and out of the grocery store no problem.  
Then after the brow beating of the dummies here that watch too much TV and can't think for themselves, things began to change. People with their own free will started standing back from each other at a distance and put up signs in stores "10 only". 
I can spot the only intelligent worker in the store and can gossip with her because she is the only one in there not wearing gloves.
My mother and brother constantly try to shame and scare me on the phone to take this virus panic thing seriously.  
I tell them what I take seriously is China and Russia are going take over the USA and nukes are going to set NY city on fire.  
I take seriously Doctors are murdering people with vaccines.  
I tell them that way more die from the regular flu, so where is the quarantine for the regular flu?  
Logic is futile when people are scared stupid!  I tell my mom and brother, the TV stole your brain.
I watched "The Pianist" a couple days ago.  Jews in Poland had a whole year to get out of dodge but instead branded themselves with Hexagrams and lined up into the FEMA ghetto by their own free will on Halloween. 
Jews who didn't go to the ghetto stood a better chance of surviving. 
I dread to see what the Satanists have in store for mind controlled slaves this Halloween, the day they love to kill for their vile god. 
It's no coincidence in the month of the War devil March (Mars/Set), they would bring the hammer down on the whole planet.  Now that the obedient poodles have been trained so well to "self-isolate", they won't be surprised when next year March someone is holding a gun at them to stay in their house, so they can be found later for whatever sinister purpose. 
 It always amazed me how someone can stand still for someone to put a bullet in their head instead of doing a cartwheel, fight back or something if you are going to die anyways. 
 Fear paralyzes and makes you stupid.  The media applauds stupidity and shuns intelligent people for thinking. 
The "Make America Great Again" trained poodles are still in denial. Trump is a great actor that fooled them into living in a communist dictatorship.
 The handouts are to make you dependent instead of independent.  If you ever have a chance to get out of the USA, get out before it becomes like the Warsaw ghetto. 
 Everyone needs to get out of the cities and into the countrysides and decide seriously where they want to be stuck when Martial Law and World War 3 is in full swing.  
The corona is only the first stage. People from 150 years ago would fare better because they all knew how to hunt, fish, garden, defend them-self, build shelter and live off the land the way Eternal God intended.  People have been trained to be stupid and are going to starve.  We all have to go back to basics to survive.
The Rothschilds have outdone themselves this time;  By their own free will, the trained poodles have destroyed their own livelihoods so the Rothschilds can expand their vineyards by stealing more private property as businesses go belly up and mortgages foreclose.
The science behind ripping everyone off;  Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars:
 ...it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent...[page 6]
Unity is strength. Defy the lockdown! As for being fined, they can't fine all us at once.  
If all the businesses stayed open there is nothing they could do against them but BLUFF.  
About nine years ago someone came at my door and threatened me if I didn't do my census I would get a $5000 fine.  
I told the person it's against my religion and today I'm still waiting for the alleged fine.

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