As I investigate each and everyday, whether it be tv, radio, or internet, I find that this rabbit hole that we call life is just a endless pit. The more that I look into things the more I find something else that I didn't know. Along the way these past ten years my journey has taught me one thing, and that is not to discount anything. Before when I was asleep I wouldn't have believed in any of what this network we call home stands for. It was just too far fetched to even consider. Now that I am awake I find that I can only count on just a few things, namely God, my family, and good people. So much about this world is just so crazy that it could drive a sane person to insanity. I see along the journey so many people who just think that they have it all figured out and it makes me think. I mean these people took a leap of faith just to get where they are and now they have it all "figured" out. Why is it so hard to believe or even why is it so easy to think that there's no way that underground bases, or aliens, or underwater bases, or foreign troops already here, or cloning, or you know what, the list is just too damn long to go on. The fact of the matter is we were each called on this journey to explore life, to find the truth beyond the veil of lies that were are bred, brainwashed, and fed, to believe unconditionally. As we practice each and everyday to learn we should ask ourselves, WHY IS THIS THAT I AM READING RIGHT NOW SO HARD TO BELIEVE EVEN THOUGH I WOKE UP TO FIND THAT I WAS BEING LIED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE AGAINST MY WHOLE CONDITIONED BELIEF SYSTEM? We should continue doing everything possible, God willing, whether it be through ridicule from our families, friends, or strangers to do that very same thing that God did to us, and that is reach over to a fellow human being and shake their very foundations to the core and WAKE THEM UP! TIME IS RUNNING OUT FAST! As we spend these times together recruiting for and spreading the ammunition of this infowar I see this world slipping faster and faster at an ever accelerating pace towards total chaos and anarchy that the likes of history has never seen. If you look through history every civilization has existed next to other civilizations. As each one has faded there was always some refuge somewhere else on God's given planet to go to. The problem now is this happening all over this globe and there isn't anywhere to hide or seek refuge. These people mean business on a global scale. Which means that we must be fighting and assimilating on that same scale. They believe that their armies throughout the world will usher this in for them, but I don't think so and I believe that they know that. So what if they have a braiwashed army that will take control when the time comes? What if the soldiers in these standing armies of the globe have all been brainwashed and they just don't know it yet. Who knows? But what I do know is these people will do whatever it takes to bring their world into ours and if it means poisoning, slaughtering, or unleashing some disease like in the movie "I Am Legend", then they will do it. I guess in all you really can only lose the one thing that they can take and that is YOU! Be prepared that it might come down to it and you might no longer have a body for your soul. Are you ready for that? It really doesn't matter as these evil people don't care. They want it "their way right away". We all must be ready to lose everything and the most important physical things if we want to have a chance at survival in this war. I am prepared. I do sleep well at night because I know that worst that can happen is they take my life along with countless others and we will no longer suffer what we go through now or through what is coming. All I can say is that no matter what I will push, fight, struggle, plead to spread the word in this infowar. Well I guess that there is only one thing to say: STRENGTH TO THE MOVEMENT!!!!!!

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Excellent Post! I agree and the deeper you dig down that rabbit hole, the more bizarre it gets. I don't think that they could ever write a movie plot as strange as this. Like you said, the further down you go something else comes up.


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