Here's a couple of our songs that are now completely mastered down. Latest tracks by Throwing Stones

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Institutionalized is my fav :)


Listened to all three and they are all really good. Keep throwing stones, however as you said once, "maybe I should turn them over instead of throw them", well I say, "Do both!". Because you've got some good stuff going right here.


Nice job. Now go rock that shiiiit!!!


For the rest of you...


Go occupy somewhere. A city, your town hall, someones brain...



"No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck."  -Frederick Douglass

Thanks Krypke! Speaking of occupying, we're going to OCCUPY a few pubs, clubs and venues in the next few weeks, woot:)

Can you still view my first comment here? The comment box is still there but the comment I left isn't -- weird.


If you weren't extremely talented I would say go down to the weight loss clinics and invite them. The place will be packed!

Yep, I can view your original comment today but I couldn't after leaving my comment yesterday, strange. Also, the Musicwars group was featured as of yesterday and now today, notta. Who knows.... gotta love ole ning-a-ling ;) 


Thanks again for the compliments :) 

paranoid is still my favorite.

Thanks Bryan :) btw..... since you live so close you'll have to check out one of our up and coming shows. We're playing tonight in Sheboygan, Sturgeon Bay on Dec 2 and back in Sheboygan on the 3rd. Just recently we had a band out of Milwaukee open up for us and they're going to have us open up for them somewhere down in Milwaukee soon. I'll let you know when that happens.

Here's a little picture montage set to our song "Institutionalized." The pics were from a gig this past Sat. at JD's Bar in Green Bay WI. Our sound guy put it together. Here's the vid....




*UPDATED*..... finished tracks. The funny thing is, we're probably going to be re-recording the 7 songs that were recorded this past spring.... back into the studio again. We've got 14 originals now and counting. That's enough for an albums worth and then some.

That is wonderful news, Tara! When you release the album, I will certainly buy it. Love the new vid too.

Check out my bands original tunes. There's more to come. We now have about 15 songs and they keep on a coming.

Word to the wise; never let your bass player record your tunes... it will take infinity for him to actually master the art of finishing the CD..... thus why we are waiting so ever patiently. Thankfully, our sound guy is going to take over recording the next time around. He's got skills and the art of getting things done.... and a CD finished.

Thanks to all who left wonderful compliments, Vince and Aries....I along with the band appreciate it.

Well friends... we're going to be going into the studio and re-recording all of the 7 songs that we recorded initially and probably about 7 or more. Aaron, our bass player recorded the songs last April, a year ago and our band has progressed and has been through many changes since. So... we will have a whole CD worth of music eventually. Stay tuned... the above songs are going to sound much better and polished the next time around because we'll be paying for the time in the studio. It's all good :)


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