Shall We rise up against the psychopaths in control?

Electrogravitics: Gravity Control and Energy from the Aether:

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Yes, They work to control Us.  But We can work to take Their tool to power away, and refuse to play Their game.  When enough of Us are not playing, They will have no power.

Tif, correct. They cut off the food (a few paragraphs of code on a keyboard), most "rebels" in the US would  turn their guns in in about two weeks, if not sooner. There are many civilian-owned guns in the US, but most people probably have, at most, between 20 and 100 rounds. Meanwhile, even non-military, non-police divisions of the federal govt (Smithsonian Institution, etc.) have stocked up on .40 caliber hollow point rounds, etc., to the tune of tens of million$ per agency.

The only thing that will set the world to rights is new military tech, in the right hands. Say, that can allow someone to operate a quiet machine in their home, with no way to tell where the cause is, and make specific millions (determined by genotype) drop over within a 500 to a thousand mile radius. And the will to use it to brutally kill more people than the enemy will. Pacifists will inherit the Earth, about six feet of it.

ps - I know it's wrong to start a sentence with a preposition, but I've never been a grammar Nazi. :oP

Given the military is a corporation, don't expect any tech will be in the "right hands."  They own the military corporations globally.  And if We drop to Their level, being animals, We are just as ghastly as are They. 

I'll watch as You rise up...  Good luck with that.

It is, Amaterasu, it is. A time and a season for all things. We have the capacity for these things for a reason, just as we have the capacity to be compassionate. One wouldn't want James Corbett or Stephan Molyneux leading the army against the Orcs. One would want somebody like me.

All SHEEP get sheared, Its damn sure better to at least die on your feet killing the enemy.Cowards die like sheep at the slaughter.


Where do We draw the line between "enemy" and non-enemy?

Why can't We "destroy" the banks by adding free energy?  Seriously...  All money does is account for Our energy, and adding free energy makes accounting for energy like accounting for grains of sand.

I loathe the idea of mayhem and destruction.  All it will do is give Them a justification to take Us out.  Far better to do it peacefully and... ETHICALLY.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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