Russian nuclear attack sub detected in Atlantic; Near East Coast

Russian Sub Skirts Coast

Russian attack sub detected near East Coast
Sierra-2 submarine /

Sierra-2 submarine /

November 5, 2012 5:05 pm

A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine cruised within 200 miles of the East Coast recently in the latest sign Russia is continuing to flex its naval and aerial power against the United States, defense officials said.

The submarine was identified by its NATO designation as a Russian Seirra-2 class submarine believed to be based with Russia’s Northern Fleet. It was the first time that class of Russian submarine had been detected near a U.S. coast, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of anti-submarine warfare efforts.

One defense official said the submarine was believed to have been conducting anti-submarine warfare efforts against U.S. ballistic and cruise missile submarines based at Kings Bay, Georgia.

A second official said the submarine did not sail close to Kings Bay and also did not threaten a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group that was conducting exercises in the eastern Atlantic.

Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, north of Jacksonville, Fla., is homeport for two guided missile submarines and six nuclear missile submarines. The submarines are known to be a target of Russian attack submarines.

Meanwhile, the officials also said that a Russian electronic intelligence-gathering vessel was granted safe harbor in the commercial port of Jacksonville, Fla., within listening range of Kings Bay.

The Russian AGI ship, or Auxiliary-General Intelligence, was allowed to stay in the port to avoid the superstorm that battered the U.S. East Coast last week. A Jacksonville Port Authority spokeswoman had no immediate comment on the Russian AGI at the port.

“A Russian AGI and an SSN in the same geographic area as one of the largest U.S. ballistic missile submarine bases—Kings Bay—is reminiscent of Cold War activities of the Soviet navy tracking the movements of our SSBN’s,” said a third U.S. official, referring to the designation for ballistic missile submarines, SSBN.

“While I can’t talk about how we detected it, I can tell you that things worked the way they were supposed to,” the second official said, stating that the Russian submarine “poses no threat whatsoever.”

According to naval analysts, the Russian attack submarine is outfitted with SS-N-21 anti-submarine warfare missiles, as well as SS-N-16 anti-submarine warfare missiles. It also is equipped with torpedoes.

The U.S. Navy deploys a series of underwater sonar sensors set up at strategic locations near the United States that detected the submarine sometime late last month.

The submarine is currently believed to be in international waters several hundred miles from the United States.

The official said the deployment appeared to be part of efforts by the Russian navy to....MUCH MORE

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Holy crap....

Detected? Hell,the gov. most likely sent them an invitation.

I think Jim Braun might be onto something:

At age 10 - Barry is sent to live with his maternal grandparents ( Stanley Armour Dunham & Madelyn Payne Dunham) in Hawaii - They are suspected to be communists   

Their daughter; Stanley Ann was sent to Mercer Island High School - The chairman of the school board had admitted to being a communist.

Barry's grandparents, choose to have him tutored by, and none other than; Frank Marshall Davis - known to the FBI, as "an identified member o... -
actually being Obama's mentor?

I still would like to blame all of America mistakes on the water, No no not the water, the Fluoride in the water you Lugen. The water may not be all that clear and clean but the Fluorine in it is. Most of it is "Made in China" Oh you didn't know that. Pity, you should read and listen more. Even a Lugen with his IQ of 100 can read.

Mr. President, Is it true that when you were growing up your handlers never allowed you to drink the same water as all Americans?

I read the document you posted. wouldn't you say that this FBI document is nonsense? What about the American Civil Liberties Union and Amnesty International? Doesn't the FBI especially J. Edgar Hoover's goons consider these organizations Communist?  Isn't that what the novel 1984 is all about? Freedom is tyranny.

umm. After 9/11...well don't we expect this.?.anything is possible in a non-perfect world...and as far as "first time" ?       what fool is going to bite that one?  not me. come on, this was not the first.Don't need an HONEST (ha) government to tell me it's the "first"   ya....right......russia always had enough to terminate life, it's the same, nothin changed    even if we were to add more nukes to our arsenal.  Maybe the big storm has stirred up things down there, that we know nothing about.gosh, that won't be the first... ha

well wait a minute...maye they are just bringing supplies to the folks on STaten Island...Fema can't do shit so maybe the russians can

I thought that the word communist was passe? It is now terrorist, isn't it?  Being a communist has become acceptable. It is liberal and socialist that are politically unacceptable. Marxism is no longer required at universities in China, Vietnam or Russia. The Chinese by and large consider Communism per se senseless. Putan is theoretically a friend.

The word communist is not passe, they would like for everyone to think that it is.  I have had many encounters with communists telling me that very thing. And that the word is outdated.  Baloney!  A commie is a commie and not identifying them as such is to allow them to become an accepted party.  They are what is wrong with this world....the Zionist/Communist regime.

They were there because of concern that Oputrid wouldn't get re-elected. 

(They really didn't have to worry ... they greatly overestimated the intelligence of the American public!)

not all We the People  of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. are asses..we still believe...

They are "high" ideals,,no other on earth..."utopian" future beliefs, but possible if the common minds  saw the light....hard way to go, but not impossible yet......


"Destroying the New World Order"



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